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Spring Evening Chat

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The cool spring breeze skates thru the halls of the Skullcrusher hidden fortress amongst the rim of the Crater as the night sounds echo thru the quiet halls within. As Galam walks thru the rampart he looks out across the crater and into the night sky...he can feel the air holds more than just summer storms...something else is coming.

"Enjoying the night air are we warlock?"; asked Chieftan Morgh startling Galam.

"GAAAhhhh....as if I didn't have enough sneeking steathing stunlocking alliance to worry about...now you too!!!"; Galam barks

*Morgh chuckles*

"Had your fill of your time in the Isles Battleground did you?"; replies Morgh

"Indeed...I find myself an expert Glaive and Catapult driver...great honor and glory was won and great training accomplished"; proudly Galam responds.

As Morgh takes a position beside Galam looking out across the Crater the two discuss recent reports that have arrived from the Icecrown front as well as the great success in the lines raiding various dungeon CAMPAIGNS for CONQUEST and PLUNDER.

For too long there has not been a gathering Chief"; states Galam

"Indeed...you are right"; answers Morgh as he pats Galam on the shoulder and turns to enter the fortress.

"Walk with me Galam...bring me up to date on the status of the fortress defenses and supplies"; remarks Morgh

As the two move thru the halls and make thier way down toward the courtyard; Morgh notices the stables are light in Battle Raptors and Venomous Raptors.

"Galam....are we nearly out of Raptors?; asks a concerned Morgh

"Indeed...the various mounts and especially the flying mounts of the Northrend lands have taken favor amongst the Clan for travel. I cannot be sure if every member of the lines has our Clan standard Battle Raptor or Venomous Raptor."; answers Galam.

"Things have changed haven't they...still I would hope the Clan members maintain at least one of those two in thier stables....there still is nothing more terrifying than a Clan strikeforce thundering and shrieking across the battleground....no Alliance lines have ever withstood our charges."; replies Morgh.

"Indeed Chief"; agrees Galam.

"How have the trainings been going for the Wardens and Guards?"; asked Morgh

"Well...many have completed trainings...there are more growing stronger indeed...I was thinking to ask them to put in requests for Glyphs they would need as they complete thier training...our Inscriptionists could prepare what they need ahead of time"; suggests Galam.

"Agreed...as well as asking for a sachel of foods from the Clan mother Kalea...I hear some cookies have made thier mark in the world as a must have treat?"; answers Morgh.

"Well....I honestly do not know...lost most of my ancient skin to that rash I got from chocolate during Noble garden....I shy away from cookies Chief"; replies Galam.

Standing in the great archway to the Bloodstone Morgh bids Galam goodnight as Galam heads to his quarters within the Alter area and Morgh heads to the Chiefs tower to rest for tomorrow and the upcoming days challenges and daily duties. A small catapillar sits on the ledge of the tower window and begins to spin a cocoon around itself...Morgh lays down and smiles.

"Somebody is preparing for tomorrow....tomorrow will be a great new day"; Morgh falls asleep.

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