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  • Old News: January 2000

    January 2000

    Monday, January 31, 2000

    Town Cryer: Sick Girl Saved in Minoc ^top

    From the Town Cryer:

    Kardian McLean
    UP: Catskills

    After gathering information from the Delucia Caves I decided that perhaps my next step should be to visit the old Gypsy woman, Tatiana, in Minoc. When I arrived, she was slumped wearily over her table as if a great burden seemed to rest upon her shoulders. I was a bit hesitant to enter but as I turned to leave she spoke to me as if she had seen me. It was almost as if she knew who I was.

    That had me a bit unnerved but I decided to enter as she bade. Before I could even utter a word she started telling me a tale of a dread plague approaching. Much of it was the same as I had heard from my previous reports. A plague would come from across the sea she said... only now... it had already arrived.

    She told me how a young gypsy girl from her band was brought to her care. She was very ill. All she could discover was that the girl had been found wandering near the entrance to the Delucia caves delirious and very feverish.

    Tatiana said that she immediately sent for a group to gather a special kind of ginseng for her from mages that were rumored to be found deep in the mountains. A brave band of adventurers went to the hidden valley located in the mountains Southwest of Trinsic and found it besieged by more of the rogue mages that had been found in the Delucia caves before. A general call for help was sent out to Trinsic and Skara Brae and the mages were routed, thankfully.

    One brave soul worked his way through the mages and acquired some of the ginseng and returned it to Tatiana. Tatiana wished me to express her heartfelt thanks to Falcon Strongarm for bringing her the ginseng. With it she has been able to delay the poison but unfortunately more must be done to find a cure she said.

    I was able to speak with the young girl, Morwyn, for a short time as well. It seems she was to visit a friend in Delucia and had decided to take the caves there. Usually travelers can make it through safely with little danger. This time, however, she was approached by an older mage in the caves and asked if she could help him in acquiring some reagents. When she returned with what he had requested, he gave her a bit of gold and some food for her efforts. She said that she thanked him and went on. She ate the food almost immediately since it had been so long since her last meal and very quickly she started feeling ill, then she cannot remember what happened. We can only assume that this mage gave her poisoned food.

    This leaves me once again with more questions burning in my mind. What did this mage seek to accomplish? Is he the source of this dread plague to come? And how do we find a cure before others end up sick as this poor girl was? I will continue to seek answers and report them here as I find more information. I just pray we can stop this before Tatiana's predictions come to pass.

    Posted by Balandar - 12:25 PM EST ^top

    Preparing for the Plague ^top

    From UOSS:

    Good Folk,
    Both meetings of the Healer's Circle have been completed. All told, we may have up to 20 healers who will be on a pigeon fan-out list so that the first sighting of these plague ships will see a small army of healers ready to ply thier trade for the land's safety.

    For myself, I am taking up watch at the Skara docks, for the ships are said to first make land in that city. We have reason to believe that the affliction is passed in food, and in that Skara is an island, it must get the bulk of its food by port. I am staying at the Falconer's Inn and my window does over-look the docks themselves. I will keep my vigil and fish, for at least as I wait, I might stock up on more wholesome food than might be soon coming to port.

    Of the Gypsy Tatianna, she did appear at the first meeting and added a bit to our common knowledge of this plague. It seems the first victim was a girl who had helped a man near Delucia gather herbs. In payment, he gave her some food (bread) and after eating it, she fell ill with fever and uncontrolled shaking. Only the strongest ginseng curatives manage to keep her alive now, but she is failing slowly.

    If there are any among you who know the New Lands well, I ask that you search for this fellow. We have no description, in that the only witness was the ill child. We think he may have been a mage and another of our Circle believes the Undead City might hold some clues.

    For now, we stock the field hospital in Kinship, organize our healers, search the New Lands for this man, and watch the horison for sails.

    Dove the Healer of Yew

    Falconer's Inn, Skara Brae

    Posted by Balandar - 12:22 PM EST ^top



    Friday, January 28, 2000

    The Blind Leading the Blind and other Nunsense--The Caravan ^top

    From UOSS

    When I heard the Healer's Caravan had arrived Kinship Sunday in safety, I smiled
    with relief, but when I found out how it was done, I laughed with surprise. Any
    who have ever met Dove, the Healer of Yew, would tell you as I that she is kind,
    considerate, peaceloving, and wise. But I did not know till stories of the
    caravan reached me how wily she is as well.

    I was just coming out of the abbey Sunday eve when I bumped into the Reverand
    Mother Sarah just returning from Kinship. She assured me the caravan had arrived
    safe, then told me this story:


    I had heard of the caravan only moments 'fore it was to set out. I grabbed

    a few bolts of cloth and some preserved fish steaks to donate and set out for
    the Community Center. Although I had arrived late I had no trouble catching
    them as they had been detained only a few feet from the Center there at the
    crossroads due to an attack, which was just finished as I arrived.

    I carefully stepped over the bodies of brigands that littered the ground
    and around the many horses and warriors who were regrouping themselves from
    the battle. I finally found Dove, who did not look her best as she was still
    recovering from her death a few moments afore, but her eyes seemed as bright
    as ever.

    Dove and I are not both of the same gods, but we are sisters in many other
    ways. I remember first meeting her long ago and talking of our goals. We share
    the same views as to the Golden Rule of Peace. We both try to feed and heal
    both bodies and minds, repect the virtues, and offer words of peace. This was
    hardly the first trek I had been on with her. I have walked with her to many
    towns and shrines, but this was the first time we did so with an important
    cargo. Even so, it felt much like old times to me. He he, but that was to soon

    Dove greeted me warmly and said she had something to ask of me. She handed
    me a bag and said, "when I step aside and say so, put this on." I
    looked in the bag and found a robe and a hat, just like the ones Dove was
    presently wearing.I wasn't sure of her reasons, and was even less sure I
    wanted to change out of the habit I had worn everyday since taking my vows,
    but I trusted Dove completely and nodded my agreement.

