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    August 2000

    Wednesday, August 16, 2000

    An Interview with Lord Ventryn - from uoss ^top

    "Lord Ventryn Presents His Side of the Story", by Tymaron

    Lord Ventryn presented his account of events during an interview with me on Saturday, including a long history of Stormguard and how the initial finding of the relics erupted into civil war. He describes how Lord Pythos was largely responsible for the civil war, and reveals his initial interest in the relics and his actions on acquiring them. He admits to destroying Stormguard, as well as entrapping Xenthyl to do his bidding. He then accounts his dealings with Qua'Tel, including Qua'Tel's eventual betrayal. He bemoans Winterfell's involvement. Finally, he indicates how the fifth and final relic relates to the first four. The following is the tale he told me verbatim. He spoke haltingly, but at great length. It was indeed fortunate that I so happened to have a spare journal.
    (begin quote)
    To understand better, I shall give ye some history first. The ancient estate of Stormguard. It once rested where Northwood currently exists, where Winterfell once called home. I once was part of the council of ancient Stormguard, the ruling council of the community. Eight members, including myself and my brother Adrian Pythos. Ardian however, was the lead council member. Stormguard was his. A community he founded and constructed based on the principles of ancient relics. Relics that were believed to be only a legend. And as time passed, the members of the community began to accept that the relics were mere legend, and nothing more. The legend of the relics was well known. Their origin was a mystery, but it was believed that whoever possessed the relics would rule over a grand and magnificent community and would inherit the power to make all of their dreams a reality. People strove to be the individual worthy of the relics. They strove to be honorable, strong-willed and confident. But as the memory of the relics faded, it was obvious Stormguard would need to make changes and so we did.

    We formed a larger army, expanded the estate, and appointed new council members. Even with the belief that the relics were only a legend, the community began to thrive. However, all of this changed and all at once. A patrol of guardsmen outside of Stormguard located an unusual terrain within the forests. Lead by Thallus and Xenthyl Fallshorn, the two brothers quickly reported their findings to the council. The council decided to investigate the terrain which seemed to radiate an odd…it is hard to explain in words, it is only something to behold. The council traveled to the location and unearthed a seal. The seal was studied for several weeks and was eventually broken by several high mages of the Council, including myself. Within the seal were two relics: the Gauntlets of the Storms and the Helm of Thunder. The legendary relics located at a time when they were nearly forgotten. However, debate quickly began between the council and the community. According to legend, the relics were rightfully those of whoever located them. Whoever released them from the seal. Then the individual would become the rightful ruler of Stormguard, and so the debate began. The relics were located by the Fallshorn brothers but released by the council. Who would be the bearer of the relics? Some believed Ardian Pythos, the current ruler should possess the relics. Others believed that the Fallshorn brothers should share the power as the new rulers. Ardian did not convey his belief and stated that he would accept whatever decision was made. A foolish decision. Rather than take a stand he let Stormguard fall into a civil war.

    The news quickly filtered down to the members of the community and each turned against the other and the council itself split. The only decision that Pythos made was a foolish one. He had the Fallshorn brothers guard the relics during this time of war. They were to protect the well being of the relics until a decision was made. I was appalled and shamed to be Ardian’s brother. He had crumbled away into nothing, a shell of the man I once knew, no longer was he confident and strong. But now too weak-willed to make decisions for himself. Rather than take a stand and make his thoughts known. He let his own community crumble before his eyes. I decided I would take matters into mine own hands. I will nay deceive ye, I became consumed by the frustration, the anger brought about by Ardian’s embarrassing state. I believed I could remedy his poor decisions and end the war. But I became more the consumed. I became obsessed with proving to Ardian that I was the rightful ruler of Stormguard. And that he was weak and worthless and soon I had decided that I would end the war by any means necessary. I casted a spell of motivation upon Xenthyl to steal the relics and deliver them to me. I would discover a means to destroy them. And then there would be nothing more to war over. Little did I know the power of the spell for Xenthyl slayed his own brother just to get the relics. However, he was caught and the relics were lost. Lost for my cause at least. They were recovered and again protected. And Xenthyl was charged with the murder of his own brother.

