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  • Skullcrusher Lore

    Chapter 1

    Much of the Skullcrusher history remains undocumented. This is largely due to the Hordes disregard and failure to keep written documentation, preferring to pass down their stories from generation to generation orally.

    What is known, is that the Skullcrusher orc clan came about after what is referred to as Thrall’s Uprising.  In the beginning, there were only a few Skullcrusher orcs and a handfull of troll followers.  The clan was founded by a warrior by the name of Grulg, and a former warrior turned shaman named Uglutz.  The Skullcrusher orcs are descendants of famed Nekros Skullcrusher of the infamous Dragonmaw Clan of Draenor.

    Both Grulg and Uglutz were early members of Thrall’s campaign to free their people from enslavement. Both rose to high ranks among Thrall’s captains. The two warriors led many of Thrall’s campaigns and had great success, earning great respect among many of the orcs for their battle prowess and leadership.

    Many of the orcs were crazed with bloodlust and yearned for revenge against the human alliance, but Thrall demanded patience; a concept most orcs have trouble understanding. As Thrall continued to hold back his war-hungry warriors, dissention in the ranks became rampant. The two orc captains then abandoned Thrall’s campaign, taking many followers with them to form their own clan. A clan bent on destruction of the human alliance.

    At first, the Skullcrusher Orc Clan was simply a outlaw orc band, bent on destruction of any alliance settlement or village. Then, according to scholars, the warrior Uglutz had some sort of vision. It is not exactly known what was seen in Uglutz’s vision. All attempts by our scholars to question Uglutz have been met with tremendous failure, and loss of life. The only thing about this vision that is known, is immediately following it, Uglutz threw down his axe and then began to embrace the path of the shaman.

    For many years, the orcs rampaged Azeroth.  Until the day when Grulg passed to the ancestors.  A new chieftain was chosen.  With the new leader came new a way of life.

    Chapter 2

    Volonazra was chosen to lead after the final death of Grulg and disappearance of Uglutz.  This was to be new direction for the chaotic band of outlaws.  First change was to the xenophobia within the clan.  Life on Azeroth was hard.  Volonazra sought allies.  So, the orc clan soon adopted many more peoples of Kalimdor and began setting up a formal base camp.  The presence of more Troll and Tauren brought with it many lessons. The orc clan slowly adopted some of the culture and wisdom of the new peoples.  To honor their new family, the orc changed the name to Clan Skullcrusher.  Slowly the new leaders and new members prospered.  The camp became respectable yet humble.  The old blood lust was contained.  The wisdom of Thrall was becoming more apparent.

    The Skullcrushers living was meager, yet they had their freedom.  Both physically and spiritually.  They soon became respected amongst the Horde for their strength and honor.  The clan was fiercely defensive of their new freedoms and free will.  This feeling taught them to spot deception, and corruption very well.

    The Clan still had a deep distrust of the strange Forsaken people's and the threat they presented.  Volonazra and many others knew though that there was many greater and more ominous threats to be suspicious of.  In time, the clan heeded Thrall's command and agreed to accept a visit from a contingent of Forsaken emisaries. Thrall had chosen several young yet trusted agents to help the clan.

    This caused a big uproar within the Great Hall. Many Skullcrushers had big issues with allowing the "deadies" into their camp.  Some threatened to kill any forsaken within the gate.  Some left the clan over the issue.  Fortunately, the chieftain and elders were able to maintain order and prevented any harm to the visitors. Over time, the Forsaken agents had proven to be of the Skullcrusher spirit and for the most part accepted for the appreciable skills they brought to the clan.

    The strength of the clan grew.  With the combined prowess of all the Hordes' finest the Skullcrushers were a force to be reckoned with.

    About this time Volonazra decided to pursue the path of spirit and give up the shadow.  Some doubted his sanity.  Whispers about demon corruption blew about camp like leaves on the wind.  His wanderings often left the clan leaderless for days.  When he wasnt on walk about, he demanded to be left to his meditation and study. 

