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    Clan Skullcrusher created a simple language to spur interesting discussion and help in RPing Horde characters.  The way you speak in game is up to the individual, but use of our dialect is highly encouraged! Adopt the dialect as you see fitting to your character.  This is not mandatory.

    The Skullcrusher dialect is a mixture of J.R.R. Tolkein’s Black Speech, Warcraft language, Warhammer/Gorka Morka,and badly distorted English thrown in.  Other than that, think phonics.

    Basic Language Tips

    1. Most Horde peoples rarely speak using large, three sylable or more, words. Most use simple language and several smaller words to get their point across. 
    2. Think and Speak in phonics
    3. Simple does not mean stupid. 
    4. Depending on race, you may have huge tusks or perhaps a missing jaw.  Think of how that effects your ability to speak.
    5. Never use I, use Me, or your character's name.
    6. Again, this is just for fun, and a way to help players immerse into the  lore. We devised this dialect to add depth and uniqueness to the clan. Our clan is known often just by speaking a few words.

    The Orc Language

    Yes Zug Zug
    No Nub
    Okay Uki
    Hello Ug
    Bye Gugye
    Know, understand Gruk
    Talk, speak Blah
    Kill Clomp
    And agh
    Of ub
    The Da
    This Diz
    That Dat
    Bah!, Arg!, Gah! Gaagh!
    Stinking, Insult Pushdug
    Dead Flat or Ded
    Rules Rulz
    Experience Lurnin
    Thanks Dabu
    -tion, -sion -shun
    Big Big
    good Gud
    great Bubhosh
    Orcish Hell Ghuuk*
    I Me
    You, you all Lat, Latz
    Them, them all Dem, demz
    There Der
    Where Wer
    Here Heer
    Is, are am
    Have hab
    Us uz
    Our uwr
    Who Whu
    What Wud
    When Wen
    Why Whi
    Money, gold Shinies or Shineez
    Orc Beer Glurk
    Small, weak liddul, week
    Land Uzg
    Fire Ghaash
    Magic Maguk
    Surround Krimp
    Wake Up Wayk Ub
    Log Out Gu Sleeb
    Linkdead/Crash Blak Owt
    Lag Muddie
    Humans Oomies, Humies
    Elf Elvzie or Elbzie
    Gnome Nume or Big'noz
    Tauren Bullz
    Orc Orc
    Undead Deddie
    Dwarf Dorv or Stuntee
    Troll Olog
    Slave Slabe or Slav
    Rouges Theebz
    Warlocks Warlukz
    Shamans Vuduka’s
    Hunters Trak’rs
    Warriors Klomp’rs
    Druid Dru'ud
    Priest Heel'rs

    *Ghuuk is a bright and plush land full of ugly humans and elf women. What a horrible punishment!
    One Ash
    Two Dub
    Three Dree
    Four Fuur
    Five Fibe
    6 Sik
    7 Sebun
    8 Ate
    9 Ninh
    10 Tehn
    Hundred Hundrid
    Thousand Fowzund
    Million Milliun
    Axe Splitt'r
    Hammer Bash'r
    Spear Pok'r
    Dagger Stab'r
    Sword Zult
    Bow Olig
    Staff Stik


    I dont have much time before I have to go
    Me nub hab muj tyme befur me hab tu go

    Give Tribute to Bloodgod!
    Gib Tribuut tu Bludgod!

    Stupid smelly human!
    Tupid pushdug oomie!

    I am a little tea pot short and stout, here is my handle and here is my spout.
    Me ib liddul tee pot shurt agh.. Gaagh! Dis tupid, whi me blah lik panzee oomie!?!?

    What are you looking at?
    Wud lat luukn ad?

    (Something a 12 year old would say, insulting d00d talk)
    har har, lat ib su tupid lats mum hab tu tye fuud tu lats nek su howlurs wuld pley wid lat!!

    Language based on Blackspeech from Tolkien
    Some words from Shadowclan Guild

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