    We set out down the road but had not gone far before beset by brigands again.
    In the middle of the confusion of attack, Dove stepped off from the road with
    me just behind, nodded to me and told me "now." I pulled the white
    robe over my head and when finished, Dove was no where to be found. I put the
    wide brim hat on my head, low over my face, and turned back towards the crowd.
    The fighting just over, one member asked me, "Dove, art thou ready to
    move on?"

    Slyly slipping into Dove's plan I stuttered out, "huh? uh, hmmm,"
    and other pearls of wisdom. One member of the group noticed (I can't imagine
    how as I so deftly played my part *smirks with deep sarcasm*) something and
    said, "that is not Dove." But another turned and firmly said,
    "Aye, it is Dove." The first, just as unsure as I what was goin on
    but aware it was some kind of plan answered, "ah yes, I see it is

    Deciding they must know better than I, I agreed I must be Dove and had the
    caravan move out again. We were halted several times as the warriors fended
    off attacks, including an especially large one at the fort of the brigands,
    but progress was being made nevertheless.

    I tried to speak little, both not to betray my not being Dove, but also as
    I had very little idea what to say at this point. I wondered where Dove had
    gone to, but thought perhaps she had gone ahead to prepare our arrival.

    Just before the Britian crossroads I fainted; I suppose due to the stress I
    felt leading a caravan only moments after I joined it, hehe. As I came to I
    saw several poeple around me and was told the main group had gone ahead and
    were holding at the crossroads. We joined them and proceeded just past the
    crossroads heading towards Kinship on the main road.

    Suddenly, I was addressed by my name. I hesitated to answer at first
    fearing a trick to betray I was a decoy. When I raised my head enough to see
    under the low hat I saw it was F'nor of Avalon. Asking him what it was he then
    told me it was time to take moongates to another place. I had no idea what was
    going on, but as I hadn't known most of the whole trip and trusted him, I
    ordered first the point guard then the packhorses through the gates that were
    being opened up. I followed one of the packhorses through a gate and found
    myself in a field.

    Someone then told me we were in Britian's farm area. I had no idea why we had
    apprently backtracked, and decided to sit down a moment and pray for some
    guidance. I decided to try and send a pigeon to Dove, although I had no idea
    where she was at the time. The few people who were left with me were asking me
    why we were here, what this had to do with the plan, and what was now our plan
    of action. I had no more insight than they did though, truly now the blind
    leading the blind. Dove's pigeon finally reached me but had little to offer me
    in understanding, but there were at least further instructions. I was to take
    my group south along the mountains, then down around the hedgemaze into
    Kinship's southern side, avoiding the main road. This again was confusing to
    me as it was a much harder trek than the well trod road. But little had made
    sense to me since I joined the effort. I was glad to have such good
    companions; it made me feel more confident deserved or no.

    By now my large three packhorse laden group had dwindled down to only one
    packhorse and a few guardians. I'm still not entirely sure what had happened
    to the others but we set off on our way nevertheless. The going was tough in
    the dense woods, and the horses grew tired.

    Two Shadow Rangers met us along the way bringing news of attacks on Kinship
    and that the other parties had arrived safe. They helped to lead us the rest
    of the way and we arrived safe in Kinship with the others.

    It wasn't until later that I found out I had faithfully led and helped
    guard a locked chest full of logs. *laughs heartily*

    The Nun had a confusing day of it it had seemed so I was curious to find out
    what had happened and why she said she was carrying logs. Here are some excerpts
    from Dove's tale that should help in understanding:


    Fearing that our healer's cargo might be jeopardized, I and a few guild
    heads did plan that the carvan leaving the Yew Community Center should be a
    decoy and its horses carrying nothing more than locked chests and crates full
    of logs. It was hoped that such a showing of force would catch the eye of any
    villians and avert those eyes away from the real caravan that made its way to
    Britain not by the road, but by skirting the mountain's edge through cover of
    woods. This second caravan, ladened with medical aid for the oncoming plague.
    Barring a few points where the horses would not cross and hasty runes were
    marked to gate them a bit further down the trail, we made the Gap of Britain
    as the large decoy host reached the Britain Crossroads.

    However, where the real caravan's trip was uneventful, the decoy's met hard
    resistance. It seems some nafarious power did not wish our aid to reach its
    destination. Not twenty paces from the Community Center, a horde of evil mages
    and thier hired brigands did set upon us in earnest. I do not know how many of
    our troupe fell to them, since given the strong winds and my thin robe, I was
    cut down quickly. Yet, given the number of good mages beside me, I was donning
    my hat and ready to continue just as quickly.

    We made near the first guard tower west from the Yew crossroads and yet
    again, more villianous brigands. It was then that I put our second deception
    to work. Stepping off the road with Reverand Mother Sarah close behind, she
    did slip on a spare white robe and hat I had passed her earlier. With a decoy
    Dove in place, I recalled to the real caravan waiting at the guard post just
    north east of the Community Center.

    I and the real caravan arrived at the Gap of Britain and passed through the
    mountains to guarded ground. There, we waited at the rendezvous farm house for
    the bogus caravan, for as they reached the Britain crossorads most did as I
    bade them and gated or recalled to our location, for I had planned that any
    villians still spying on the large force and hoping to make a play for the
    horses as it neared Kinship would see them all pass from view, gating or
    recalling beyond their grasp. Only a few of the decoy group knew the
    destination of these rendezvous runes, for if captured, we could not afford
    that torture might place the location of our real cargo in the hands of the
    enemy. An enemy that seem omniscient enough to throw wave after wave of evil
    henchmen from unseen safety.

    Once gathered, we readied to leave for Kinship by passing around the
    mountains southward, then making for the Hedge Maze and arriving at Kinship by
    the east and off the road from watchful and possibly unfriendly eyes.

    It seems that a plan to avoid Kinship's mainstreet was well made. As we
    rallied to leave Britain, word came from Loric Greywolf that Kinship Tavern
    was under seige by murderers. He wrote that he would try to lure them from
    town for our safety.

