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Clan Chat *Morgh sits amongst Clan*

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Good Morning, Afternoon or Evenin' that find you reading this first Blah from da Morgh....

It has been a few weeks now since Volo has retired to the relaxing wilds (Real World) and I have begun to lead the Clan into the new seasons of challenges and trials. I will share with you first what I have been speaking frequently with the past leaders, elders and officers for quite sometime ...inside the clan, inside the realm and with the GODS (Devs) themselves.

While WoW is an expansive game filled to a nearly impossible "do-it-all" game engine options....it is not stopping in expanding and growing larger maps, challenges, quests, adventures and yes....grinds. It is what all game engines also start to face during thier 3-4 yr stretches....the game gets wider (if growth and support continue) and players get pulled into many optional directions. It is these great options that create a great challenge to the communites of players (guilds)....ESPECIALLY when there is no real tangible and virtual focus that a guild/clan can wrap its hands virtually around and control.

(ie....UO=guildstone/housing....SWG & SB = City building....DAoC=territorial conquest)

This is a storm of sorts (not bad but very challenging indeed) that we will weather out and upon the release of large scale guild/clan options we will surely be able to rally together and dominate the Argent Dawn landscape....whatever the option or challenge be. To meet this I have begun a process of re-aligning our clan to be able to support the 3 major areas of Wow Gaming Experience.....and while some are stronger participation now....there are times we all enjoy and move our gametime from one area to another....that is what will keep any gamer having fun....not letting a game become work, repetitively boring or without any longterm options.

The 3 areas are as I have posted in the chart......Roleplaying, PvP and Raiding. These make up the primary 3 gaming options....within them are subsections and we all have participated to some degree in all of them. While some activities within the game do have requirements...so do participation in some of the events have a form of requirement (level, gear, TS....my favorite=PATIENCE and OUR ONLY HARD FAST LAW AND RULE = RESPECT + FUN!!!!)

The Clan is not going to mandate a player must do X or Y at least Z times....but there will be times we will ask for your support of an event (Roleplaying), a battlecall (PvP large scale) or rallyup (gear up for Raids or preparations for such).

These may be in forms of website forums usage, ingame events, gathering items, quests completions...many possibilities indeed....the key is they will be done toward the overall goal of having FUN. Stockpiling items/mats always has been a part of any game engines guild/clan requirements when they were launched...I do not see this changing when WoW does give us options and I think Reputations will factor into it as well. The Guildbank was the first step to helping guild/clans have the means to stockpile.....just be ready since we will need to use it.

I would hope everyone supports each other in what they can and keeps the core family focus always in heart and mind....the stronger we make our links between us as a team....the stronger the threads that make up our great clan standard banner will be. There are great team members out there and the past is filled with great generosities and examples of Clan HONOR and trust. We are all adults within this family and that respect for each other does carry great responsibility to return to each of us. The future initiatives and overall Clan endeavors (community/guild) will require us to hold our Clan first and when those calls come out for aid...it goes without saying we will be ready for our members and our clan to lead Argent Dawn. This will be where the Clan Skullcrusher will truely show our power and might.

Now....to speak to the changes that have already occured.

The number of officers overall has been greatly reduced so that in a way there are less cooks in the kitchen to steal one phrase.....guildchat/oochat for months had become empty while the officer chat became the new main chat room for about 80% of the players online at most times. The Horde and Clan structure is built on mass power and brute force with numbers ....in a Starcraft example the Zerg....in a LOTR example the massive hordes. While those armies failed to defeat thier human enemies in the movies....we will strengthen our Elders and Leadership to be able to facilitate quicker, more efficiently and with the goal of being smarter than our enemies expect. Honor Guards titles were eliminated to help members know when an elder was online....all of an Elder's characters now reflect ELDER title. Past leaders were given ANCIENT titles with all thier alternates to again help members recognize someone with great knowlege was online. Champions/Veterans/LoreKeepers.....consolidated into the new BOSS title.

These changes allowed for the focus to be put back onto the Grunt/Boss area....the full membership area and it is this block that the new Chief, Ancients, Council of Elders and Longtooths primary focus is to support through thier area of expertise or influence. The Peon position is now only achieved by an approved application that has ALREADY aquired an exisitng BOSS, CAPTAIN, WARMONGER, LONGTOOTH, ELDER, ANCIENT or CHIEF to agree to be that peons sponsor. Each can then only have 1 Peon.....this is to foster the family and tight bonds between our players. (think of Knight/Squire...Master/Apprentice type of example) A peon will not be held to a timetable by clan and visa versa....promotion will come via announcement from the Elder of PeeTub based on feedback from the sponsor and others within the Council. Participation is always the key to success.

ELDERS have unique titles they are able to award monthly...there are 4 WARMONGERS and 4 CAPTAINS that can be declared to award a player for outstanding Clan gameplay. Elder of War, Conquest, Campaigns and Blood award the WARMONGER titles....while Elders of Armory, Merchantile, Glory and PeeTub award the CAPTAINS titles. These can be carried over or assigned to new players the following month...the player will return to thier previous rank upon such action. What is the difference between a CAPTAIN/WARMONGER and BOSS? Respect, Appreciation primarily...but there is a larger repair bill coverage from the guild bank.....I would like to do more outside the game and time will tell if that will be possible.

Upon the completion of the COUNCIL of ELDERS membership (one more seat of the 8 is remaining to be filled) I will be working with the Council to declare the MAY Warmongers and Captains.

BOSSes now will stand out like a Horde grunts leader should.....now that Warmongers and Captains are not permanent roles....it is the BOSS primarily (potentially Longtooths also) that future ELDERS will come from. Currently if you are a Warmonger....the equivalent is BOSS going forward.

Peons....there will be less in the short-term until we get all rolling in the new roles (no pun intended) but there will be more simpler guides and options for you to succeed at.

I have spoken briefly about the bank....there is some concern that some players might be "bugged" on bank access....to this point I have covered all the options with several of the Elders/Longtooths/Ancients on the current setups and they are verified to be the same as before....if you have a question please submitt to Morgh INGAME email the situation/question/problem.

One other bank note....and I preface this with respect and honor and I am dutifuly bound to make this statement as all of the Chiefs have in the past....

The Guild bank is for the Clan...what you place there is accepted by the Clan and appreciated by the Clan in all its entirity...we do not mandate any dues and only ask that you drop what you cannot use or would like to share or support your brethren Clan Skullcrusher members with....I personally thank you deeply for this gesture and continued example of the great heart and soul....AND STRENGTH of Clan Skullcrusher. In that same manner withdrawls of items should be for Clan Skullcrusher characters use.

The Council has the mechanics and leadership ability to handle unique requests and if there comes a time where a strong ally guild or member of a strong ally guild is seeking items we have aplenty....the Council Elders (Armory & Merchantile specifically) and Chief will look at that request and see what we can do....that is our charge to keep.

(Honestly I see the day coming with guild housing that there will be vendors for us to utilize for guild/guild trade and interactions....Elder Gordantell will --- his pants perhaps at that day heheh...hopefully we wont be buying up all the ravager flesh in the realm ehehe)

This LEADERS BLAH section will have future declarations from myself and the Council and you will find this more active than in the past and it is my plan it will bring you stronger knowlege of what is going on and ESPECIALLY what is being planned for OUR collective future together in this great online adventure.....World of Warcraft.

*Salutes and Roars*



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