    In time he and his apprentices discovered a way to return to Draenor.    Although he could not take anyone through the gate with him, nor any possessions.   He later  tells the story of his  travel  as a spiritual salvation against the Legion.

    However, it was then that Maube was chosen to take guardianship of the clan.

    Chapter 3

    Chieftain Maube had been chosen to lead the clan.   She strived to make the clan a beacon of hope for the Horde. In order to do this she searched Azeroth for exemplars of strength, honor, and wisdom to carry on the traditions. 

    Under Maube's command, the Skullcrushers continued to prosper. The hard lessons learned from the first chieftains Grulg and Uglutz, and later Volonazra, were been built upon.  The clan endeavored to become powerful enough for face any threat, and did so.

    The clan become more disciplined and focused than ever. The clan had grown older and wiser. Many have traveled every acre of Azertoth and back again.  All 'Crushers were extremely well trained and beautiful to behold together.  They trained and strategized constantly. 

    Tales are told to the young about the bravery and valor of the Skullcrushers who followed Maube and others to fight the greatest challenges that Azertoth had to offer.  Legends were made in this glorious time and many  monuments errected and honors bestowed upon the Clan Skullcrusher.

    Chapter 4
    Time brings with it many changes and discoveries.  In time,  the Horde adopted new allies, the Sin'dorei and later discovered vast portal magics allowing transport to Outland.  Again, the clan cautiously began to embrace these new people.

    Volonazra returned home to help his people prepare for their first steps into his old homeland.  He worked with Maube and the elders to prepare for the journey to Outland.  At this time, the Skullcrushers were mighty but ignorant of what they would face.  It would be a whole new world.  New enemies and unimaginable depths of evil and depravity.  So the clan prepared and tried to learn all they could.

    When the Black Gate  opened, everything changed.  Maube and the clan seemed to prosper.  They learned the ways of Outland and established a new base camp.  However, many things soon came to bear that would trouble and challenge the clan. 

    Many 'Crushers met their end upon the battle fields of Outland in conflict with vastly powerful enemies.  Some decided to walk their own path or side with other clans.  Some, became corrupted and fell into the legions traps becoming servants of that they once fought against.   Maube mysteriously disappeared even.  Which was to be almost the breaking point for Clan Skullcrusher. 

    Outland was hard upon the clan.  Illidan was right.  We were not prepared.  Like Outland, the clan seemed to be pulling apart.  The clan looked to a new beacon of hope and inspiration to help them through this dark hour.  So, Aletia rose to the occasion.  Aletia was a Scryer Bloodknight sent to help the clan by Voren'thal himself.  Her mission, initially, was simply to aide the clan in adjusting to conditions in Outland.   She found her service was to be much more.

    Aletia was able to rally and hold together the most loyal Skullcrushers and at the same time begin to rebuild the clan.  She was able to return the clan spirit and thus its true strength.   Although the clan is now a humble version of its former days, it has survived and is stronger.  Like heated steel fired, folded and hammered repeatedly, so that clan has become forged.

    Chapter 5

    Recently, Aletia was called upon for special assignment which she could not refuse.  Her life and the lives of her people demands it.  She remains with the clan but cannot lend the leadership to the clan that it needs at this time.  So the Skullcrushers called upon the wisdom of Volnazra once again.

    These days the clan is stable and flourishing again.  Outland is slowly being conquered.  The Legion is loosing its hold on Outland.  These times bring with it battle not just for survival but for redemption.  Our forces are growing once again and we approach victory in all our campaigns.  Volnazra leads the clan to a return to old glory, in their new home. 

    Volnazra also keeps his mind upon the future.  Scouts sent to Northrend send word of terrors untold and the crushing presence of the Lich King.  More chilling yet are the rumors telling of sightings of a being that could be the ex-Chieftain Maube.

    Much more is in store for the Clan Skullcrusher.  Only time will tell what will be the next chapter.

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