• The Honor Empire

    We are an online gaming community that spans multiple engines such as World of Warcraft, Ultima Online, SWTOR, Shroud of the Avatar, and several mobile apps. The Honor Empire was established on 10/11/1997 in Ultima Online with it's first guild; the Purple Guardians of Honor. In the last 19 years (two decades in 2017!) we have constantly maintained a home base forum for its members to chat and interact. Many have come and gone, but we still stand proudly to say we are THE HONOR EMPIRE... a community and family of gamers who just want to enjoy the time in the game industry together.

  • the-uo-logo-100.pngPurple Guardians of Honor is a large family of professionals who role-play within an Empire of HONOR that resides under the envelope of Britannia's current government in Ultima Online. The Empire is economically based, quest driven and exists as a defender against oppression and serves as the protector of the mother city of Honor, Trinsic. PGoH was established on 10/11/1997 on the Catskills shard. See our UO forums for news and updates.

  • the-swtor-logo-100.pngIn the darkness of a three hundred year exodus the Empire needed control and justice to survive. A band of elite peace keepers rose without impetus by the powers that be to create and help foster the stability needed for life in the cold reaches of the Unknown Universe.

    The band that rose was Vigilance in name and purpose. See our Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) Forums here.

  • the-wow-logo-100.pngClan Skullcrusher is a World of Warcraft Horde guild on the Argent Dawn server.  We are among the longest running guilds on the server.(dating back to beta). Clan Skullcrusher has been built around a simple idea.  That is, to make the WoW experience the most fun and entertaining that it can be.  The guild is active in questing, exploring dungeons, raiding, pvping and otherwise enjoying everything the game has to offer. You can find our forums here.

      • On Tues‌day, Febr‌uary ‌21, 20‌17 at 4:0‌0PM PS‌T Landmark game servers will close.

        Starting immediately, Landmark will no longer be available for purchase. All items in the Markeplace with a Daybreak Cash price will have their price reduced to 1DBC.

        Additionally, Player Studio items will no longer be available for listing or purchase in the Landmark Marketplace.

        For additional information regarding this announcement, please see the Landmark website.

        Daybreak Game Company LLC


      • Greetings travelers and adventurers... it is with great pleasure that I announce that the dynamic version of HONOR HOLD is open and ready for membership colonization.  Baron Balandar Ebonblack and his slave Naladinya along with Knight Marshall Schneider Dragonfang and his kin Christoph have completed the great walls of HONOR HOLD.   Recent additions of the GUST BALL field and the realms JOUSTING ARENA have been completed and await the upcoming Royals (Dev Team) Tournament.    The HOLD Pavilion is full of the highest level crafting stations and nearby is a magical vendor and general provisioner for supply item purchases for your trades work.    The HOLD Garrison (PVE) seeks Watchmen, Guards and Captains while the Church of Darkstarr (CHAOS) is accepting positions for aspiring Acolytes that seek to become monks Zealots priests or even the HIGH PRIEST or PRIESTESS and work directly with Lord Darkstarr (Dev) in maintaining his house here within HONOR HOLD.  There are additional higher level ROLE PLAYING positions that will coordinate with the city Governor on official realm events, coordinate with other cities, guilds and Royals (Dev Team members).  These positions from the simple town Jester, Tax Collector (housing assistant), Registrar (Jousting assistant), Jailor and Lord British's Stewart who will maintain his retreat home here in HONOR HOLD.    

        Hearty and the strongest souls with no fear of loss or bodily harm will be sought for the Elite Imperial Praetorian Guard (PVP) roles that will provide the ultimate defensive and offensive power of HONOR HOLD when needed to deal with unfriendly or nefarious bands of the realm populace.

        We have Elder Roles for those who grandmaster certain trade skills and these roles will come with a designated plot of land to build the respective building.  

        (PIC BELOW shows STATIC Locations) The highest RP role with most interaction with community and Royals (Devs) will be the Barkeep who should also be willing and enjoy using this forum as a mechanic to write, promote and record events and stories they work and develop.   Working with Baron Balandar Ebonblack on The HONOR EMPIRE Monthly Newsletter will be expected from all leadership or high level roles....to help you promote your story and adventures.


      • Whether it has been recently (Georges St. Pierre) or those that have been with us from earliest days (Wolf and Martok)....we have adventured across many a land, world, galaxy and universe.  Together we have shared victories and defeats, laughter and heated conversations, births of children and deaths of brethren.    No matter what the challenge though we faced them with great vigor and have accomplished what many never come close to.....building an everlasting guild of friends.....a new age family.   A combination of many approaches to game play; from the righteous to the dark forces always finding the place that we could rally around....true commitment to each other in whatever the challenge.   A strong and unbreakable bond that reaches beyond the pixels and cables to the real world where we meet and maintain friendships across the years.   I am so very lucky and feel greatly fortunate to have met all of you and to this day call you friend regardless of how long it has been since we adventured in-game or spoke in chat.   While the time still moves forward and memories may begin to fade; it always has been our hope that this website would be home for you to record those memories in pictures or stories so they would not be lost to the ages and vapors of time.  

