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  • About Us

    The Vigilance Empire

    In the darkness of a three hundred year exodus the Empire needed control and justice to survive. A band of elite peace keepers rose without impetus by the powers that be to create and help foster the stability needed for life in the cold reaches of the Unknown Universe.

    The band that rose was Vigilance in name and purpose, greed tarnishes growth, fear breaks progress and all those who would harm without justice in their hearts would kill the very seed that the Empire has promised. Vigilance was our birthright and Vigilance is now our goal.

    Force without Justice is Tyranny, Justice without Force is impotent.

    About Us

    Vigilance is a SWTOR guild that brings together gamers from various MMOs. We favor mature and social individuals who enjoy light role-play. Our focus is varied and includes anything from questing to endgame content. We are always on the lookout for new helpful and friendly players.

    • Faction: Sith Empire
    • Server Type: SWTOR Ebon Hawk Server (RP-PVE EST).
    • Guild Type: Mix of casual and dedicated players with varied interests including questing, end-game content, social, role-playing and PvP
    • Age Group: Mature players (18+ preferred)
    • VOIP: Teamspeak (Host: TheHonorEmpire.org)

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