    Judging home and hearth far more valuable than any cargo, I bid the Black
    Watch good luck and sent them to Kinship to protect their homes. I believe
    half their number left on that task. When word reached us that Orc and Drow
    might be among the raiders, the Free Corps quickly rallied and prepared to
    join that fray. Almost as quickly, pigeons flew again from Loric telling that
    the villians had been put to flight. Knowing we might meet these rascals on
    the way, we made hasty preparations for the second leg of our trip.

    Knowing that those few hundred yards from one's home usually see a
    slackening of caution after a long journey, the Shadow Rangers were sent ahead
    to do that for which they are most renown, and scouted us a path to the Hedge
    Maze. With The Mists of Avalon taking point once more, we were lead to the
    Britain moongate and then onward past the maze itself.

    As we regrouped one last time, just off the main road and near to our
    destination, another attack of red garbed mages and grizzly brigands set upon
    us. Wishing not to be undone so close to our goal, I pulled hard on the horses
    and called to Solon who was about to engage the enemy in the name of the Velt.
    With the Elven Lord as my only guard, I and a Knight of Yew leading a forth
    horse flew ahead of the others, finally, to the stock house of Kinship and our
    journey's end.

    At the stock house, the paladins had already seen through thier horses with
    bogus treasures and several others with them. There, with warm words of praise
    and thanks, the Healer's Caravan began to disperse. And yet, the day's
    adventures were not yet over.

    Unnoticed in the crowds of well meaning folk, a thief lurked. As I worked
    to deposite the medical stock, he had ample time to peruse the goods still
    strapped to the animals outside. Solon, with keen Elven eye, did spot his
    pilfering and the fellow, now weighed down with three full potion kegs
    (greater heal, greater cure, and total refresh), was unable to make his
    escape. He pleeded his innocence and we all being good folk, would not strike
    him down for material goods. Unfortunately, a passerby, hearing his cry that
    something was afoot and he could not move, thought the fellow trapped by some
    mysterious force and unknowingly opened him a gate. A heavy step forward and
    he was gone.

    A lighter step on my part and I was standing in the desert near my beloved
    Compassion Shrine with he and his five guildmates, who he had undoubtably
    forwarned of his coming with heavy booty. He ordered everyone not of the guild
    to be murdered, but his men stood thier ground. I wasted some words on him of
    the importance of those kegs to the community with this plague soon
    approaching, and as wasted words, they fell on his deaf ears. Thus, with
    Hannibal the Druid of the Shadow Rangers bidding me make a hasty leave of this
    place (for he had bravely followed me through the gate), I bid the thief and
    his men to be safe and to enjoy my donation to their guild.

    Again, to any and all who had some hand in this, I thank you most
    profusely. With your efforts, a good store of aid now awaits our use for the
    prophesied plague: 5000 yards of cloth, food for an army, wands and staves of
    healing, and as soon as I can gather the reagents, three more kegs to replaced
    those stolen. If you have a few spare reagents for this cause, they would be
    greatly appreciated.

    Dove the Healer of Yew


    A story indeed this turned out to be. I wish all well and I hope that your
    efforts will not be needed, but I fear that will not be the case.


    Special thanks to Rodar of the Brotherhood of Wayrest and Sinafae, Druidess of Britain for their fine artwork.

    Posted by Balandar - 3:19 PM EST ^top


    The Story of Lord Pythos ^top

    From UOSS

    Thank you to all who sent me information on this man and his story. I knew you'd come through for me!



    The doors at the Tavern Lion's Den in Northwood opened and shut. The lights began to flicker....igniting the entire room, then suddently fizzling out to blackness. People's conversations stopped at the blink of an eye. The guests looked around confused and scared. "Anybody here?" Raven Gustare, guildmistress of the Rogues o' Britannia and Tavernkeep examined the Lion's Den. Nobody. All watched the doors still moving and the lanterns flickering. One mentioned....,"I shouldn't have had that last ale."
    Then the Tavern was attacked. Attacked by creatures of magical properties....Skeletons, lichs, zombies, bone knights and mages. All rushed out and took up arms to the swarm of Undead. It was a hard fight but the inhabitants of Northwood and the visitors succeeded. "An ale on the house" Raven offered to celebrate the victory.

    ... so the story of the lost spirit of Lord Pythos, keeper of Stormguard, began.

    The haunting of the Tavern went on for days. Books materialized out of nowhere. One said, "The Lion's Den will be haunted forever". Then the next book:"What is this build upon the lands?". More days passed....and more attacks by the Undead were apparant...but then the spirit causing the trouble was able to communicate.

    He spelled his name with gold : Pythos.

    Finally they cound address him. More was found out. Pythos' spirit was able to use a lantern to let the inhabitants know when a questions could be answered with "yes". Raven and the Rogues o' Britannia combined with the Black Rose Society and Winterfell talked to Pythos, asked him questions, offered help and fought the undeads still attacking the Tavern and Northwood again and again.

    What surprise when the first of the four old and tattered journals was found. Lord Pythos diary. Pythos was the Lord of Stormguard. A mighty keep somewhere in Britannia hundreds of years ago. Many battles weakened his power and an evil mage made his life and the citizens of the Keep a living hell.

    Working together the guilds got another hint: Sage Sylan in Vesper. They seeked him out but he was an old and rough guy not believeing a word of the "fairy tale". He refused to help until a proof was given to him that Pythos and Stormguard really existed.

    The next time Pythos haunted the Lion's Den he was asked about a proof. Pythos sent all to the shrine of Compassion. A large fierce battle erupted with hundreds upon hundreds of skeletons, lichs, mages and other undead. Raven Gustare, Felix Magus as Rogues and Kyle Duskwalker from Winterfell prayed at the Shrine. Bones where shattered....flesh was torn....Man and Undead lay motionless upon the desert as the whirling sand began to bury them slowly. At a special place Pythos showed the proof could be found by digging into the hot desert sand. A cape was found, along with a tunic and a hat, all bearing the mark of Pythos' Royal Tailor. The proof they needed had been found. Hastily they adventurers rushed back to Vesper.