    I was overcome with anger, however. Even though he had slain his brother, I was still preoccupied with his failure. The relics were still out of my reach. And before another opportunity arose to take possession of them, Ardian finally made a decision. The relics would be sealed once again in new locations to prevent such an occurrence from happening again. Pythos finally saw the affairs as I did. The relics did not bring their supposed peace and prosperity, but only death! Brother against brother! Sister against sister! So they were sealed again, out of reach and in hidden locations known only by a select few. Xenthyl was soon sentenced to his death. I was safe however, no one knew it was I who was responsible for Xenthyl’s actions. On the morn of Xenthyl’s execution however, I interfered with the proceedings and, in a way, saved him from death. Of course he was grateful, believing that he was pardoned. I was still angry however, and enraged at his failure. The relics would still be uncovered, I would locate them, and use them to accomplish what my brother had failed at. I bound Xenthyl to yet another powerful spell, his soul was bound to my control, within the Soul Binder armor. An armor constructed of dark energies. Which would make Xenthyl subject to my motivations. I commanded him to return to Stormguard and seek revenge on my brother. See…I left out one part of the tale. The reason that my anger was so overwhelming: my daughter Alexandra.

    She had rebelled against me during the war. And served under Ardian’s army. While I was angered she was still my daughter. Ardian however, stationed her with a small guard patrol. Long before necessary training was complete. She was inexperienced in battle. She had never fought before. Nor did she have any experience. She was killed on the battlefield by members of Stormguard that she could have once called allies before Ardian brought about the civil war. Ardian was, and still is, responsible for my daughter’s death. He is selfish, and cowardly, only seeking fame and glory when it comes easily. Of course, I was quickly found out. Once Xenthyl returned to Stormguard in an attempt to slay the remaining council members under my command, I was banished from Stormguard. It was then that I knew there was no hope for Stormguard and after a short period of time, I returned to the community and destroyed it with my own hands. All that remained was to locate the relics. And rather than use them to benefit others, others that seemed to have no care for one another, I would use them for my own intentions. And for ages. I devoted all of my time to locating information regarding their location. And in that time, I discovered that there were two more relics. Four total. With Xenthyl under my control, I knew I would find them eventually. He searched the lands while I researched more regarding their existence. And in time, he located Thain Fallshorn. His own descendant, a descendant of Thallus Fallshorn directly. The brother Xenthyl had slain. If anyone would lead us directly to the relics, it would be Thain.

    Xenthyl observed him in secret for quite sometime. And I searched the lands for someone as powerful as myself to ally with. I found an elementalist, Qua’Tel, whose power nearly rivaled mine. I told him the tale, much like I did you, and of course, promised him power. He agreed to aid me, of course. However, I soon discovered he had learned much about the relics, but hid information from me. His desire was to betray me, and use the relics for his own intentions. I attempted to destroy him and he attempted the same against me. We left our battle on even ground however, both nearly defeated. And I remained in hiding. While Xenthyl continued to learn more about Thain, the descendant. I did not return until sometime later when I found the Crypts to be a fitting home. The modern tale begins there. I would conjure an evil force, a force that could locate the relics and I could finally take them into my rightful possession. Many interfered of course, ye know, for the fame and the glory. Just like Ardian. All of them failed. And even Qua’Tel returned briefly during this period telling of how he would defeat me. I nearly killed him and he fled once again into hiding. I began investigating the area that Stormguard once rested upon, where Northwood exists and where Winterfell once lived.

