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  • Old News: January 1999

    January 28, 1999

    UO Utilities Site   (0:50 am CST)
    -- from the Outpost
    UOAutoMap, UOTrace, InsideUO, Guildboss, UOAssist... wouldn't it be nice to have all the neat utilities collected at one site? Well, they are! At UO Utilties, there are dozens of programs for everything from guild maintenance to macroing to server emulation. The site loads quickly and there are descriptions and information for each utility.

    -- Posted by PGoH

    The Abyss Shard is Open For Testing and Play   (0:47 am CST)
    This from FYI in the Update Center:
    We thought it would be fun for you guys to test the latest changes
    to the game, including combat changes, in an Abyss shard. Keeps things
    spicey, you know. :) So, we have opened the Abyss specifically for this
    purpose. Please enjoy the shard while it's up, and remember, it is a *test*
    shard and will be treated just like Test Center is, except, it's the Abyss.

    Interested in more details about what's happening on the Abyss right
    now? Well, read on!

    Currently on the Abyss Test Center:

    • 1. There is no statloss for murderers.


    • 2. There are no guards, except in the city of Britain.


    • 3. There are skill and stat advancement gates around the city of
      Britain. (That's the reason for the guards in Britain.)


    • 4. Other regions of the world have Gold stones and
      Spellbook/Reagent stones. Gold stones are located at Papua Bank, Moonglow
      near the moongate, Yew outside Empath Abbey and the east entrance to
      Trinisic. Spellbook/Reagent stones are located outside Yew Crypt, north
      beach on Magincia island, Moonglow Greens, and SE of the Papua bank behind
      the reagent shop.


    • 5. Color Wars: Color Wars are probably the biggest feature in the
      Abyss right now. These wars are going on in and around the desert west of
      Minoc. There are 6 castles placed around the big open grassy area right
      before you enter the desert. Each castle has a uniquely colored sign and
      front door. These are: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue (this castle is located
      inside the desert), Orange, and Purple. Each castle has a ressurection gate
      inside it that will ressurect all players, whether they are a murderer, or a
      criminal. There is also a Trash Can which is expected to be used by people
      to throw extra junk away to reduce lag on the shard. To help teams identify
      one another, there is a "Dye Stone" of approriate color with which team
      members can join one team or another by dying their clothes. The Dye Stone
      looks just like a guildstone, and will be tinted the appropriate color. You
      double click the Dye Stone to dye clothes, just as you would with a dye tub.
      Additionally each castle has a unique dispenser inside it to give players
      both reasons to secure the castle from invasion and to invade the castle.
      The Blue and Yellow castles have a reagent dispenser, Purple has plate
      armor, Red has arrows, bolts, and bow and crossbows, Orange has magical
      weapons, and Green has Spellbooks, Leather and Chain armor. At the entrance
      to the desert are 6 colored guildstones which will indicate to the players
      which castles have what items. The guildstones help the players get their
      bearings on the "pupose" of the Color Wars.


    • 6. Finally, there is a new system in place that keeps track of the
      killing prowess of players by rewarding them kill points when defeating
      other players. Everyone starts with 0 kill points. Vanquishing a player
      (in other words, killing another player) will result in getting 10% of their
      kill points. So if you kill someone with 100 kill points, you get 10 points
      and they are knocked down to 90 points. The goal is to accumulate points by
      killing and not being killed. Furthermore, it's better to kill a few
      players that have lots of kill points than a lot of players with little or
      no kill points. To find out how many kill points you have, simply say "How
      many kill points have I". A message indicating your kill points will appear
      in the bottom left of your screen. It is entirely possible to have killed
      100 people and still have 0 kill points. This means either you have killed
      a lot of people that have died repeatedly and are not worth any kill points
      or you yourself die a lot in the process of killing others.

    We hope you enjoy the Abyss Test Center and we look forward to your
    feedback about the shard.

