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    Hear hear!
  3. Schedule and Details!

    Source: http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/development-news-75-mdash-schedule-and-details-t24645/ Hey, Feudalists! Today we would like to update you with a detailed schedule of our OBT launch. 14th of November 2017 at 21:00 (UTC) (4:00 pm (EST) / 1:00 pm (PST) / 0:00 15th of November (MSK)) Zealous Believer pack owners can reserve nicknames for their characters. 15th of November 2017 at 21:00 (UTC) (4:00 pm (EST) / 1:00 pm (PST) / 0:00 16th of November (MSK)) Devoted Believer pack owners can reserve nicknames for their characters. 16th of November 2017 at 21:00 (UTC) (4:00 pm (EST) / 1:00 pm (PST) / 0:00 17th of November(MSK)) True Believer pack owners can reserve nicknames for their characters, Zealous Believer pack owners get an early access to the world. 17th of November 2017 at 9:00 (UTC) (4:00 am (EST) / 1:00 am (PST) / 12:00 (MSK)) Devoted Believer pack owners get an early access to the world. 17th of November 2017 at 15:00 (UTC) (10:00 am (EST) / 07:00 am (PST) / 18:00 (MSK)) True Believer pack owners get an early access to the world. 17th of November 2017 at 21:00 (UTC) (4:00 pm (EST) / 1:00 pm (PST) / 0:00 18th of November (MSK)) Official start of OBT and Steam Early Access of LiF:MMO. Owners of LiF:YO on Steam, beta testers, and purchasers of the starter packs can enter the world. We would also like to present a short FAQ about this schedule and what you should expect during the given time frames. Q: How to reserve my nickname? A: According with the schedule above you should be able to login to our game and create a character with a desired nickname. That is how you actually reserve your nickname. Keep in mind, that reserving a nickname on EU server means that someone can still reserve the same exact nickname on the NA server. Q: What can premium pack owners do during early access period? A: They can do everything, but claiming lands. Thus, players during early access period will not be able to place private claims and erect guild monuments. Yet they can level up their skills, construct buildings (which will decay over time without claims protection), explore the world and gather resources. P.S. All our alpha testers will receive the benefits of a Zealous pack ownership, including nickname reservations and early access benefits along with a special unique robe! P.P.S Feel free to take a look on an extended version of our FAQ here: http://lifeisfeudal.com/Soft-Launch-Guide/All-Pages — The team
  4. Guild Information

    Kingdom of Riftwood - This is the group we belong to in Chronicles of Elyria. There will be a LiF guild as well.
  5. 20 Years ago.... 20... That is probably a large chunk of many guardians lives. 20 Years ago Myself, Sir Lags A Lot and Yukon Bob created The Purple Guardians of Honor in the Ultima Online game engine.....first game of its kind and grand father to all MMORPG after it. Soon we met up with a wizard in training named Balandar, blacksmith named Rattlehead, Warrior Mage Moongem, Warrior Wolf, Mage Warrior Martok..Arthil...Scout....Brightblade, Coldren, Schneider...the list kept growing over time in UO until we were the dominant RP Event guild in Catskills. As other game engines spawned into existence....we launched a home in everyone of them. Some were fun and others ....ugh....toilsome. Game companies tended to chase the buck and please only the PVP and what I would call Raven players (pretty lights flashy flashy stuff)....games died. Galaxies held us until that was obliterated by the game company.....and then WOW held us and grew a new crop of players.....all whilst UO still lingered and moved along with RPrs staying and growing the guild in different ways. Players came and went their different ways but some always would pop back into a current game engine and give it a ride for a while....some still are enjoying the WoW engine and its gear ladder system. I do like seeing the movies and fun stuff people find and it is a cash cow for Blizzard. Many a great hour of fun I have had and many others still have with Blizzard and their game options. Star Wars resurged with Old Republic but just never developed options for guilds much as we dreamed of owning our own Star Destroyer or controll of a small planet.....maybe someday if we keep Balandar out of the engine room ...right Martok? 