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Editorial Column: ARE THE STREETS SAFE?

By: Taye Kitt

As most parishioners and residents of our fine city have come aware of, the Royal Guard of Brittania had a smashing bit of success several days ago in bringing to justice a highly dangerous and very feared individual. This monstrous creature which went by the name of Zora Liliana, no doubt a name beget to her by some demonic overlord, but through the noble effort of our knights in white (sashes, of course), she was vanquished. However, this has all been thrown into confusion once more after the explosion that you all no doubt heard go off last night, and left naught but a pile of ash and a warped dagger. What fiendish plot has been hatched that someone would need to further desecrate a decapitated corpse? Or could it be even more sinister, and that someone has taken the dreaded soul to attempt to bring this fiendish assassin back to the land of the living as their own personal servant? No doubt, many a necromancer would jump at the chance to be able to have such a minion on their side. I, personally, however, see this as merely part of a much larger problem that strikes at the very heart of our city. Are we truly and properly protected? Despite our dual force of city guards and the Guardians of Honor's presences, not to mention our high sandstone walls and few points of entry, our city still has fallen prey to dangerous criminals and controversies. There are also plenty of rumors laying about, so we set to see if we couldn't verify or put a few of these to rest. I first decided to speak with one of those whose charge it is to protect our beloved city, and came upon Praetorian Laurana. After a short interview, we were let know that she was aware of the explosion last night that marred our beautiful town square. When questioned as to the status of the rumor of the murderer being a comrade, she mysteriously replied with the fact that the deceased was not on the roster. Well, we would hardly expect an assassin to be on a roster, would we?

Further muddying the issue, she claimed to have had a few encounters with the deceased, and she still appeared to be in prime condition. It's this humble reporters belief that perchance there is more here than meets the eye!

When asked about what the best way to survive a deadly assault from a murderer was, she responded simply with 'I'm a Praetorian.'

The good news is, according to our good friend Laurana, it's likely that anyone who wants to survive the next mass murderer would have a better chance as a Praetorian. So start applying today, folks!

We also had a final parting question for the good lady.

TK: And our last question, do you think that it was worth the loss of 17, possibly 18 of the Royal Guard to bring this one person to justice?

PL: It's a shame when anyone is lost like that.

[Ed. Note: We could not verify whether she was referring to the loss of the Royal Guard or of the murderer, further confusing the issue of whether or not the two were close.]

We also tried to contact Thaddeus, the Royal Guard's Trinsic Branch Officer at the time of the incident, but he was unavailable for comment. His stand in, Royal Guardswoman Third Class Lilly Octavius said the Royal Guard had no comment at this time.

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