    Little did I know its inhabitants would interfere. Apparently they had had interactions with Ardian’s spirit in the past. His tormented soul, who tried to warn them of the danger believing that they were safe. He was laid to rest near Compassion. I traveled there, and imprisoned his soul, so he would interfere no more. Winterfell, however, and their allies continued to interfere where they did not belong. And Xenthyl he began to break free from the Soul Binder. His true self communicating information to Winterfell that would aid them. So as ye can see, I had to become a bit more vicious. And then came Thain. Apparently he had already located some of the relics, and Xenthyl the fool did not discover this. He had located the relics and freed them from their seals to prevent me from locating them. How he knew of me remains a mystery. Probably another of Xenthyl’s failures. But he hid the relics in new locations, hoping that they would be more difficult to find. Then he confronted me, and I rid him of his memory. A powerful magical blow and his memory was lost. And now with the relics in new locations, I could find them without the descendant’s help since they were free from their magical seals. The tale continues of course and some of it ye know, but to jump ahead, I easily deceived them. Multiple times. They are far too trusting. And all four of the relics came into my possession. Then news came of a fifth relic. And information regarding it was scarce. But it was believed that this fifth relic could channel the energy of the first four, directly, and only with the fifth relic could the true power of the relics be released. It is obvious now why this relic was never chronicled to prevent those with vile intentions from using the relics for vile purposes. And oddly enough, ironic almost, the fifth relic is the Fallshorn blade. Which was passed down to the descendant Thain. It seems the Fallshorns, the wretched Fallshorns, are destined on interfering with me. I had imprisoned Thain fairly recently, but before I did, he had sealed the Fallshorn blade in the magical seal that the Helm of Thunder was located in, outside of Trinsic. Only recently was it uncovered, and it is now in the possession of those who oppose me. And then I located a town crier, and told him the tale.
    (end quote)

    He then went on to state that his primary concern is with Winterfell and Thain. He had offered peace to their allies, in specific the Purple Guardians of Honor, and was awaiting an answer. Apparently this offer was declined, and Lord Ventryn later went on to attack the Purple Guardian's castle, Olympus, as well as the Winterfell Keep.

    After the two battles, Lord Ardian Pythos appeared and I brought up Lord Ventryn's account of the civil war and its cause. Lord Pythos did not deny Lord Ventryn's charges and admitted that errors were made by both he and Lord Ventryn. After Pict Fox related Lord Ventryn's conciliatory tone, Lord Pythos offered that it may be possible to save Lord Ventryn and change his ways. However, he left that as a decision to be discussed further.


    Thanks Tymaron,

    Posted by Balandar - 7:40 PM CST ^top


    Tuesday, August 15, 2000

    Betrayal by Qua'Tel? ^top

    After the battle last Sunday, a couple of people went to Ventryn's Lair in Felucca, only to find that Qua'Tel was not only alive and well, but informing Ventryn on all that he knew of the Fallshorn Sword, and making plans for fighting the weapon. He showed no signs of resistence in talking to Ventryn I am told, so it is quite obvious this was not an interogation of some sort.

    Unless I find Extreme extenuating circumstance I believe Qua'Tel is an enemy to both The Purple Guardians of Honor, and The Kingdom of Winterfell. He should be treated as all traitors are, to face trial at the Court of Truth, once he is captured, and to face the possible sentence of execution.

    Posted by Gorion - 7:49 PM CST ^top

    Sunday, August 13, 2000

    The Battle to Destroy Ventryn ^top

    A cold rain blew into the forest of Yew. It was a cloudy and unpleasant day. The falcon, Vengence began to approach the abbey as I depositing some gold into my bank box from my journey in the past weekend. The falcon flew through the front doors and landed on my shoulder. It carried a small letter in its mouth.

    As I opened the letter I read that Ventryn was preparing for a mass attack this eve, on both Winterfell Keep, and Castle Olympus. It wasnt exactly surprising that he was going to attack Winterfell or Olympus, but instead attack both at the same time. I pulled my silver longsword out of the box, and casted recall to Olympus.

    The cold rain was replaced with a refreshing breeze from the Vesper Bay to the west. The forces of Purple Guardians of Honor, Guardians of Light, WInterfell, and many other guilds of Northwood were gathering and prepare to split into two groups, one to defend Olympus, one to defend Winterfell.

    As the Guardians of Light, myself, and a few others went to Winterfell, a Skeletal Scout was revealed and dispatched, showing that the attacks were going to come soon.

    As we arrived in northwood, a large swarm of deamons, lich lord, and bone magi were seen far to the west, led by a Cacodeamon. The distance they were at gave us enough time to set up our lines, and draw our swords.

    As the deamons approached us from the west, a swarm of Bone magi pulled themselves out of the ground to the east. A group suddenly rushed to the east side so we wouldnt be hit from behind.

    We charged the hordes, with warriors thrusting their swords and spears into the deamons, while mages summoned an onslaught of energy bolts into their chests, causing the deamons' lives to be dispatched before their otherworldly bodies hit the ground.

    With a few simple swings of Axes and flamestrikes from the mages near the keep doors, the skeletal warriors', and mages' bones fell to the ground. The forces were stil incoming from both sides, but they were being held off. It was at this time Lord Pythos returned to the keep.