20 Years. THANK YOU GREATLY for enriching my life and friendships across this blue marble we live on....I truly am humbled to have had so many great people I can call friends and brethern in arms ...albeit gaming. Im 50 now....2/5 of my life has been involved with my extended family here in now what we collectively call THE HONOR EMPIRE. I hold all my brethren in adventure with great esteem and proudly call you all family to me until the day my server shuts down for the last time. New games are rising soon and none have a greater investment from the ancient guardians than Shroud of the Avatar ( https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/ ) where we have secured HONOR HOLD within the game as a destination site for the game engine. Balandar and myself have frequent conversations with Game designers including Richard Garriott and Star Long (Darkstarr) about SoTA. Events, quests, challenges, roleplaying, tournaments, combat or simple goofing off surely will be abound in the months to come and we have land for all the members of The Honor Empire that wish to maintain a home in HONOR HOLD. In 2018 we are working to coordinate a real world event at Sterling NY http://www.sterlingfestival.com/visit-us where the developers of SoTA will join us for the day of mead and entertainment across Warick, including a jousting event and meet and greet ...no gaming but discussions and enjoying the atmosphere of the festival. Other game engines of Chronicles of Esharia ( https://chroniclesofelyria.com/game/overview ) we also have invested in a future for our family of gamers with 3 mayorships looking to combine to create a large footprint for our members to be able to choose any kind of lifestyle within the game engine. Life is Feudal ( http://lifeisfeudal.com/ ) we have coordinated a membership within a large guild that will be launching and creating literally with mouseclicks (hands) everything from ground up....yes this is not for the faint hearted at toils. You start with nothing basically. There are many of us also that enjoy other game engines not MMORPG......combat simulations down to the phone apps. Even others of us are actually working together in the real world fighting against the bad part of gaming (sedentary weight gaining via lack of exercise)...as part of the IDLife Garrison...getting healthier and utilizing our teamwork (like gaming raiding groups) to increase our incomes. The key point is no matter what you enjoy playing.....The Honor Empire was built to so that you would always have a home to go to in a game to try it out knowing you had backup or security in numbers or help at the chat option from a friend that you may or may not have spent hours in the trenches with someplace else in the universe that is ONLINE GAMING!!!! Welcome home for all of you that have been busy with REAL LIFE.....and GREETINGS to all new players....I am looking forward to meeting and gaming with you. Just remember to keep it fun and leave the real world drama lamas behind ya.....purple lama vortexes are tough enough ingame to handle. Be good...or a bit naughty if needed.....HONOR is in many things and many views. See you on the inside.... STRENGTH AND HONOR!! FOR HONOR AND EMPIRE!!!
  6. http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/post104494/ CBT #5 has started! This will last approximately 3 weeks. After this a few days will be spent shutting the servers down, doing to the final wipe, and bringing them up for early access. So those that have purchased Life is Feudal: Your Own or the pledge packs will be able to start playing on a persistent world. The NA servers will be up for EA as well! See you in game!
  7. Life is Feudal: MMO

    Tired of the repetitive gear and raid ladder of rewards? Ready to actually BUILD from ground up EVERYTHING you acquire and achieve? Life is Feudal combines the open choice world with consequences of going it alone or in a group....you decide. Choose Wisely... any moment could be your last in the comfort you have dug, built, created, cooked and forged... between metal and men. The Honor Empire is accepting membership to this extremely challenging team based LIFE IS FEUDAL adventure!!! https://lifeisfeudal.com - Currently 22% off through August 1st! If you own LiF: Your Own on steam, link your account to lifeisfeudal.com and get an extra $10USD off your purchase. Note: You cannot upgrade packs, a refund can be issued and a new pack purchased, there is no direct upgrade path. Expected release is this year. Our discord chat for LiF can be found here <--- Click
  8. Read our latest newsletter here: State of the Empire - Newsletter #4
  9. Ashes of Creation

    Another upcoming title that was the fastest-funded and most-funded MMORPG in Kickstarter history! https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ref/Balandar/
