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  • Clan Rules

    Clan Skullcrusher Law:

    • Uphold the honor of the clan at all times. You represent not only the guild, but The Honor Empire as well. Our reputation should make our members proud, and other people happy to have us around. Don't let your guild mates down.  Dishonoring the guild may mean immediate removal. 
    • Respect is manditory. Treat all members as equals. Be thoughtful of others even when joking. 
    • Personal Integrity and Maturity are expected. Dont start drama.  Childishness and mellow drama have no place here.
    • Do not "grief" other players. Dont attempt to ruin the game for others, not even the Alliance.
    • Ask not what the clan can do for you, ask what you can do for the clan. Members are expected to work together for the betterment of all. Don't expect more than you give. There are many ways to contribute to improve the community we are trying to build.
    • All members have the opportunity, and responsibility, to take initiative. What ever your ideals are, you are free to take steps to guide the guild in that direction. The guild belongs to all members and its future depends on the contributions of everyone. Leadership is not solely responsible for your enjoyment, nor entertainment.
    • All activities involving the game are voluntary. No demands should be put upon any player's time nor resources.
    • Be supportive.  Pay it forward.  If you give you, are going to receive.  We are a team. 
    • Be positive and enthusiastic.  Encourage integrity, praise virtue, and respect sacrifice. If you feel someone acts remarkably let it be known so that all members may be proud. 
    • In combat, honor your enemy by dying well, and when victorious thank them for the challenge. (Bushido) Don't let your brethren face the enemy alone even if it means certain death. Let the enemy know Clan Skullcrusher is united and will face death together before being dishonored individually.
    • Need before Greed. Always. When in a guild only group, no matter what the loot system used, the need before greed code is always in effect. Selfishness is not tolerated. 
    • The Chieftain and Elders are the only persons that speak officially on behalf of the clan.


    • A moderate attempt to maintain a roleplaying environment is expected and a large part of why many members join the guild.
    • Staying in character is desired in any public channel (general, say, yell, etc)and guild chat. However, there are times when RPing interferes with communication. For example, topics involving game mechanics (topics involving the game that the character would not know about) and the trade channel. Members should use parenthesis around messages, or OOC before saying something they are saying Out Of Character.
    • In private tells and group speak, RPing is highly encouraged but optional. 
    • We are known on Argent Dawn as a strong contributer to the server environment and we worked hard to get that reputation.
    • Members should feel free to have discussions not based on WoW. Yet keep in mind ALL members may not wish to view the OOC conversation. Be thoughtful of everyone, not just those engaging in the conversation. If it is not bothering anyone, have brief OOC discussions with discretion, but if you wish to have lengthy conversations please use the Skullcrusher channel. (ie /join crusherooc)
    • Never attempt to control how another player RPs their character.


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