• The Honor Empire was established on 10/11/1997 in Ultima Online with it's first guild; the Purple Guardians of Honor.

    We are an online gaming community with guilds in multiple online worlds such as World of Warcraft, Ultima Online, SWTOR, Shroud of the Avatar, and several mobile apps.

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    Shroud of the Avatar is the latest game that The Honor Empire has joined.

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      • In a few short years The Honor Empire will hit its 20th Year anniversary.   20 years....amazing run.   While the team has adventured from game to game picking up new friends and family we have constantly maintained a home base forum for its members to chat and interact.   Some games were hits and keep going while others went bust and burned out.   The guild forums still holds those memories and places of our adventures and conflicts.   Yeah we have had our battles ingame and personality clashes over the years for sure...but in the end we still stand proudly to say we are THE HONOR EMPIRE...a community and family of gamers who just want to enjoy the time in the game industry together doing whatever our big kid minds think of.

        All along this journey there have been attempts by myself to bring extra fun to the members of THE....in game and out of game with contests and challenges.  This still is a priority for me to achieve for you my friends and online family.  Technology moves faster than any of us can keep up so it is a challenge to be able to master something that we can put into the website due to various issues.   One issue always is participation....the hardest challenge. Nowdays the ease of FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTANT MESSENGERS and PHONE APPS to communicate with each other....it challenges us greatly to keep the website active and a destination that it once was daily or constant for many of us on our computer task bars as an open program.

        Balandar has the FACEBOOK Group (The Honor Empire Gaming Collective) linked to our Twitter feed and our TEAMSPEAK Server showing people utilizing its rooms for their gaming or communication needs.   ( Teamspeak3 server = thehonorempire.org   password = honor)  

        If your in a new game we do not have listed in TS or here on the forums....lets talk and look to give you a spot here.   We built this for you our gamer family to flow with your gaming changes and as the industry...
      • EQ Original has opened a Time-Locked Progression Server called "Ragefire" last Wednesday. Only subscription players (paying) can access it. FTP cannot.

        They had initial problems with newly made characters appearing as level 50+ fully Geared characters, which may have had its roots in being able to make a level 1 character on old servers and 'buy' the ability to make it a level 85 character with premium level subscriptions. They fixed it and effectively the server was open and available for play Thursday afternoon.

        The volume of players was horrible. They had 'instanced' some newbie zones like Gfay so that up to 10 instances of the zone were in play and you could switch over to other instances if your buddies were in them. Assuming there was room.

        The next VERY noticeable problem were the Bot-ers. One primary character running around and 5 other chars, mostly mages, following along and all assisting at the same nanosecond with the same attack. Needless to say there were many.

        Also people would go AFK and stay in game for hours, preventing those trying to get in long wait times to get in to play.

        So it was not very surprising that Friday night, one guild killed Nagafen, then Vox, and later, Phinegal. Saturday Innoruuk was killed. And since then Cazic Thule was killed, so according to the rules of the server, a 6-month timer is active for a vote on Kunark. And that timer started not even 3 days into the servers existence.

        Daybreak Games, who now owns Everquest, (hereafter, DBG), instituted a new code to create a login Queue. one click and you are on the list to get into the game. Also along with this, anyone AFK about 20-30 minutes gets booted. These 2 things means you can get into game and actively play so that those creating the overpopulation but are not playing get knocked out for players to have a chance to play.

        But now, another nugget has appeared: Lockjaw server is being brought online.

      • The link for this patch is at bottom of post. Dated 4-28-2015.

        BIG patch.

        == DREAD PROPHECIES ==
        * Traveling the ocean has changed dramatically with new Ship Customization and physics! See SHIP REVAMP for the huge list of details.
        * New encounters on the high seas give whole new reasons to sail out - see ABYSSAL ATTACK, GHOST SHIPS, and changes to FREEDICH ISLE and the KRAKEN!
        * The ARCHEUM and REGRADE systems both receive improvements!
        * All new areas to play in - see information on GOLDEN RUINS, MISTMERROW, and additional housing in DIAMOND SHORES.
        * ACHIEVEMENTS come to ArcheAge along with the return of exploration points, earning Merit Badges that can be turned in for new rewards!
        * We've enhanced PATRON BENEFITS which will be applied automatically, including matching offline Labor to online Labor regeneration.
        * These patch notes are huge, so keep reading below for the full list of changes!

        * All ships now have a base amount of HP determined by their size and classification. The Growling Yawl has more HP than other Small Warships due to its previous rarity.
        * Crest Stamps can now be applied to individual ship sails rather than to the ship scroll.
        * Added lighthouses to a number of zones (Ezi's Light) where ships can be customized and upgraded.
        A circle around a lighthouse is visible on the map and it defines the radius of where a ship can be customized.
        * Lighthouses are faction restricted as follows:
        - Two Crowns: Can be used by Nuian Alliance
        - Austera: Can be used by Haranya Alliance
        - Growlgate Isle: Can be used by Pirates
        - Diamond Shores: Open to all factions
        - Whirlpool Isle: Can be used by the faction who currently claims it
        * Modified the Ship Info Interface to provide more details about a ship's statistics.
        * Added a secondary window...