    Sage Sylan was impressed and ashamed. He agreed to come to Northwood and help Pythos to find his eternal peace. Using old and long forgotten knowledge the Sage was able to give Pythos a ghosty shape. Then all went back to the Shrine of Compassion and laid Pythos to his final rest. He is resting in peace now, and a monument was build to remind everybody of him and the ancient Stormguard which was built in earlier days where Nothwood is today.

    Raven Gustare
    Rogues o' Britannia


    I was told the same story by another but would like to include a few of his comments I found interesting as well,





    On a brief note, it should be made known that these raids occurred before the raids on the British towns of late, and I doubt a connection to the mysterious "Mistress."

    We gathered that these undead [that attacked] were former citizens or occupants of Stormguard, their spirits not as rest. Though not inherently evil ... as restless forms of undead they mindlessly sought to reenact the chaos they experienced near the end of their mortal lives.

    A final journal of Pythos' had been found that day. Within it was the reason for such activity in and about the Shrine. Pythos hoped to find eternal rest by having his body buried at the Shrine of Compassion, or relatively nearby. Pythos spirit bade farewell to us one last time at a spot just south of the Compassion Shrine, where his true grave had been. No stone marked such (at the time anyhow) grave, but nonetheless, Pythos was now at peace. Perhaps a week following this, I myself had the opportunity to meet Sylan once more. He had told me of something miraculous- a memorial and gravestone had been placed at Pythos site of rest. The interesting thing is, Sylan claimed no responsibility for the building of such, and was quite clueless as to who the architect of the memorial had been.

    Kyle Duskwalker
    Traveler of Many Paths


    I agree that Lord Pythos's life and the attacks that accompanied his recent attempts at contacting the living are not directly connected to the present attacks we are experiencing. However as to why after all this time the Lord and citizens of Stormguard would act on their unrest, there is this intersting comment:





    Now as for [all this], mayhaps it hast appeared for a reason, mayhaps similer times hath caused it to enter the present, as strange things dost happen in our land with nay explaination, nor appearent reason, yet they do happen.

    Milanus Sargon


    Indeed it seems like similar times in many ways, yet I hope that we will not fall as Stormguard did. Let us take this story as both a warning and an inspriration.

    Posted by Deathfyre - 2:54 PM EST ^top



    Wednesday, January 26, 2000

    Healers of Britannia ^top

    From: Dove the Healer of Yew



    The first part of our preparation to deal with Tatianna's prophesy of impending plague has been accomplished. The Healer's Caravan did this last Sunday deliver healing supplies to the village of Kinship where this plague is said to make land. The leaders of Kinship, both wise in their forethought and generous in their sacrifice of a building for this cause, have set up a field hospital on the village's main street. We are still stocking the place in preparation for the solemn business ahead.

    The second phase of our plan is now at hand. The time has come for we that ply the healing craft to gather together, to learn each other's names and faces, and plan the strategies with which the course of this most dreadful prophesy might yet be turned.

    Because no one time seems to fit all schedules, and in this grave hour I would not be lacking of even one of your counsel, I plan to hold this meeting twice. Also, in that the prophesy named the Skara Brae and Kinship region as the place this dread disease would make land by infected ship, I have chosen the Counselor's Hall in Skara Brae to meet. We shall then be but a short ferry ride from the hospital so that we might make the spot known to you all. I already plan to have runes marked for all healer's involved so that we might come at a moments notice of these plague ships being sighted.

    Meeting #1:

    Date: Saturday, January 29th
    Time: 8 pm (eastern)
    Place: Counselor's Hall, Skara Brae

    Meeting #2:

    Date: Sunday, January 30th
    Time: 3 pm (eastern)
    Place: Counselor's Hall, Skara Brae

    In response to those who might worry that this meeting may become too large to be constructive, I beg those who read this, come only if you consider yourself a healer. I will announce another gathering of alchemists at a later date, who might also be of some assistance with their healing tinctures and remodies. But leave these two dates to the healers.

    Certainly, everyone's concern is noted and many will wish to assist in whatever means and by whatever profession they practice. We will post any decisions we reach so that all the folk of the land might then add to it their help. Let us, though, work through this first meeting with only those who will be providing the medical assistance that such an epidemic will require, for if we can not plan a little while in peace, I fear for the chaos to follow.

    With all my hope for success, be safe,

    Dove the Healer of Yew


    Posted by Balandar - 10:23 AM EST ^top



    A Call to Arms ^top

    Citizens of Britannia,

    It is now evident that the darkness foretold has begun to manifest, that the one known simply as "The Mistress" is a real and tangible danger to the kingdom in which we reside. The capture of Lord Nicolus, designed as psychological warfare, was but the first step in a grandscale campaign to subvert and conquer the lands we claim as ours. As I write this missive, cities such as Trinsic and Vesper lay under siege, waves upon waves of the enemy weakening our defenses with each new day...

    But these events are simply predecessors to a coming storm. It is in this time, this lull before the tide breaks, that we must play our hand to full advantage. For if we are not prepared for what is to come, chaos and disorder will lay waste to our ranks, leaving us defenseless against whatever lies in wait, writhing just beyond our vision...

    It is time to come together, to disregard differences in race, in paradigm, in speech, and in manner. It is time to let grudges fall away, to unify with those you once warred, to set aside whatever seperates us fromone another. In this time of darkness, victory will not come easily, but I assure you that together, we can weather whatever is thrown our way, and disallow the capture of our lands by the presence that hasinvaded.

    And so my proposition remains that a council be formed, a representative coalition designed to organize our defense, improve communication, and unify the masses into one strong and steadfast army. To bring this to fruition, I advocate a meeting of all citizens who wish to stand against this threat, to be held on Wednesday, January 26th, at 8:30pm EST, in the King's Men Theatre of the capital city, Britain.