    Qua'Tel was dead, slain by Ventryn's forces. Thain was missing as well, but not dead. It had been over a week since the Fallshorn sword ha been recovered, and time was growing short before we must make an attack on Ventryn. Pythos then left us for a few moments to inform those at Olympus of the news of Thain and Qua'Tel.

    This was the time Ventryn decided to show himself once again. It was the normal taunts and threats, but once again he became enraged when someone mentioned his daughter, Alexandra, and decided to leave.

    Pythos arrived and a plan needed to be made. Many had ideas, but it was obvious that without the Fallshorn sword, it was impossible to destroy Ventryn in the Trammel facet. It was obvious that we would need to lure Ventryn to Felucca, but it would be hard to do such, since he knows what will happen. His daughter would be the key, she had told us that she would return to the Trinsic west gate now and again, should we ever need her.

    It was obvious that she was his greatest weakness, for no matter how much he hated and destroyed, he still loved her. Perhaps that would change him, force him to renounce his dark ways, and end his evil. If she could not convince him to end his evil, then we may be forced to destroy him. It was the best plan, seeing as Thain was missing, and we had no way to destroy Ventryn in Trammel.

    Then, the date. It was agreed by most we must do it soon, and we must do it at a time when the largest force may gather. It was agreed that next Sunday, at 7 by the central skies Winterfell, The Purple Guardians of Honor, and Guardians of Light shall meet at Winterfell Keep for the final battle to either convince Ventryn to end his evil, or to be forced to end Ventryn's life.

    Posted by Gorion - 11:05 PM CST ^top

    Monday, August 7, 2000

    The Fallshorn Sword has been Recovered ^top

    As the Kingdom of Winterfell, Purple Guardians of Honor, Army of Blood Keep, and many other forces awaited Lord Pythos outside the keep, a cold wind began to blow from the Yew forest to the west. A silence came over the armies as Pythos emerged from the keep.

    "We must now seek out the ones who knwo where the Fallshorn sword is, Qua'Tel and Thain Fallshorn. They are alive, but we must find where Ventryn has imprisoned them, only Xentryl, the phantom knows, but alas I can nay find him."

    As Pythos finished saying that, Evin spoke out that Xentryl had come to the keep earlier that day, and had told Evin that they were in Fire and Ice.

    "One must be in the Fire Dungeon, and one must be in the Ice Dungeon then. We must split into three groups, two shall seek out Qua'Tel and Thain in the Fire and Ice Dungeon, while one shall remain at the keep and keep Ventryn busy."

    Emperor Borg stepped forward, "It shall be an Honor to stay and fend off Ventryn"

    The other two groups then set out, and soon after Ventryn appeared at the keep. We taunted him and continued to fight his hordes, and it ws after the first hour of fighting that he became suspicious.

    "Hmm, it appears those so called soldiers of Winterfell have not shown their head in this battle once. Something is afoot, where are they!?"

    Each time he asked we were set upon by another attack of Deamons and even a new creature, a Bone Horror. We were doing well for I recieved pigeons in mid-battle of Evin's and Garath's status. Evin's group was the first one to find the lair where he encountered many guards. They fought valiently and in the end, Evin, and his army prevailed. They then escorted Thain to Starks keep, while Garath's group began to encounter the guards of Qua'Tel.

    As they were rescuing the prisoners, Ventryn was growing weak from the battle. He was not sending as strong creatures against us, and when Thain and Qua'Tel finally arrived, he was not pleased to say the least. He entered a rage and left the grounds of Winterfell in an instant.

    It was shortly after that Pythos, Thain, nd Qua'Tel began to discuss what to do next. It was obvious that with Thain saved, and Ventryn weakened by that battle, it was the perfect time to retrieve the Fallshorn sword.

    The sword was being kept in the same seal that the Helm had been kept in. The seal was a pentagram dug up by a miner a few months ago in a cave west of Felucca Trinsic. To open the seal, eight people muct be chosen, the list included myself, Evin, Stormie, and a few others I had not had the privlidge of meeting yet.

