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Welcome to Clan Skullcrusher

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Welcome to Clan Skullcrusher

The following is an introduction and guideline to help get you started with the Clan. To start you will be assigned the rank of Peon while you are introduced to the clan. While you are now a member of the guild you will not have permission to wear the Clan Tabard until you are promoted and you do have some limitations on your membership. Some areas of the forums will also be locked until promotion; however, you are welcome to attend all raids and Clan events. You are encouraged to interact with as many of the guild as possible. Learn about them and let us learn about you and get to know you. During the next two weeks your performance and behaviour will be watched very closely.

The Skullcrushers are bound by duty and loyalty to each other. Though there are no demands placed on playing time and participation; but you are expected to help other guild members when time and circumstances allow. When looking for a group, please ask within the guild first as many members have multiple characters that may need to visit those locations. If you have come to the Clan seeking only to serve yourself then you have come to the wrong place.

Please read the rules section located on the front page of the website. Please familiarize yourself with the Skullcrusher language; we are an RP guild. You will not be forced to use this language or RP your character in any particular way but you will be expected to understand the Skullcrusher dialect.

Following a 2 week span as a Peon the Elders will gather to discuss your performance. If they feel you are worthy in battle and display good character; they will grant you the rank of Grunt. Once attaining the rank of Grunt you will be permitted to wear the tabard of the guild and will receive access to many additional aspects of the guild.

Software (If you have any problems installing any of these; please contact an Elder to assist.)

You must download and install CT Raid in order to participate in any of the end game instances. The information regarding this addon is located here http://www.ctmod.net/raidassist.ct .

You must download and install Teamspeak. We use voice communication during raids. It is also a great way to talk to your guildmates at other times. The TS server is always open to all members and friends of the guild. You can download this program here http://www.goteamspeak.com . To log into Teamspeak the server address is wolfzone.servegame.org the password is c10mp (yes that is a one and zero).


If you wish to participate in any of the 20+ man instance raids you must visit this site register. http://www.clanskullcrusher.com/raid/index.php. Once you are registered you may create a character and sign up for any active upcoming raid. Points and standings for raids are located here http://www.clanskullcrusher.com/dkp . For many runs we use a zero sum DKP system to ensure that loot is distributed evenly throughout the raids.


Once you obtain the rank of Grunt you will have access to the guild bank. Whose contents are located here http://www.clanskullcrusher.com/roster/guildbank.php . If you require an item simply send an in game mail to “Amule” items will be forwarded within a few days. Some high level items may require a small COD payment to the bank to receive. It is highly encouraged that any decent equipment or materials that you do not need to use or wish to sell be offered to the guild bank; in doing so we can make ourselves stronger as a whole and be able to undertake even greater challenges. Please send all items and equipment to “Amule” for deposit.


The Skullcrushers are known throughout the realm as warriors of great honor. When dealing with members of other guilds remember that you represent the Clan. Breaches of honor (ninja looting, poor behavior, harassment of other players, etc…) will be dealt with harshly.

Clan Skullcrusher also belongs to an alliance of guilds called the Argent Covenant. Please visit their site, www.argentcovenant.com and join the in game channel by hitting “/join argentcovenant” in your chat window. If you need an extra person for a run and cannot find one inside the guild feel free ask within the Covenant and you will often see other Covenant members looking for members for groups as well. This is a great resource for inter-guild relations and again remember that you are a representative of Clan Skullcrusher while you converse in that channel.

This is the basics. Do not be afraid to ask if you don’t know. Most of all enjoy yourself.

-- Odenn Bloodfist, Champion of Clan Skullcrusher

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Just realized my addition to this disappeared...

Due to the RP nature of the Crushers...

To obtain the Grunt rank... you must either post a story in the Firepit... Join in an RP Event and actually RP your Crusher... or prove to your Warmonger that you are worthy of being a full Crusher!

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