    Diplomats from all walks of life are encouraged toattend; the greater the participation, the more resources we will have to combat the arrival of the Mistress. During the meeting, relevant information discovered throughout the course of past events will be discussed and further researched, leadership will be selected, organization of our forces will begin, and a contact list will be created in order to facilitate a call to arms in the event of an attack.

    I would suggest that all who are interested review the materials available on the events that have occured in recent weeks: journals recovered during the rescue of Lord Nicolus are on display in Castle Britannia's south wing, and Stratics has pertinent articles dating back to the end of December, both in Quest and Event News, and the Catskills section. In addition, the Brotherhood of Wayrest has apparently been involved in many of the town attacks, and has detailed descriptions of each battle at their web site: http://www.wayrest.uoguilds.com. And finally, for an array of pictures and a line by line journal from the Lord Nicolus quest, view the following archive at http://www.destard.com/quest.

    I can be contacted through the telepathic method known as ICQ at 46756588 (please include the word "alliance" in your authorization request), or through Britain's Postal Service at jessicaven at yahoo.com. If anyone has questions, concerns, or ideas, I would urge them to contact me as soon as possible, and have a presence at the meeting on Wednesday, January 26th, at 8:30pm EST, in the King's Men Theatre of the capital city, Britain.

    Until then,

    -Mistress Eve

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    Tuesday, January 25, 2000

    The Mysterious Late Lord Pythos ^top

    From UOSS



    There are many gravestones in the land, located among many cemetaries and crypts. It is unusual however to find one out by itself, especially in the middle of the desert. But there is a large and lonely monument in the middle of the desert of Britannia, and more odd still is that no one seems to know anything about it.

    News of the grave first reached me on the morn of the 20th of January from a Staff Sgt. Carlos, one of the Outriders, of the Black Rose Society. Here is what he sent me:

    Last night a wall and grave monument appeared behind the Shrine of Compassion. The name on the stone is Lord Pythos. The shrine was the scene of an Undead attack last week. There were many dozens of lichs, bone knights, skeletal mages and all the related Undead beasties. We thought it was odd not only for the sheer size of the attack but also that the Undead never are seen in the desert. We think there is more in store for us.

    News of an undead attack in the desert was indeed odd, but I was more intrigued by the monument and the man it commemorated. I got up early that morn, packed some food and water into my backpack, mounted my horse and set off for the Shrine.

    The trip was smooth, and upon arriving at the shrine I dismounted my horse and walked out the narrow spit of land that the shrine sits on. Dropping to one knee and bowing my head, I offered a silent prayer to honor the shrine and the visit. When I straighted up I saw a wall of stone across the water on the other side of the oasis's pond. Gathering my horse I rode around the pond to take a closer look.

    The wall I had seen bordered a tall stone on three sides. The stone read simply, "The Grave of Lord Pythos." There were a few flowers in the front, but not so much to give the impression that it was being tended by a greiving widow or loyal clansmen. Even so, someone had taken the time to erect the large stone wall and tall monument. I wondered vaguely if the wall was to shelter the stone in sandstorms or if it was there merely to add to the size. I reached into my pack and grabbed my journal. I sketched the stone and its wall best I could, sketching in myself and the shrine for perspective reference. Not seeing anyone yet awake to interview, I headed back home.

    I spent most of the rest of the afternoon interviewing various people in Yew about the most recent attack that had occured during my morning's ride. At the end of each interview I asked if they knew anything of a Lord Pythos. Each person however was as unknowing as I concerning the man or his marker. Feeling overworked and underfed I walked back towards home to sit down to some hot ginseng tea and muffins.

    Just as I stepped up to my porch I saw a carrier pigeon homing in on me. I opened its note and sent a reply agreeing to meet the two members of the Militia of Yew in the abbey. I grabbed some smoked fish in lieu of relaxing to my tea and walked back to the abbey.

    I greeted Paul Atreides, Militia Captian, who I already knew, and he introduced me to Guardsman Dash, one of his men. Dash had several interesting thoughts and theories on the recent attacks and we shared and compared ideas for a little while. More out of habit than with hope of success, I asked them if they had ever heard of Lord Pythos when we had finished talking of the attacks. I was already tucking away my journal when I realised they were answering yes.

    Glad to have found a lead at last, I listened intently, but it took me a bit to grasp it. I was told Lord Pythos had visited Northwood, and the citizens had tried to communicate with his spirit. I asked,"You mean they talked to his ghost?" "More or less," Paul replied. He told me a bit more of the story as he had heard it, but explained he had not been there. I would have to go to Northwood itself to get the full story.

    I decided to wait until evening to go because I was tired, and when the evening arrived, I decided to recall there, because my horse was tired. *smiles* Leaving my horse on ground level I went up the stairs of the Winterfell Tower to the library. I heard many voices in the next room and was informed a trial was about to begin. I decided it would make for an interesting diversion and attended the trial. While the judge was in recess before the verdict I had time to ask some questions.

    Apparently, Lord Pythos had visited Northwood within the previous fortnight. The citizens had attempted to converse with his spirit, which remained invisible to their eyes. They asked yes or no questions into the air, and the spirit replied via signals on a lantern. He also spelled words out onto the ground using piles of gold that appeared out of thin air. Whenever anyone touched the gold however, the ground came alive with undead who attacked those present. He visited on at least two seperate occasions, and had left behind two tattered and badly worn journals, which were housed in the Winterfell's library. This is a copy of the texts.

    I took special note of the section describing attacks by creatures not from the surrounding land. I, and for that matter most of Britannia, know that feeling well. Watching mummies in Trinsic, imps in Yew, and ice trolls in Vesper seems an adequate parralel.And the second book...