    -- Posted by Balandar

    In Testing Updated   (0:18 am CST)

    • Colored ore, ingots and armor go in

      • Mining

        • Eight new varieties of minerals can now be found.
        • Each variety offers a unique color.
        • The different colors can only be found by miners of specific
          skill levels--only Grandmasters or near Grandmasters can find the
          rarest mineral, valorite.
        • Once a vein is located, it will always be at that location from
          then on. (It behooves miners to conceal this location!)
        • Even a known vein will not always yield the rare mineral.
        • You cannot combine ore of different colors.
        • You can only smelt the colored minerals if you meet the Mining
          skill requirement to do so.
      • Blacksmithing

        • You cannot work the resultant ingots unless you meet the Blacksmithing skill requirement to do so.
        • You can make colored armor and shields from the colored ingots.
          You cannot make weapons from colored ingots, and doing so will
          just make a weapon that looks like one made from iron ore.
    • Combat changes

      • Mace weapons now cause stamina loss and extra damage to armor when
        they hit an opponent.
      • Your swing rate or firing rate with all weapons is now dependent on
        your current stamina, instead of your dexterity.
      • Damage for your blow is now assessed on your opponent on the start
        of the swing, instead of at the end. This change makes a fast connection
        less of an advantage in melee combat.
      • Equipping a weapon now causes a short "prep time" before
        you can start swinging.
      • Being good at anatomy will give a bonus to the damage you do in
      • Being good at evaluating intelligence will give the ability to
        override your target's magic resistance.
    • Changes to magic

      • Meditation goes in. This new skill allows faster regeneration of

        • Your mana regeneration rate is now dependent on your level of
          Meditation skill, your intelligence stat, and the amount of armor
          you are wearing. This is termed the "passive use" of the
        • The skill can be used from the skill gump, or via a macro.

          • You cannot be holding anything nor be wearing metallic armor
            to use it.
          • If you succeed, your mana regeneration rate is doubled from
            your usual rate while you meditate.
          • You stop meditating if you do basically anything, including
            using another skill, trying to hide, moving, casting a spell,
            using or trying to pick up an object, etc.
      • A problem with the polymorph spell getting "stuck" was
      • The Magic Reflect spell now gives an error if the target already has
        Magic Reflect on, and does not consume mana or reagents.
      • The magic lock spell now works against unsecure locked down
      • So does the magic untrap spell.
    • Housing and furnishing changes

      • The one-room house which ramdomly changed appearance every time you
        tried to place it no longer does so.
      • Holiday trees and ornaments are deleted. Holiday tree deeds are
        unaffected, but are disabled until the holiday season next year.
      • You can no longer deed a locked-down holiday tree.
      • You can no longer attempt to pick the lock on a secure container.
      • The "large smithy" has been renamed to "large house
        with patio."
      • Significant lockdown changes were made. Lockdown is no longer done
        with keys. Instead, it is done with spoken commands:

        • "I wish to lock this down" gives a targeting cursor
          and does basic lockdown.
        • "I wish to release this" gives a targeting cursor and
          unsecures and releases the object from lockdown.
        • "I wish to secure this" gives a targeting cursor and
          locks down and secures the object if it's a container.
        • "I wish to unsecure this" gives a targeting cursor and
          only unsecures the container. It does not release it from lockdown.
    • Granting karma to other players

      • Saying "I honor thee" will bring up a targeting cursor.
      • Targeting another player will remove karma points from you and give
        some karma points to your target.
      • You have to have a positive karma of a certain level to do this.
    • Other skills

      • Using bandages will now unhide you.
      • Mapmaking now has a skill delay.
      • There is now a blacksmith NPC guild, and blacksmith guildmasters
        will appear in appropriate shops and halls.
      • Animal tamers should rejoice: A problem whereby creatures lost stats
        when crossing server boundaries was fixed. This was most notable in the
        case of "nerfed dragons."
    • Miscellaneous

      • Hair dye is now permanent.
      • The error message given when you selected the last color on each
        page of hairdye is now fixed.
      • Vendors will ignore you unless they hear their own name. This was
        done because of problems with many vendors turning to listen to you when
        you spoke, if there were many of them in close proximity.
      • Some cave entrances to the Lost Lands have been slightly adjusted in
        terms of where you end up when you exit.
      • A bug with the lighting and unlighting of the candle given to you
        when you start a character has been fixed.
      • Poisonous creatures should start poisoning at the correct frequency
      • The Jhelom dueling pit is open again.
      • Several creatures which have been missing in the Lost Lands are

        • nightmares
        • efreets
        • hellcats
        • hellcat predators
      • Some map errors were corrected.

    -- Posted by Balandar

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