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  • Old News: November 1999

    November 17, 1999

    IN TESTING: House Co-owners Nov 5 1999 7:20PM CST   (11:49 am CST)
    OWO Website: In Testing
    All of the features for co-owners will be available for testing on the Test Center Shard later this evening.

    Co-ownership will allow you to select trusted friends and allies to control some of the important functions of a house. This will allow more flexibility for house owners and provide a method for additional storage for those players who share houses.

    Selecting Co-owners
    Other characters on the same account as the house owner will be treated as co-owners unless:
    They are already an owner or co-owner of another house.
    You may select up to eight characters to be co-owners:
    A co-owner may not be the owner of a house.
    A co-owner may not be a co-owner of another house.
    To select a co-owner:
    Double click on your house sign.
    Click the "friends" option.
    Select "add a co-owner". A targeting cursor will appear.
    Target and click on the character you wish to make a co-owner.
    Removing a co-owner
    Double click on your house sign.
    Click the "friends" option.
    Select "remove a co-owner".
    A list of co-owners will appear, check the box next to the co-owner you wish to remove.
    Co-owner Features
    Co-owners will be able to do everything that an owner can, except:
    Transfer ownership of the house.
    Re-deed a house.
    Add another co-owner.
    Co-owners can also place one secure container, called a "strongbox".
    To place a strongbox the co-owner must say, "I wish to place a strongbox". The strongbox will appear at your feet.
    The strongbox can only be accessed by the co-owner who placed it and the owner of the house.
    A strongbox can hold up to 25 items and has no weight restrictions. Note that the strongbox is a secure container, but items in the box do not count against the total number of lockdowns for that house. These strongboxes are additional storage.
    A strongbox belonging to a co-owner that is removed will become unsecure (and subject to decay) as soon as it is accessed again.
    Other characters on the same account that are being treated as co-owners will NOT be able to place a strongbox.


    -- Posted by PGoH News Team

    November 05, 1999

    In Testing: Lock Down Changes   (0:07 am CST)
    In Testing
    We have modified the way locked down containers work. You can now store items in locked down containers.


    • After locking down a container with items in it, the system will automatically lock down all of the items in the container
      • If you do not have enough lock downs available, the system will lock down as many items in the container as you have left, however, the container itself will not lock down nor will the other items. You will need to remove the excess items and bring your lock down total below your maximum before you can lock down the container.
    • Releasing a locked down container will automatically release all of the items in it.
    • Placing an item in a container that is already locked down will not lock down that item. You will need to lock down that item separately, otherwise it will be subject to decay.

    -- Posted by PGoH News Team

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