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Roleplaying guide in guildchat

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What with the months of raiding we did in Molten Core, Zul'Gurub and Anh'Qiraj, and now the new content that we're exploring in Outland, we're starting to lose our way as a clan and a family, and I'm suggesting this as a way to return to our roots and find our base again.

It's time to bring back to the Crushers one of the aspects that we were founded on, namely, roleplaying. We started this guild on Argent Dawn for that purpose, and I assume that since you created characters here, you are of a like mind.

I know everyone has various degrees of roleplay they like to engage in, and this guild has not strictly enforced any level of roleplay in a long time. However, I've noticed that we are losing our flavor that makes us Crushers, and becoming just another generic guild on Argent Dawn.

Since not everyone wants to be a serious roleplayer, there's some simple things everyone can do to help keep the roleplay spirit alive in the guild without requiring too much effort.

For starters, remember the guild naming conventions! Please keep your characters names believable, and if the name doesn't sound like something a mother would call their child, rethink that name. Names like 'Thebutcher' or similar will be given a 'no, please reroll' no matter how long you've leveled that character and just now want to add them to the clan. (You want an exception? Then you'd better show the elders a loooong back story to justify that name).

Second, guildchat! It's gotten bad with all the ((OOC)) talk, especially since so much of it can easily be turned into roleplay chat! I'm not saying that you can't talk OOC anymore, but that everyone needs to try to roleplay their character when it's possible. This just takes practice is all. Orc speak may be too difficult for some people to want to try, so I'll just start with simpler things. Here's a few examples that I've seen in guild chat recently that can be easily changed:

Grunt1: what village? what zone it in? (nothing wrong here)

Grunt2: Second town after starting point of blood elf ('Second town after leaving the blood elf capital' sounds better)

Grunt1: o ('Oh' spell it out!!! it's one extra letter. sheesh.)

Grunt1: ((this may be a dumb question, but where is gagetzan, and is it neutral or alliance territory?)) ('Gah. I'm dumb. Where is Gagetzan? Is it safe to go there?' or 'Who owns it?')

Grunt2: Neutral ('It's run by goblins.')

Now, I know that roleplaying in dungeons or quests can be hard to do, so I'm not trying to push for it there, just in guildchat.

The last little fix: no more abbreviations! This is in reference to lol, r, omg, u, rofl, o, 4, y, ne1, lfg, pst and other little language shortcuts. Spell it out. Please. That ruins the roleplaying feel faster than anything else. I'm not trying to be a spelling nazi (because misspelled words happen), I'm just trying to discourage some of the laziness.

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