  10. A number of heroes have stepped up to support the empire "one credit at a time". The Imperial Trade Consortium (our old namesake from SWG) is active in this mobile game. If you would like to join our group, reply to this forum thread with your player ID. If you are playing with us in SWGoH, the following site can sync and display your stats (currently only Balandar and Sparty have signed up): https://swgoh.gg/g/23450/itc-imperial-tradeconsortium/
  11. Chronicles of Elyria

    CoE has 10% off Pledges in May. Please use friend code 1F0736 when signing up to help earn IP for the guild. Thanks! https://chroniclesofelyria.com/news/18789/Celebrate-Our-Kickstarterversary
  12. Part I NBBN: 16661-03101 Part II NBBN: 16661-03102 In recent times many Avatar and New Britannia Citizen towns have been laid under siege by Obsidian Cabalists, the horrible entities that worship the eight anti-virtues. In my search for understanding the obsidian magic, I have uncovered ancient texts, that may help shed some light on these supernatural beings. The details on the Cabalists are a bit fuzzy and it's difficult to find accurate information. I have attempted to provide an accurate picture on our new Cabalist neighbors. Please do not read further if you prefer to not know the details contained within and to discover this information for yourself. First, let's review a brief history to help us understand the Obsidian Cabalists… The Obsidian Eye, Cabal, and Prophecy The Obsidian Empire was founded by the one known as The Obsidian Eye. From what little we know, this individual was the first to discover and practice chaos magic from the Shard Falls. He was also the first to use the power of the Destiny Pool and to foretell a prophecy. Over time he mastered the magic and others came to learn from him. These apprentices eventually became the sorcerers of the Obsidian Cabal. The Cabal, under the Obsidian Eye, created the Obsidian Empire in order to fulfil his prophecy: The world is fallen; fallen into chaos. Men reached up in anger and shattered the sky. Its blackness falls to earth like a rain of dark glass; The ordered customs and rows of society are shattered. All men stumble in the blinding light of a blood red dawn. Sightless who will not see. Deaf to the truth they will not hear. Mewing and wailing of and for themselves. They kill with discordant and untamed shouts The melodic order of their better selves. Yet from the Obsidian’s fall shall arise Seen only by the ordered Eye The blade which shall render order in their midst; Silence the voices who screech outside the ordered tune; Darken the eyes of unwelcome vision; And bring one vision, one voice, one song To a world reborn in perfect twilight. Supreme and ordered once more in its flawlessness. Of one thought and purpose born and died. Until only the night remains. In their attempt to fulfil the prophecy the Cabal sorcerers used this new magic to mutate humans into the various monsters and beings we see today; Elves, Trolls, Satyrs, Fauns. They also raised the Undead. The Cabal of Obsidians interpreted the prophecy as a world in chaos and that their Obsidian Empire would return the world to order. Obsidian sorcerous acolyte Markus Dirae recorded the words of The Obsidian Eye, so the Dire Prophecy is also known as the Dirae Prophecy. The avatars have only been in New Britannia for a short while. What our purpose here is unclear, but the Oracle, if asked, will tell you the following: IT SHALL COME TO PASS IN THE LONG DAYS AFTER THE FALL… THERE SHALL COME ONE FROM BEYOND THE CIRCLES OF THE SUNDERED MOON... WHO SHALL BIND THE WORLD TOGETHER... FROM ITS SHATTERED STONE AND BONE SEAS... THEY SHALL BIND TOGETHER ALL THAT FLY ABOVE THE LAND... BURROW BENEATH IT... AND WALK WITH PURPOSED TREAD UPON ITS SURFACE... IN THAT DAY SHALL ALL BE BROUGHT TO BOW... BEFORE THE POWER OF THE ONE... THE WORLD SHALL BE SWEPT CLEAN OF ITS FOLLY... AND CLEANSED OF ITS IMPURITY... BEFORE THE CHOSEN ONE... AND THE TRIUMPH OF THE HOPE... IN THE DARKNESS SHALL BE COMPLETE. I do not know if this is a continuation of The Obsidian Eye prophecy, part of the original, or in addition. I am still researching this subject. However, the Obsidian Cabalists we see today are those ancient sorcerers from the Obsidian Empire Cabal. End of Volume 1 The last remnants of the Cabal have twisted the use of chaos magic to prolong their lives. They worship the eight anti-virtues and lay siege to towns, seeking to fulfill the Dire Prophecies. When the Obsidian Empire fell, they realized the world could not be theirs, not under the Obsidian Dominion. Instead, the Cabal viewed the prophecies in new "light". The Sword of Midras, the blade which shall render order in their midst, was linked to the Virtues and was associated with this