    I have so far found no information on this Stoneguard Keep, nor of the men once inhabiting and defending it. In fact, the journals seem merely to raise more questions as opposed to answering any. All I can infer is that Lord Pythos was a powerful man, in charge of or owning this Stoneguard Keep and Estate. And that he seemed to have lost all that, mayhap in an attack that also took his life. But I'm not only unsure of where Stoneguard was, but of when it was. Was this a recent fall, coming to its fate due to the same attacks our cities were experiencing? Or was this much earlier, and this sudden information and grave's appearance at this desperate hour mere coincidence?

    There is more information yet to be learned about this man, and about his spirit's visit in Northwood. I have yet to find out what questions were asked of him, and what was learned during those sessions. I decided to go ahead and print what I do have in hopes that others may contact me with further information.

    If you know anything about Lord Pythos, and why he has a such a large monument so prominently displayed so near a shrine, do write to me. I suppose now that he is dead and apprently at rest it is not a matter of great hurry, but it seems a shame that this man rest in a grave of such granduer, with writing of such bare simplicity, and so many seem to not know who he was.


    Posted by Balandar - 12:29 AM EST ^top

    Monday, January 24, 2000
    Fulfillment of Tatiana's Prophecy--Attacks on Kinship ^top

    From UOSS.

    This is the tale that reached our ears:

    Tatiana’s Truth

    Willow stepped onto the road, her footsteps quick, but heavy. Bodies littered the road that cut through the village and blood pooled in the wheel ruts and hoof prints. Towards the docks she could hear the fighting continuing, the yelling and the sounds of magic and dying. Miss Ari had sent out the call for all that could to come to Kinship with all haste and Willow had come just as fast as she could.

    Evil Mages and brigands invaded.

    Tatiana’s prophecy.

    Willow ran as fast as she could towards the docks. She patted her pack to assure herself she had bandages. There would be wounded for sure and even her meager skills might be of use.

    Kinship and her allies had heard the gypsy woman’s words many times. A plague was coming and it was coming to first to Skara and Kinship. Willow didn’t know when the gypsy had first spouted her doom, but she knew all too well that her beloved home had become a place where Tatiana’s words seemed to bring chaos and death.

    A forest of reapers on her and Frank’s wedding day. An attack of lizardmen, corpsers and blood elementals. Now evil mages and brigands. She’d heard of other attacks. Yew overrun with monbats, Trinsic with undead.

    Tatiana’s prophecy.

    Willow continued to race down the road, oblivious to the death she stepped over and around. Mages, brigands, dead. As she approached the dock, she slowed when she saw Miss Ari approach her. She stopped and waited. Miss Ari carried herself nobly, pushing back stray locks of her auburn hair, trying to not show the exhaustion that covered her like a cloak.

    "It be o’er," Ari said. She did not stop her steady pace back towards the tavern, even as she patted Willow on the shoulder.

    Willow stood there in the middle of the blood soaked road and watched as other defenders passed her, blood spattered, wounds bound some still bleeding.

    A chill wind blew through the trees, rattling the winter bare limbs like bones of a skeleton.

    "Yes." Willow said to no one.

    "For now."

    Aye, I've a feeling more will follow of the prophecy. May all fare well in these days.

    Posted by Balandar - 9:08 PM EST ^top
    Simultaneous Attacks on Brittania's Cities ^top

    From: UOSS

    I received this report from Rodgar of some of the latest town attacks:

    Hail thee,
    Again I have to report about heavy attacks and again evil sends
    in numerous minions.


    Like everyday I started my patrols in Trinsic, where I found all types of
    monsters hunting for innocent citizen like everyday during the last weeks! While
    still fighting in Trinsic, news of a really heavy attack on Vesper reached me
    and the Brotherhood gated there as the situation in Trinsic seemed to be under
    control. Large numbers of frost trolls challenged us on the streets of Vesper!
    From Vesper we headed to Britain without the chance to catch some breath. Large
    numbers of Lizardmen and Ratmen marched into the city from the south and across
    the western bridge. A real bloodbath!

     We tracked the source of the attacks down to the stables west of
    Britain. Unfortunately we couldn't see any gate through which the creatures
    appeared and which we might have used to slip through and look what's on the
    other side.... anyway,   

     as the
    situation was under controll we left to clear up the woods in front of
    Cove--headless and gazers pestered the area! From Cove to Yew - quite a bit of
    work today for the Brotherhood!! All this happend at about the same time! The
    Brotherhood temporarily split forces to support several cities at the same time.
    We didn't have enough men to fight for the new lands too though!

    ... a few hours later on another patrol ...

      ... the town cryers told news, that long dead prisoners had risen from the
    dead again! From the jail they must have found a secret underground pathway to
    the nearby bridge, where they appeared at the surface one after the other ...
    well, they didn't spend too much time in freedom, we sent them back where they
    came from within minutes! After the battle we were very proud as Elder Dak
    stopped by to congratulate us! It's good to see that Lord British is watching
    his loyally devoted knights!

    Brotherhood of Wayrest

    Thank you again, Rodgar.

    Posted by Balandar - 8:41 PM EST ^top
    The Defense of Delucia ^top

    From: Keepers of Anthems

    It was a cold and rainy day in the
    northern hights of Britannia when it came on my mind to travel to Delucia, in
    the Lost Lands. A little bit of adventure a little bit of training my tailoring
    skills, and of course: shiny weather! That's what I want on such a clumsy day.


    At Papua's "Ye Olde Loan
    & Savings " a friendly mage opened a gate to Delucia for me. Nothing in
    mind I stepped trough the gate and got shocked: there was a corpse of an
    ophidian lying near the gate. Quickly I armed myself... an ophidian near the
    Healer? No way, something's going wrong here.


    With the worstest fears in mind I
    rode to the bank. No second too late, I engaged in a raging battle between a
    whole bunch of ophidian warriors, avengers, enforcers and shamanes that had
    invaded Delucia. On the other side some warriors and mages tried to defend the
    innocent and of course their lifes against the intruders, but they were only few
    in numbers. I emerged into the battle and we managed to kill most of those
    monstrous foes, but I got heavy wounded and had to retreat to cure my wounds.