    As the eight of us set out to the cave, we made sure not to lose any time, for with each instant Ventryn's power was returning. With the assistance of Qua'Tel's ability to conjure a gate to any location, we were at the Cave in a matter of minutes. Pythos then gave us stone so we may get to felucca.

    Upon arriving, Thain told each of us to stand at one point in the seal. Thain then gave us each one word to speak, each being the name of one of the trusted guardians of Stormguard, the kingdom where Pythos, Thain, and Ventryn had come from originally.

    We spoke each word, and suddenly a flash of blinding light engulfed the cavern, and hovering before us was the Fallshorn sword. Thain grasped it and held it up high, with the cave in silence from the awe, then the silence was Broken by Lord Pythos' voice.

    "Hmm.... we are no longer alone.... Get out!"

    Suddenly liches and bone magi sprung from the ground and we were cut off from our exit. We grabed our silver swords and fought our way through them.

    "Get Thain out now!"

    Pythos then tossed him a Trammel stone, and he went through a Facet Gate as the others began to bury their stones, and jumped in their gates as more liches began to make their way into the cavern.

    We had lept into our gates and hit the Trammel ground hard with a thud. The sword was safe,a nd we needed to make our way back to Winterfell. Thanks again to the magic of Qua'Tel a gate was summoned and we entered the chilled air of Northwood. We arrived to a group of people cheering for our success, and Pythos began to speak to the crowd.

    "This is truely a great day, the tides have turned, and Ventryn's days are numbered. In the comming days we shall set a date for the strike against Ventryn. Again, I thank you all for your help."

    With those words, Pythos' form faded way, as Thain and Qua'Tel entered the keep and began to rest for the night, with the sword safe in Thain's hands.

    Posted by Gorion - 6:21 PM CST ^top

    Tuesday, August 1, 2000

    A Massive Battle and Qua'Tel is Now Missing ^top

    I had just finished doing some banking, when a gate opened up on the Trinsic bank roof. From its blue light, Vnetryn emerged.

    "Tonight much death shall come, and you will see some of my new toys"

    With that he went back into the gate as it faded away. I sent pigeons out to Winterfell, and the other Purple Guardians of Honor to prepare, for tonight a massive battle would be expected.

    That night, dozens of people, from across the realm gathered, and at 9:30 by the eastern skies, Ventryn came, and warned us we had a half an hour left to prepare. That half hours was used setting up lines and placing the mages and archers on the battlements of the keep to cast their spells from a great height.

    As thathalf hour ended, a huge force of skeletal mages and Lich lords emerged from woods to the west, and a force of the same size came form the road to the south. This force had us surrounded, so we let the arrows and flamestrikes fly from keep, as the armored ones below charged the forces with swords crashing and axes swinging.

    The battle lasted for a great while, but the forces deminished, and as the last few skeletal knights were being taken down, Lord Pythos walked out of the keep.

    "The undead have stopped for now, but you must realize they shall be back shortly, and with them Ventryn shall bring his new creations, you must be ready for these creatures act in ways none have seen before"

    Just as Pythos finished saying taht, another swarm of liches and skeletons came from the east, forcing Pythos to retrun to the keep. These undead, although much weaker, were only met to cause us to engae them, as Vnetyrn came from the woods to the west.

    "Ahh, I see many have come. Good, my pets seek food. Relics, I summon my creations!"

    With that, three green Skeletal Sorccerers emerged from teh ground, and they were able to instantly move to the other side of the battlefield without even saying a word. They hurrled fireballs and energy bolts into our force, but they were being drained of their life slowly.

    As the last one barly remained standing, a violent explosion of great power blasted many off their feet and even a few to their death. The explosion was so great and large, it was being felt in the dungeon Wrong to the north. And from the searing heat and fires, a horrific creature emerged. A deamon of enormous size, I swore, it could be no less, but its grey skin had a tint of blue, and it as later decreed to be a Vile Deamon.

    This creature killed the few taht attacked it at first, but then everyone pushed away the undead they were fighting, and drove their spells and blades into its leathery skin. The creature cryed out as a longsword was driven into the back of its head, killing it, and allowing us to reconcentrate on the undead that were much closer to the keep.

    Ventryn was not pleased, to say the least, at the fact that his greatest creation so far had failed. He then began to summon many other, less powerful deamons to fight, but a tamed dragon that had just arrived made short work of them, we were able to dispatch the rest of Ventryn's forces.