eventual "twilight of the world"; a world reborn in perfect twilight. The Cabalists interpret this twilight as the end of the world. By twisting the Virtues and laying siege to settlements that display devotion to the pristine Vitrues they believe their bloodshed will bring about the end of all life, until only the night remains. They firmly believe they will succeed with the help of their mindless slaves, mutated abominations, and undead servants. Despite their obvious evil and desire for the destruction of all things living, some avatars wish to help their endeavor. Little do they realize that endeavor is impossible. The Cabalists' servants are slaves to their will, their free will has been utterly subjugated. An avatar's desire for self-gratification, which is obvious as they are trying to help the Cabalists for their own delusional ideals, would be judged by the Cabalists as having too much free will. Therefore, any avatar or New Britannian Citizen will always be attacked on sight. However, this does not prevent anyone from following their old Aspects of Rulership and ideologies that was under the Obsidian Empire. The Eight The eight Cabalists are large, floating, and imposing beings. You can tell them apart by their masks which reflect their anti-virtues. Each also carries a different weapon or shield. There is a rumors are that their artifacts contain powerful enchantments. I have been unable to vrify this. Dolus: The Cabalist of Deceit who causes confusion in the ranks, whose symbol is the Two Faces of Deceit. He wields a wand comprised of black branching twigs. Temna: The Cabalist of Despite who turns allies against each other, whose symbol is the Torn Heart, wielding a large repeating crossbow. Nefario: The Cabalist of Dastard (Cowardice) who strikes terror into those who dare oppose him with his long thin 2-handed blade, whose symbol is the Raised Arms of Capitulation. Nefas: The Cabalist of Injustice who causes enemies to beg for mercy, whose symbol is Imbalance. His oversized 2-handed Judge’s gavel is a mockery of Justice Avara: The Cabalist of Punishment who inflicts huge amounts of damage that lingers for long amounts of time, whose symbol is the Flail. Indigno: The Cabalist of Dishonor who generates large clouds of poisonous gas, whose symbol is the Poisoned Chalice, and uses a horrific 2-handed polearm is covered in barb. Corpus: The Cabalist of Carnality who forces opponents to “disrobe”, therefore losing all their defensive protection, whose symbol is Intercourse. Fastus: The Cabalist of Vanity who mesmerizes opponents, whose symbol is the Vortex of Self Absorption, and has a 1-handed spear with a metal mirror to distract enemies. Devotional Shrines and constellations As mentioned, the Cabalists focus their energies on towns that contain devotions to the eight positive Virtues and three principles. There are fourteen constellations visible in the night sky; Eight of which are the positive virtues, Chaos is an eight pointed constellation, the Principles appear as three intertwined rings and also as the book of Truth - the candle of Love - and the bell of Courage. Ethos as an infinity symbol with a vertical line running through the center. In my travels I have found that the following towns are associated with these morally good constellations. - The Book of Truth: Aerie - The Candle of Love: Ardoris - The Bell of Courage: Resolute - The Hand of Honesty: Etceter - The Heart of Compassion: Brookside - The Sword of Valor: Point West - The Scale of Justice: Kiln - The Tear of Sacrifice: Northwood - The Chalice of Honor: Jaanaford - The Ankh of Spirituality: Fortus End - The Crook of Humility: Eastmarch The Cabalists, Planets, and Sieges The Cabalists sieges are not random nor are the number of Cabalists that attack a town. Originally I thought this was the case. However, upon closer inspection of the planets, which are representative of the eight anti-virtues, and the constellations, representing positive virtues, one can find that as planets are aligned with constellations the Cabalists will siege a town with the associated devotional. The number of Cabalists and the specific Cabalist(s) that are attacking are dependent on the number of planets aligned with the constellation. It's helpful to have an astrolabe to determine which planet(s) and constellations are aligned. It's baffling to me that multiple towns can be attacked by the same Cabalists. I have observed this on a number of occasions in my travels. My only conclusion is that their twisted magic and supernatural power allows them to carry out this marvelous feat. End of Volume 2
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