    Still the danger in mind the
    crawls at the bank I tryed to scout the city gates. At the northern palisades I
    discovered even more of that ophidian warriors. Like a deadly stream they tried
    to pass into the city, but luckly I could resist their attacks and send two more
    of them right where they belong. Meantime some warriors had joined forces at my
    side and fought bravly against the foes. Again I decided to check the city -
    perhaps there are still more of them. As I reached the local Healer I quickly
    healed myself, happy that this time my armour had more bumps then my head.


    As I reached the "The Barley
    Inn" I saw a lot of human corpses scattered accros the battlefield, quickly
    decaying. Suddenly from the south they appeared: a group of fresh ophidian
    enforcers and two shamans. Before I could take safe position to defend myself
    they allready attacked me with their magic. Luky me I could refelect some
    spells, but then the enforcers arrived at my position and attacked me with their
    mighty weapons - heavy halbards with two blades on the back of the pole - and
    they know how to fight with them. That was to much, I had to teleport away but
    got frozen and again the enforcers took on me. Meantime the shamans moved along
    and found more victims... I haven't seen it personally, but the screams of
    people suffering and dying are enough to understand. Again I got heavily
    wounded, and my last chance was to retreat complety. So I rode as fast as I
    could and reached the Inn.

    Only seconds after reaching theInn I sighted another wave of attackers, just round the Inn. But unfortunally
    the badest thing that ever could happen to a warrior happened: LAG. My last
    chance to survive and bring you this tale was to leave instantly. So I did. What
    a shame *sighs*.


    But I swear that I will return and
    have vengeance for all that innocent victims!



    Scout & Weyrcraftsman

    Posted by Balandar - 7:58 PM EST ^top

    Friday, January 21, 2000
    New Monsters, New Tactics--The Growth of Town Attacks ^top

    From: UOSS
    I spent the day yesterday tracking down leads on various stories, trying to forget the town attacks for one day. But my desire for a holiday was not shared by the attackers nor, lucklily, by our many defenders.

    I had just recalled into Vesper to pick up some feed for my horse. When the fog cleared and I fully settled into the magical transition of being there, I was shocked to see the corpse of a Frost Troll on the ground in front of the bank. Although mildly releived I had arrived late enough to see only the corpse--I was not wearing my armor--I was still surprised to see a beast not native to the surrounding area. I hailed a man just preparing to go through a gate and was lucky enough to meet Rodgar who has written to me before of the attacks.

    He informed me this was not the first attack attended by Frost Trolls and told me of other things too. He promised to send me a more detailed report by scroll that eve, and that he did. This is what he sent to me:

    Hail thee,
    During the last days, I have been reporting about intensifying attacks on Trinsic ... first we encountered only light attacks by minor monsters, mainly skeletons and mummies. Then skeletal knights and bone magis were seen in the lines of the attacking forces ... A few days later the one who controlls these attacks added liches to his troops. Today I even saw a new type of mummies in the assault. Mummies with a bluish skin!

    These bluish mummies prooved to be much stronger fighters than their cognates! I counted six or seven of them throughout the city of Trinsic today. There was another new strategy of the attackers: they appeared everywhere in town, not only at the gates or near the banks! We found a group of undead in the south of the city, nearby the healer ... this way the attacking groups could ambush and easily kill single citizens wandering the streets alone!

    After searching almost every corner of Trinsic for hiding undead, we gated to Vesper from where reports of a heavy attack reached us. And indeed, an heavy attack it was! We found new types of monsters amongst the attackers here too, stronger monsters! Frost Trolls!

    These prooved to be formidable fighters compared to ordinary forest trolls!

    Next to sending new types of warriors into battle, evil chose to send them in larger numbers. While riding around the city I was trapped by a group of six trolls who ambushed me on a narrow road alongside the city.

    Luckily my fellow brothers heard my shouting and the trolls grunting. They followed the noise and joined the combat. While fighting the trolls and healing each other, a few more fighters joined our group and soon the last troll was defeated in Vesper.

    Well, this wasn't really a turn of events - we had expected heavier attacks. But we couldn't expect to meet a new type of mummy or frost trolls inside our cities. This confused me!

    Where do these monsters come from? Where are they recruited or who summons them? Hmmm, frost trolls makes me think about the ice dungeon and the new lands ... it seems the disease isn't regionally limited to the old lands but spreads to the new lands too. Maybe it even originates from there!? We still know too little about the background or the precise aims of the attacks! But we can say for sure that frost trolls in the streets of Vesper is not good at all!

    With the frost trolls in mind we decided to venture the new lands. Papua was our first destination. We arrived there just in time! This city was under attack too, hissing ophidians all over the place!

    And here too I could spot a type of monster I didn't know before. An ophidian justicar. This snake prooved to be a worthy opponent! It threw a heavy punch and had quite some potent magical abilities!

     Killing the ophidian justicar after a fierce brawl added to my karma like only the strongest monsters do! And speaking of dangerous foes, there were even ophidian matriarchs among the snakes. I am sure I don't have to tell you about the attack potential of that creature! It threw a series of flame strikes at us but The Brotherhood brought it down in the end!

    As all this isn't bad news enough there was another attack on Britain too! Tired from the long day of fighting we could hardly assist the locals in defending the city!

    Where will this end? The number of attackers increases constantly and so does their potency. If we don't find any clue to what this really is about so we can start to seek out and destroy the evil's root, I fear some cities won't be populated by humans any longer in the future.


    Thanks again, Rodgar, for your words.

    I would like to add to this by saying in interviews I conducted in Yew there was mention of new creatures there as well. The last few days have seen what was bare mongbat attacks become added to by forces of fierce orcs, headless, gazers, and the last word was of Imps. The Imps are especially notable as they, like the mummies and frost trolls, are not native to these areas.

