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    About Clan Skullcrusher

    Clan Skullcrusher is a Horde guild on the Argent Dawn server.  We are among the longest running guilds on the server.(dating back to beta)  Clan Skullcrusher is part of The Honor Empire gaming community.   Clan Skullcrusher has been built around a simple idea.  That is, to make the WoW experience the most fun and entertaining that it can be. 

    The guild environment is very fun, friendly, and casual.  Every member is important and all players can be included in all activities.  We strive to inhibit conflict and drama.  The guild  works together to achieve group and individual goals.  Through teamwork, we will all achieve great things.   

    The guild is active in questing, exploring dungeons, raiding, pvping and otherwise enjoying everything the game has to offer.  On top of all that, we maintain a moderate level of warcraft lore based roleplaying. 

    The guild is selective of its members and holds members to high standard of conduct.  All members are carefully selected.  None of our members were randomly invited.   We only allow mature, principled, and fun players to become full members.  Due to  our history of integrity we are well respected and regarded as a positive force within the community. 

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