        As this memo reaches all of you I hope you enjoy a moment of reflection on a great memory and time together.   Many game engines failed or fell to the ages of time and technology.  BUT....There are many more to come as the engines of adventure keep moving forward.  Even in our first world of adventure Ultima Online, PGoH still stands and maintains protection of Trinsic....to the CLAN SKULLCRUSHER, the great horde power within Argent Dawn Azeroth...amongst the stars of the Old Republic still some guardians still stand in VIGILANCE.   Now the Empire builds a new home for adventures within the walls of Honor Hold, a city in Shroud of the Avatar we actually own and manage.   The Honor Empire still grows and you are one of many!!!


        FOR THE HORDE!!!

        SLAY ALL NOT SITH!!!



        Have a soda or cake today......nay......PIZZA and BEER in celebration of your 19th Birthday!!!!  heheh your finally old enough!!!

      • "The Battle.net name is no more. Today Yesterday Blizzard announced that it’s moving away from using the Battle.net moniker when referring to its online services. “Battle.net technology will continue to serve as the central nervous system for Blizzard games — nothing is changing in that regard,” the company wrote in a forum post. “We’ll just be referring to it as Blizzard tech instead.”"

        Read more at: http://www.theverge.com/2016/9/21/13005162/blizzard-battle-net-name-transition

      • Updated: 9/20/2016

        The community has come together to create an in-game system for tracking publications! The New Britannia Book Number, aka: NBBN. Reply to this post with the 5 digit identification you would like to be associated with.

        I have reserved the following:

        46667 - The Honor Empire ("Honor" converted to digits via the old phone system)
        16661 - Balandar (a bit sinister in nature and works well with 46667).


        The NBBN consists of two sets of five numbers separated by a dash: 00000-00000

        08/31/2016 - On a related topic: List of known SoTA public libraries.

        09/20/2016 - Official site for Scholars of Novia -  http://www.scholarsofnovia.com/

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    • Yep.  Just saw this.  For all the hooplah Sony had, Daybreak just doesn't want to innovate, implement the newest technology, and expend resources on it.  Another business decision that is bringing the original innovative MMO down further.  Should be called Nightsoil Games......
    • Well.. Show how out-of-touch I am with forms of online communication. I still primarily use Email and message boards.

      Downloading now! See you soon!
    • No mic needed. There are text chat rooms similar to irc but retains the chat dialogue.

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    • I did make it out of the starting zone. However, I don't know if the starting zone has changed since you last played it.

      My starting zone (Path of Courage? Not sure.. Going to reroll tonight anyway) did not have anyone tank for me. You talk to the wounded guard, go to the gate, talk to the NPC there (Or go talk to the other NPC and escort him back to the wounded guard), and immediately it's just you against an elf warrior. First one is easy, but they placed the second one in aggro range of another pair, one mage one archer. Then there's the wolves real close by that can also aggro.

      I also watched a few more videos today about the skill and deck system. Sorta need to restart again.

      I think this is the 4th iteration of the tutorial I have tried. I remember the one you may be thinking of, where the NPC at the gate crosses the stone bridge with you and you face off against skeletons.. That's not it anymore, or not the one I ended up in. 

       Thanks for the info! I'll be in touch! No mic for Discord yet, but I will eventually be getting one.
    • Full names are required. So Borg is Borg Stonewall. I believe he reserved Borg on his 2nd account.

      As for xp for moves... your skill levels advance by pulling xp from your xp pool, which is obtained from killing mobs.

      Are you still in the tutorial zone? With Edward? He should be tanking a lot of the mobs for you. Almost sounds like you may be out of the beginning zone? I don't remember it being hard at all. I was slaughtering mobs left and right like a hot knife through butter.

      The deck building is typically for later... Borg still uses a fixed deck!

      The tutorial could use more work. I'm sure it will get more polish. But it's definitely not a hand holding game. Reminds me a lot of UO back in the late 90s!

      But yeah, if you have questions just let us know here or in the text channels on discord. Http://empir.org/discord

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • I am playing as Thayn Silverblade. Do friends lists need the full name?

      What did you do in the tutorial? Every time I swing a sword or use a blade-based ability, "Miss, Miss, Miss, 2 damage!". And I'm literally standing just about on top of them. Even tried going back and spent a bunch of experience (That's another thing - Moves cost experience?) on a training dummy to try to raise there levels. To say nothing about getting nuked from range.  Guess I need to learn if this is truly action based combat or not. Much to learn! Thanks!

      Yeah, I found a youtube video talking about the deck building. Just odd that something so critical is excluded from the tutorial.

  • We are testing the feasibility of Discord for T.H.E.
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