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Guest Charlie

RP (Atl) Charlie's Confusion

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Guest Charlie

I walk around the towns I have grown up in, spent many hours exploring them, I thought I knew them well, but that isn't the case anymore. I feel like I have a giant piece of my life missing because I don't remember anything beyond going to bed next to m'love Kodoz one night when we were both very ill. It could not have been a nights sleep because I didn't wake in my house, nor anywhere near Olympus, and exploring the PGoH territory... it is not there at all. Galehaven, Olympus... none of the guilds houses that have been there from the day that I was brought into the guild, and when I ask people about the guild no one even knows what it is. How can that be? With a guild with as much history as PGoH how can no one know anything about it.

That is another thing in itself, I know no one anymore. I had pride that I knew so many people from guild leaders to those that began traveling this world. Maybe that's it, have I become a new traveler? How? I have lived in Sosaria for years so it would not make sense that I have become a new traveler. The only familiar face I have seen was of Dante Darkheart, and I have only seen him once when I was in one of the taverns. Him and I spoke for a bit, and he seemed to remember me a little bit, but also just my name and face. Why is it that the only person I know is him? I will continue to walk this foreign yet familiar land until I find my answer, perhaps this is another one of Paradox' attempts to rid Trinsic of PGoH. Can it be that members of the guild have all been separated, if that is the case what does that mean for m'love and my children? Have they all lost their mother, I hope not, Kitn'Boo was old enough to care for herself but that doesn't mean I don't want to be there for her. I want to see her wedding, and her little baby Ben grow up. I was hoping to grow old with m'love, loving each other forever. What happened to Furia and Renata, are they safe? There are so many questions I hope to answer in the near future because I have my life ahead of me but if it is all gone, just erased, then why did I work so hard for it. I have memories that I will cling to and I just hope that those memories will not simply remain memories. If I can find my life again then I can start where I left off, holding m'love Kodoz, gently kissing his lips once again. I look up at the stars, sitting on the grass in front of the Keg and Anchor then close my eyes whispering to the breeze. ''I love you..''

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