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2004-01-13 15:30:39

Kodoz awoke with a start from his slumber. Something was terribly wrong. As he looked around he realized perhaps his journey had come to an end. He had waited at the Teleportation Dais for three days, muttering words of power and cursing the seemingly useless dais.

But after he fell asleep on it, he awoke in a different place. He looked down at where he was, and saw a teleportation Dais, but it was obviously the one the first was linked with. With newfound determination, he stalked forward.

As he walked further into the ancient castle, he neared a room from which he heard very faint sounds, sounds of battle, of everyday life, and of death. When he opened the door he did so with his kryss drawn and ready. Nothing could have prepared him.

A single chair sat in the room. Laying around it were several shards, seemingly of crystal, that each had within them a duplicate but different world. He searched the area for any kind of Tome or ancient text that would explain these things and could not find one. As he searched the rest of the great castle, he found a reeking corpse at what appeared to be a spell room, and inspecting it he found what the cause of death was. A stab wound to the front of his body.

After searching the area and finding nothing else he returned to the crystal room. He went to pick up one of the shards, and suddenly fell into a hole. Flailing and yelling, he fell and fell until finally he hit the ground. Hard. Then it all went black.

As he came to he realized he was in a bed, and did not have his weapons or armor on. He rushed around looking for them, and found a single locked chest and tried to open it but to no avail. He heard a voice and whirled around to see the door open, and a young lass walking in the door.

He knelt before her in respect, and asked her where this was. "You are on the outskirts of the town of Yew stranger."

"No, what I meant is what is this place?"

"Its a house silly"

Kodoz sighed, and realized he probably wouldn't get any more information. She went on to say he had been unconscious for a full week, and Kodoz asked for his armor and weaponry. She unlocked the chest, and Kodoz armed himself.

Suddenly, A Juka Lord and Two Juka Mages burst in, and the mages paralyzed Kodoz, while the Juka lord made off with the maiden, who was screaming for help. By the Time the paralyzation wore off, they had already disappeared through a gate, and Kodoz Leapt into the gate as it closed.

Falling and tumbling out the other side of the gate, he materialized in the Middle of Yew, or as it seemed today, Juka Town. He could still hear the Lady screaming, although hed already lost sight of her. The Juka were stunned for about a second thinking what kind of suicidal fool would follow them to their base. In that second, Kodoz Hurled a dagger at two of them, catching each in the throat, and then stabbed a third before they all clambered on top of him. Even Though it was hopeless, Kodoz felt that he would at least make a good showing of himself.

Bound and unarmed he was dragged into the former town hall, mumbling through his gag at the Juka all the way. He saw the maiden in the back, in a cell, reserved for Yew's criminals. Kodoz saw a bit of a twinkle in her eye, but didn't understand. She winked at him once, and he tried to ask her something, but was kicked in the ribs for his effort. The juka stood him up, and brought him before their leader.

"What kind of Foolish Human art thou to follow us to our headquarters? Did you really think you had a chance? Or were you out to save my newest human toy?" With that he snapped his fingers and had the guards bring her out. The Juka walked up to her, and openhandedly slapped her. Kodoz Raged against his bonds and captors, furious at this unwarranted attack.

"Ort Por Ylem" the maiden cried out, knocking aside Kodoz' captors and releasing him from his bonds. Kodoz grabbed one of the Jukan Staffs and beset upon the ones holding the maiden, and knocked one out before their leader gave him a kick in the left arm so strong it made it numb. Kodoz knew they had one chance. With his arm numbed, he swung full force at the other captors throat and with a gurgling scream the guard holding the maiden crumpled to the ground. "An Por" the maiden cried, locking the doors to the area. Now it was a Mage and a half able warrior against the Yew Jukan Leader. As Kodoz used his single good hand to stave off blow after blow the maiden continually fired off spells at the Jukan leader, and finally he fell.

With a final spell she opened a gate back to her house, and Kodoz went through with her. When he asked her what her name was, she laughed and replied it was Lora DeBlood. She also said she was a tamer, not a mere mage, but didn't have time to retrieve her pets during that fight. Kodoz then went on his way, but that was not the last Lora had seen of Kodoz or that Kodoz would see of Lora.

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