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  • Clan Ranks

    Rank Overview
    1. Chieftain
    2. Elder
    3. Longtooth
    4. Warmonger
    5. Champion
    6. Grunt
    7. Peon
    8. Honor Guard
    9. Warden
    Clan Structure

    The chosen leader of the clan. The Chieftain is relied upon for the wisdom, strength, and honor to guide the clan through these dark times. The Chieftain is responsible for all aspects of the clan especially growth and prosperity. The Chieftain is the paternal/maternal figure and will treat the clan as if it was his blood. The Chieftain acts as supreme judge in all matters involving the clan. As such, the Chieftain's word is law, unless deemed not in accordance with the traditions of the clan (which even the Chieftain is not above). A new Chieftain is chosen by the clan elders and resigning Chieftain. The Chieftain has full power, and decisions are final.


    Sacred advisors, and gurus. The elders are guided by the spirits of the ancestors, the hidden strength of clan.  The elder council is duty bound to protect the integrity of the clan. The elder council also acts as the governing body of the clan. The elders must also keep the Chieftain in check. Any dishonorable decree from the Chieftain can be overturned with a majority vote.  Elders hold all powers necessary in the Chieftain's absence.  Only a majority agreement is needed for any action.   Therefore, only the wisest and most honorable can be elder.


    Longtooths are aged Skullcrushers with great wisdom and experience.   Most are retired chieftains and elders,  that have been given the honor of a “clan retirement package”.   They retain all the most of the power and all the responsibility, but yet, are in a retired leader mode.  Longtooths  tales keep the history and traditions alive and pass along ancient wisdom to the newest peons.  


    Powerful, magnificent, and terrifying to our enemies.  Warmongers inspire greatness within the clan with their valor and prowess.  Battle hardened, and forged by the fire of many battles.  Their experience puts them in the forefront, often leading the clan upon the field of battle.   Only those willing to lead and cunning enough to survive are called Warmonger.  Hence, there are not many and most have tragically short terms of service.


    Honored for their growing power and admired for the honor they have brought to the clan. Champions are those that are exemplars of the best qualities within the Skullcrushers. Champions are elite 'Crushers that demonstrate utmost strength of character, and are active members within the clan.  Champions are often the enforcers of the clan, putting into action the will of the Chieftain.  It is also their duty to attend to the lower ranks and make them ready for the day they are called to server the clan.


    "My life for the clan!" Grunts are the heart of the clan. Strong, loyal, and eager.  The grunt is the strong soldier relied on to get the job done. Whether they need to breach defenses or expected hold the line. They have demonstrated enough bravery to handle the challenges of life in the clan.  Also, they have proven they have the honor and spirit to be a Skullcrusher.  Traits not many in these times possess.  Now, they may wear the Skullcrusher  tabard.   Any clan would be proud to have such members.   


    "Work work!" Those that have decided to try and prove they are worthy to be accepted as a member.  The peon is a lackey and gopher.  Unproven and unworthy.  Yet, their service is vital to the clan prosperity. They must struggle to prove worthy of the greater respect.  All new recruits will spend a two-week trial period with the clan, known as Trial of Honor. Primarily this time allows the clan to get to know a recruit and vice versa. We want to ensure that recruits have the integrity to uphold clan honor, and to ensure that the recruit can accept the standards and challenges of the guild. They must display maturity, involvement with the clan, and willingness to role-play, etc. Also, they must have submitted an application and registered on the forum. Clan Skullcrusher will judge recruits based upon the content of the player's character. We will only accept players that have the integrity to represent the whole clan.

    Honor Guard/Warden

    Those that keep watcher over and guard the clan. They are the clan reserves, serving selflessly when the need is great. This rank is for alternate characters of clan members.  Alts are allowed and encouraged once you have first become a grunt with your "main".  Only main characters will be promoted through clan hierarchy.  You can switch "mains" at any time.

    Gaining rank in the clan

    There are many ways to gain rank in the clan. Leadership use some rough guidelines such as level, guild respect,  event attendance, and general clan interaction/activity to access rank.  Of these, the most important, is being active! Only active members will get promoted to the highest ranks!  Also, you must be a team player. Those that have the "me me me" attitude and not the "good of the many" principle have little chance of being promoted. Many subtle qualities make for good leaders. The desire to lead does not make you a good leader. Many things will be considered about those chosen for leadership roles. Only those that the clan looks up to should be given position of authority. Be sure to check with your leaders if you wish to discuss more specific things about promotion.  You have total control of your guild rank. 

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