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  • Old News: September 2000

    September 2000

    Wednesday, September 20, 2000

    Two more times ^top

    My freind, Tymaron, was in Britain when I saw him. Apparently earlier that eve he had been approached by the Phantom at Tymaron's villa in Felucca. It had been a short stay and all that was revealed was that Xenthyl was still searching for something. Tymaron sent me this transcript of the encounter.

    Late Monday afternoon, I was visiting an acquaintance of mine late who lives on the south side of Relvinian’s Maze when a giant black widow spider was seen outside the window. M’Tila, my acquaintance, proceeded to attack it while I kept her cured. I noted that that type of spider was spotted in the Xenthyl attacks.

    Xenthyl: Is it?
    Tymaron: Why yes, they were, sir.
    Xenthyl: How surprising. Yet the attacks are not mine.
    Tymaron: Oh? Whose were they then?
    Xenthyl: Hmm, you’ll know soon enough. Everyone is so eager to know. Does no one have any patience?
    Tymaron: Well, we do find these occurrences quite enigmatic.
    Xenthyl: Coming here has accomplished nothing.
    Tymaron: What brings you so close to Relvinian’s Maze?
    Xenthyl: However, I must investigate all that…Hmmm…The maze is not what brought me here.
    Tymaron: What does?
    Xenthyl: I should have known it would not be here…A foolish error on my part.
    Tymaron: What, looking for a book, perhaps?

    He apparently didn’t hear my last words, as he had already disappeared.

    It was last night that I was watching a duel between Mallock and Kimmy, when all of the sudden, Malystryx, who was keeping watch on the battlements yelled a swarm of Black widow spiders were approaching the castle.

    Good ole Arthril, with his drum in hand got the spiders enraged to one another, while Xenthyl snuck past us and entered the castle. It was then I saw his large, black halbard out of the corner of my eye, and proceeded to chase him. He walked quickly, and I had him trapped in the Armory when he proceeded to walk through the wall.

    As soon as I was able to get back outside of the castle, he seemed to be proposing a riddle. Although I didnt get the exact words, I believe that he is either beginning the first of three attacks, or he is searching for one of three items. Once again he would not speak the name of his master, but he wondered why we didnt know who his master was already. After a few moments he disappeared.

    Although nothing exact was found, it seems that there is more reason to believe Ventryn may be behind it, and if not, then some other creature of darkness, which we know of, but may have forgotten is behind it.

    Posted by Gorion - 7:00 PM CST ^top

    Saturday, September 16, 2000

    UO/Origin 2nd Annual Seattle Players Event ^top

    2nd Annual Seattle Player's Event

    You are hereby invited to attend the 2nd Annual Seattle Player's Event for Ultima Online/ UWO: Origin. There will be much feasting, lots of players from all walks of life to meet, a raffle to give away UO & UWO:Origin merchandise, a costume contest, and even a special guest appearance by Melantus, the Community Coordinator for UO, including a Question & Answer Session!

    PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED - You can do this by contacting Joshua Rowan at joshua at stratics.com. Make sure to provide your real name, main character name/main shard, an e-mail address for us to contact you at, and your choice of dinner (from the list below).

    Here are the specifics:

    DATE: Saturday, October 28, 2000

    TIME: 5pm-11pm

    WHERE: Holiday Inn Sea-Tac (near the Sea-Tac Airport) - Top of the Inn Restaurant (this is a 360 degree rotating restaurant with spectacular views of The Puget Sound area)

    MENU CHOICES: Make sure to let us know which meal you would like when you RSVP. All meals will include Salad, Baked Bread, Seasonal Vegetables, Potatoes, Rice Pilaf or Pasta, Dessert, and Coffee/Tea.



    • LONDON BROIL - Specially Marinated and Broiled to Perfection. Topped with Mushroom Demi-Glaze
    • HAZELNUT SALMON - Fresh Salmon Filet Broiled and Basted with Hazelnut Butter.
    • NW VEGETABLE LASAGNA - Filled with Fresh Herbs, Mushrooms, and Savory Marinara Sauce.
    • LEMON CAPER CHICKEN- Breast of Chicken Lightly Broiled and Topped with Lemon Caper Sauce.

    COST: $30 per person - We will be asking for PREPAYMENT (details pending). Once we receive your confirmation you will receive further details on how to do this. ***NOTE: Special room rates have been arranged for over night guests. Please ask us for details.

    NOTE: If you have already contacted Joshua, he has you on the list and there is no need to recontact him.

    Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Posted by Balandar - 1:52 PM CST ^top

    Friday, September 15, 2000

    Two more sightings of Xentryl ^top

    The first sighting was in the Shadow Ranger village of Shadowmoor.

    It was a chilly night in the Abbey when Okami approached me. He soon related a story that Xentryl had come to the Shadow Ranger Village of Shadowmoor, once again summoning Dread Spiders, Giant Spiders, and Black Widow Spiders. Xentryl, oddly had arrived and helped to break out a Drow which was being held prisoner by the Shadow Rangers. Xentryl once again related the fact that we would soon know who his new master was, and that he was not in control of his actions.

    Soon after stating that, he walked away from the village, but not before summoning more spiders. It was at this time Okami began to track Xentryl's footsteps. Okami was quite successful, being able to trace them as far as a small clearing north of the Yew Moongate. It was at this point Xentryl realized he was being followed. Xentryl turned to Okami's direction, summoned more spiders, then sprinted off. Okami pursued but, all of the sudden Xentryl was consumed by a mist, and disappeared.

    Xentryl was not seen until teh next day when I was trying to explain the long history of the Fallen Lich Lord, Jou'nar to a young man of the realm.

    I had entered the armory west of the bank, so as the young man could hear me better. I had not even started when out of the shadows in a corner, Xentryl emerged, and then walked through the western wall. The young amn and I purued him until we lost sight of him. At this point we decided to split up and search all of the city.

    The Young man was searching the Telescope when I was searching teh extensive library of the Lycaeum. I walked into the southeastern wing when I saw The Phantom tossing books from teh shelves, obviously looking for something. He suddenly grabbed something and was again consumed by a mist, dissapearing.

    The young man and I agreed to look for clues, a few minutes later, Xentryl once again appeared.

    "Do not concern yourself with this, Guardian."

    It was in a few moments taht he had arrived, said that, and then left. I have yet to hear any more of him, or who his master is, but shall keep you up to date.

    Posted by Gorion - 7:09 PM CST ^top

    Thursday, September 7, 2000

    Xentryl has returned ^top

    Its not over my freinds. I was just in Britain, buying some equipment when the town cryer asked those there to investigate some strange happenings at the graveyard.

    I worked my way to the graveyard, where normal spiders, dread spiders, and Large Black widdow spiders began to crawl from behind the graves. Quite a few of us were there and defeated them with ease.

    Then... Then, Xentryl appeared.

    It was him, the soul binder armor, and the blade of sin. No doubt it was him. He walked among the crowd and suddenly he turned to me.

    "Hello Guardian..."

    "Xentryl, Ventryn has ended his evil and you shall now destroy?"

    "It is not me. But you shall know soon enough who it is"

    With that he dissapeared.

    I have a feeling this may not be Ventryn's doing, but then again it may. Whoevers doing it is, we should prepare once again. Perhaps he now holds contept for us for saving, instead of Destroying Ventryn.

    I shall continue to keep you informed of what I find.

    For those who dont know, Xentryl hates Ventryn, but cannot control what he does, for the soul binder armor forces Xentryls physical being to do what the control of the suit says, while his mind is always against it. Last known, The Soul Binder armor was under the control of Ventryn.

    Posted by Gorion - 4:09 PM CST ^top

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