    The fields of Trammel Northwood were coveed in blood, and bodies, of both sides. Ventryn was outraged he had lost his greatest battle yet, and went back to his vile lair.

    As he left, Pythos came back, and soon, Qua'Tel also arrived. We began to divise a plan, Pythos wwould use much of his power to force Ventryn's body to be returned to Winterfell, while Qua'Tel's specially bred elementals, who have proven to harm him once before at Stark's Keep, would be summoned to attack him, and perhaos weaken his hold on the relics enough for our forces to harm Ventryn.

    The planed worked up to the point where Qua'Tel was supposed to summon the elementals, for Ventryn used the relics to block any magic use him being teleported anywhere else, but it also stoped anything else to be teleported in, including Qua'Tel's elementals.

    Ventryn was again enraged, and with a wave of his hand, Qua'Tel was gone. Dead or simply teleported elsewhere, we dont know. All we do know is that Ventryn definatly has harnessed the power of the Relics, and we can expect that he may create even more creatures as powerful as the Vile Deamon.

    Posted by Gorion - 9:46 PM CST ^top

    An Interview With Lady Eve ^top

    From The Post

    I, Lorraina of the Ainur was able to interview Lady Eve last night. It was a long and tiring interview for the both of us. There are many rumors about Eve, some ill feelings. I tried in this interview to clear some of this up. The interview was very long and I will need to paraphrase. I ask Eve, if she feels I misstated her to please let me know. I will do my best to try to write this report unbiased. Forgive me if I fail.

    The first thing we discussed was her reported criticism of the Alliance and those that had pushed forth in her absence. She stated her words were misinterpreted and had nothing but praise and respect for the guilds that carried forth and the newspaper the Post that was published.

    I then asked her if she was someone of power in the lands? If she had special connections to those in power. She replied, "I wear golden robes, not those of green." Robes of gold are companions, green are Seers.

    I then asked how she was able to contact a Seer to help with the quest. She stated it does not work that way. They contact people who make and impact on Britannia and have a reputation that precedes you.

    Asked why she has information the rest of us do not have. She denied it. Stated she is good at remembering details and keeping logs. She has enlisted operatives to enlist in Minax's forces and gained some information this way. I asked why others we had tried to enlist as spies had failed. She had no answer.

    One of her operatives was named Tibalt, the thief who stole the item from Juo'nar in Trinsic. Many had wondered who this thief was. We now know and thank him for his efforts.

    Eve asked me why people mistrusted her. I pointed out to her a few reasons and she responded.

    The first item I pointed out was her name and dress. When she first appeared she wore a white shirt and purple skirt I believe. Once Malabelle showed herself, Eve began dressing like her. Also Eve's name was Mistress Eve and Malabelle was Mistress Malabelle. It caused much confusion, and distrust. People began to think they were the same or at the least sisters. People reported they had never seen them together.

    Eve stated in response that the outfit was indeed Malabelle's. Tibalt stole them during an attack on Trinsic and Eve wore them as a way to taunt Malabelle. Also on her web sight there is a picture of her fighting Malabelle both dressed alike. So they were seen together. She did realize the name was causing confusion and changed it to Lady Eve.

    I asked why her name was so often in the headlines, when others were just as involved as she. She said because she was always there. At every major battle. Because of the paper she ran etc.

    (Admin Note: Paper is The Catskills Inquisitor

    I also pointed out that on her paper she was the main character very often. At the Post we try to give credit to all those involved. She stated her paper was her war journal and written from her point of view. It was not a newspaper and she was not a reporter , it was up to others to report the news.

    I told her people were upset at not being given updates as they happened. She answered that was never her job and never intended it to be. The Alliance did a job of that once they got up and running.

    I asked why she did not contact the Alliance when she returned. She stated she did not want to intrude and make people think she was back to take over. She wanted a low profile and contacted one guild. She does not understand how people are upset over her asking one guild for help.

    I asked about the poison. She said she was poisoned at the beginning of the invasion. It induced a comatose state which she recently awakened from but is still in her system and will kill her if a cure is not found.

    She will contact a member of the PgoH as needed. It is up to them to inform the Alliance of any details that might help us all in our battles.

    Posted by Balandar - 6:34 PM CST ^top

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