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Grunt life....wut me do....wurk wurk?

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Ahhh....you have survived your Peon days.....being the brunt of jokes....luggger of laundry and cleaner of da Peetub....many a crusher knows your name, exploits and glorious honor you have brought the clan....read posts....asked zillion questions perhaps and inevitably learned why not to stand behind Uglutz after mess hall chili dinnah.

You are a Grunt.

Now what.

The Grunts make up the main body of the clan and from Grunts all its strength, scale and reach are realized. Here you are now the meat n potatoes fighter...the first into the fray....first to dive into the fire....and you seek it out with conviction and desire. Desire and determination to bring the Clan great glory and Honor on the field of battle.....continuing to turn your clan tabbard into a deeper brown from layers and layers of dried blood from your enemies.

The position as it was first declared was an Orc Soldier....as the Clan made alliances with Tauren and Trolls they kept the rank name. We all were on the fringe from Thralls declarations and as outlaws the Orc structure, discipline and commmitment to duty gave our brethren the framework to bind together as a solid force. As the Undead forces rose from the epic battles and our lines regained stature within the Horde faction....not as outlaws but as a great force that came to the defense of Kalimdor....the Clan grew and so did the reputation of the Grunt and his glorious life. The successful defeat of the Green River (Goblins) forces that rose up and attempted to raze and plunder all the rich resouces of Un'Goro Crater could not have been possible without the strong lines and vast numbers of the Grunt ranks within the Skullcrusher Orc clan and then renamed Clan Skullcrusher.

You stand in an enviable position Grunt....many desire your glorious past and present but even more seek to be with you in the future....a future that will surely be rich in glorious HONOR!!!

Grind those factions....raise your skills....hone your abilities of conquest and defeat your enemies in combat....these are the daily duties of a Grunt.

Endless it may seem....but so is the limits of the HONOR and GLORY you shall achieve!!!

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