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  • Old News: November 2000

    November 2000

    Sunday, November 12, 2000

    The Invasion of Olympus ^top

    The day had been filled with battle. It was midday when an army of Dragons attacked Olympus without warning, and without mercy. Although the initial attacks were fended off, a slew of Dragons and Drakes broke down the gates of the castle, and stormed the courtyard. With the dragons about to break down the inner gates many of the Purple Guardians of Honor retreated to Trinsic.

    Although the dragons had been easily visible, the one who commanded them was not. Throughout the battle many people reported on hearing a voice, which seemed to come from the sky. This voice spoke of the destruction of Olympus, and to punish those who had tried to control nature's creatures.

    About an hour after Olympus had been taken by the unknown enemy, we knew what this voice was speaking of. Cedric, Grey's Cowboy, and Silvana Syav'ryn launched an attack of their wyrms and dragons on the castle. The people who were waiting outside as backup for the tamers soon reported that the three tamers came back out a few minutes later, and ordered their wyrms to attack the backup group. It was obvious that any who dared to bring a tamed creature into the castle would have their mind taken over by the still unknown evil.

    Soon it was decided by many that if we were to try and recapture the castle, that we would need help. Long ago during the Ventryn attacks on Winterfell, we met a group of people known as The Lords of The Eternal Realm. This group was very large in size and was very willing to help people out. I contacted their leader, Antilian, and he agreed to help our forces retake the castle.

    Although the Lords of The Eternal Realm were great in numbers, we still felt more help would be needed, so we turned to an old ally, from days long gone, The Guardians of Light. I met with Valkyrie, and her council, and requested their assistance. They were more than willing to help us in our endeavor to retake Olympus.

    It had been many hours since the invasion of Olympus and a massive force was gathering at the Trinsic Barracks. Nearly 70 soldiers of the Purple Guardians of Honor, Guardians of Light, and Lord of The Eternal Realm were ready to make an attack on Olympus so as to retake the castle. Soon the order was given to begin the attack.

    What was seen sent most people into shock when they gazed at the castle. Dragons stood upon the battlements and standing upon the roof of the Inner structure of the castle there were three massive Wyrms. We charged the front gates, which were still broken. We hadn't even made it to the courtyard, but many dragons, drakes, and a couple of those wyrms were already set upon us. We charged the creatures, with spears being thrusted into their chests and swords driven into their backs.

    Soon walls of the castle were littered with the corpses of the creatures. As our forces climbed over the corpses to reach the courtyard, dragons flew over us and began to attack us from behind. Soon we saw the three tamers standing on the battlements, not even looking at the battle below.

    They began sending more dragons at us, but we continued to bring down each dragon, one by one. We had finally reached the inner part of the castle. Within we found many more drakes, but we pushed on and killed each one. We finally reached the last wyrm. It was far larger than any other we had fought so far, but having all three guilds united, we had the power to overcome the wyrm's strength and destroy it finally.

    The three tamer's face became filled with hate, and with an eerie red mist, they faded from sight. Olympus was covered in blood and corpses. The walls had burns and cracks in them, and the front gates were destroyed. It wouldn't take long for repairs to be made, but a question was now brewing in the minds of everyone there.

    "What could have the power to do this?"

    Suddenly, as though it could read our minds, we heard the voice. It seemed to be coming from the sky, and its tone was filled with rage and hatred.

    "You have but won a small victory. Now your allies shall pay dearly for helping you fools. I am far from finished. You shall all feel my wrath!"

    With that, silence griped the armies below. A sense of dread soon followed, for we knew whatever had done this was far from over, and that our allies, the Lords of The Eternal Realm and Guardians of Light would also be targeted by this foe.

    Posted by Gorion - 2:50 PM EST ^top

    Sunday, November 5, 2000

    Jonathan Rye's Recent Actions Uncovered ^top

    Twas a very hot day in Trinsic, with the sun beating down upon the sandstone. My fellow Guildmate, Greg approached me with some dire news.

    "Gorion, Eve and myself are currently trying to find a United Pirate, do ye know where we might find them?"

    "Perhaps Red Skull Bay, or Edinburgh, I heard theyve taken residence there latly."

    "I've already checked, they are not there."

    Eve then came outside from the Bank.

    "Hello Gorion, tis been too long, I take it Greg here has told you that we seek one of the United Pirates, Aye?"

    "Aye he has, but why?"

    "We have heard that Jonathan Rye, leader of the Cult of Jou'nar, was in Britain this morning seeking some of them, we want to find them before he does so we may know why he is looking for them."

    "Hmm... I have heard that Hawkeye Pike has taken up residence in Buccaneer's Den, we should check there."

    Eve noded, and then opened a gate to the Isle of outlaws. Not many were on the isle, so we began to search for Hawkeye's home. We reached the northern part of the isle, above the caverns, when we saw a pirate in the distance.

    She was leaving a few books on doorsteps, and then she looked in our direction. She began to approach us and seemed very unagressive, only asking why we were there.

    "We are searching for one of your fellow pirates, perhaps Patsy or Hawkeye so that we might ask them a few questions." said Eve

    "Dey arn't awake, but Cap'n Hook should be around 'ere somewhere, let me get him."

    A few minutes later Hook approached us from the west, wearing his normal blue hat on his head, and a hand on the cutlass in his hilt.

    "Arr.. whatcha be wantin'?"

    "We seek to know about Jonathan Rye, and your connection to him."

    Hook was able to remember Jonathan Rye, with the help of some gold. During the first day Trinsic was attacked by the United Pirates, Jonathan had approached them in the Tavern and decided he would hire them to complete some tasks that he needed to be done.

    These jobs were to prove their loyalty to him. The first was they were to kill the Actress from Vesper, whom Jonathan had claimed was a traitor to him, and that she had once worked for him. The second job was to get him a copy of "The Book of the Dead". Although they did give him a copy of it, the copy they recieved from the owner of the original was incomplete, with key sections missing from the pages so that he couldnt even unlock a portion of its power.

    After these two missions were complete, Jonathan told them to find five shadow ore veins and to bring him runes of each. He never showed up to the meeting point in which they were suppoed to give him the book and he was to pay them.

    After hearing the story, our group purchased the runebook, and a second copy of the altered Book of the Dead from them so that we could use this information if needed. Although the runebook could be quite helpful, when the Book of the Dead was translated, its pretty much useless since all of the keywords are missing.

    After we finished our buisness we left the isle to return to Trinsic and study all the information we had gathered and to make plans to try and stop Jonathan Rye.

    Posted by Gorion - 4:45 PM EST ^top

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