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Huntress In Blue - by Charlie

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2006-12-14 20:38:44

Daughter to unknown parents but found many years later to be an Azturanian child.Charlie was born in Skara Brae,alone through her childhood years and learning to fend for herself.One day while in Skara she found an absolutely beautiful sword,a katana,and she began to watch the traveling warriors ,practicing to become like them.She went out to travel the world slaying the monsters that plagued the innocents of Sosaria.She became a master of swords always carrying her katana by her side.

Many phases of the moon pass and years go by she had married Kendarick and had a child with him by the name of KitnBoo, and Charlie at the time was part of a guild which she loved as her own family.Unfortunately times were very hard at that time and she sadly had to leave the guild who was part of her heart.

As more time passes she meets Kodoz many times around Sosaria,at the time he was pretty much all that was left to PGoH and he constantly asked her to come back but her heart was broken,Kendarick which she had thought was killed in a battle long ago to avenge his family and she wasnt sure what she wanted to do.At the times of Kodoz' asking her to come back she was in her friends guild ,and as all know Charlie is loyal to everyone.

She kept thinking of how she wasnt going to watch the guild so long known as PGoH die out.She sent a pigeon to the owner the Pater Imperium Borg and asked to give someone new the title of Emperor since Logan had left. So he decided to make Charlie and Kodoz Emperor and Empress. Kodoz and Charlie had long talks of history of the guild and in the cave of Frostflame,the most odd of all places, a love was formed with the two and they later became husband and wife and has so far had two children Galen and Karly of their own and adopted Robert Eboneye and Marina.

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