    Again we warn you, be wary. If you are a warrior of any kind, repair your armor, fill your quiver, supply your reagent bag, whatever is necessary to remain in top condition--you are needed. If you are a noncombatant, do not feel left out. We need the miner's iron, the tailor's fine leather, the fisherman's food, the fletcher's swift arrows, and the like to remain ready. But please when you are out on your business keep your eyes open. These are dangerous times for us all.

    Be strong, be smart, be wary, be safe.

    Posted by Balandar - 11:52 AM EST ^top

    Thursday, January 20, 2000
    Attacks Begin on Britian! ^top

    From: UOSS
    I had heard recent reports of large masses of Lizardmen and Ratmen moving along the road from Trinsic towards Britian, but my cynical mind, or perhaps my hopeful heart, had written them off as mere paranoia. But the reports in the last few hours have become more clear, and then Rodgar of Wayrest, who has written to me before of the town attacks, again writes and with on-the-scene artist renderings as well. Here is what he sent to me by messenger this morn:

    Today I got the first report of attacks INSIDE of Britain. The City has been under attack by Lizardmen!! This is the first time, that I get reports on direct attacks on our capital. Look at this scribble made by Cyrus:

    There are only a few lizardmen that found their way but my feeling tells me that there will be more! Much more!

    Later on I got another call from my brother Cyrus about an ongoing attack on Trinsic. Without hesitation I left my desk, where I was writing a report about the quest around Saint Giddeon, and headed for the western gate of Trinsic. There I met my brother Cyrus, Dryfus (HdF) and Sharn (ViV). The four of us had little problems defeating the few occasional undead that appeared. After defeating all of them and patrolling the streets for a while, we decided to check the other cities which have been under attack during the last days.

    First I opened a gate to Vesper where everything was quite. Nobody had heard about attacks by trolls or other monsters during the day. From Vesper I opened a magical gate to Yew. There we met a few Knights of Yew in the abbey. No time for extensive hailing though, because we heard the town cryer yelling from the outside, that an army of orcs where heading towards the abbey. And indeed, an army it was.

    After fighting with all we got, the attack was repelled and Yew turned to be almost quiet once again.

    Although we were already tired from the extensive fighting and with low ressources on reagents, we decided to visit Cove too. To my great relieve all was quiet there, so I return home to my desk and continue with my little tale ...

    *lights the candle and starts writing*

    Brotherhood of Wayrest

    Thank you for rushing this information to us. I must agree with you that I fear more Lizardmen may be on the way. It looks as if our most desperate hour may soon be upon us, good luck to all.

    Posted by Balandar - 12:54 PM EST ^top

    Announcing the Opening of the Weary Ranger Tavern ^top

    From: UOSS
    We received this announcement:

    Barmaid Babette will be there to serve you most evenings from 7 to 11 pm EST. We carry a wide variety of drink as well as baked goods & roast game. There is a private dining/meeting area available for parties of 7 or less and ample space in the main tavern area for larger groups.

    I would like to increase staff to cover more time slots - so if you would be intereded in tending the bar please write me at uo at mindspring.com or ICQ me at 3883205.


    Thank you, Elanor.

    Posted by Balandar - 12:50 PM EST ^top

    The Realm to Hold Grand Opening Festivities for New City ^top

    From: UOSS
    We received this announcement:

    Hail Great citizens of Britania my name is Swinney the Guildmaster to the Lords of the Eternal Realm. I would like to announce the Grand Openning of a large player run city named The Realm. It consists of three towers, six two stories, and over 25 small dwellings all in one area! The event will take place on Sunday, January 23rd. The open house will last all day and all that is Noble, and even those that are Ignoble as long as they can contain themselves while visiting, are invited. We'll have guards making rounds for everyone's safety. We want to make this a happy place for all to visit, replenish and enjoy!

    We'll have several Events for the day that will be posted on our web site under The Realm section. Some of these events will include Raffles, PvP tournament, Tours of the Town and handout of books with The Realm history in them. So please come and pay us a visit on Sunday and check out our many craft venders as well. People are welcome to visit us anytime as well.

    Here is The Realm map. The Sextant coordinates of The Realm are: 76-27n 29-40e, just north of Wind Mountain and the northern desert right along the Road. Look for The Realm signs and The Troll War Boss Head on a wall outside our Town Hall.

    Thanks and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

    (GM to the LER)

    Thank you, Swinney, and good luck!

    Posted by Balandar - 12:46 PM EST ^top

    Wednesday, January 19, 2000
    Setting up unique skill charts ^top

    From: UOSS

    With Jalek's new client finally going in yesterday, players are now able to customize their skill charts much more than before. Below are just a few tips to help make life a little easier in tracking your characters:


    • You can rename any and all categories, including default ones. In other words, you can change the default "Combat Ratings" category to "Warrior Skills". You do this by double clicking on the name of the category, then retyping over it.


    • You can add new categories by clicking on the option at the bottom of the scroll.


    • You can delete any & all existing categories, including default ones. If you delete a folder that has skill sets in it, all of these skills will automatically be moved to another folder. You do this by highlighting the folder and hitting the Delete key on your keyboard. [NOTE to UOA Users - You must disable the "removeWeapon" macro in order to use this key in this manner]


    • With the new client, every single character can be customized. For instance, you can set up a Merchant to have only 2 skill sets - "Merchant Skills" and "Unused Skills".


    • You can drag skills into different folders by single-click & holding, then dragging to whichever category you want them placed.


    Posted by Balandar - 11:47 PM EST ^top

    Get rid of those surplus characters! ^top

    From: UOSS - General News
    Remember the end of the "Clean up Britannia" campaign ? All players traded in their carefully gathered loot, treasure and less prescious items for holiday tickets. As a result of that the time needed for backups was dramatically reduced, resulting in a shorter down-time for the shards. But then, all of a sudden, shard down-times increased again at the end of last year. Atticus McCloud may have figured out why and even comes with a solution.
    Just a reminder to all of the many holiday traders. OSI has stated in the past that character data makes up a large amount of the backup time. So in order to continue with the season, and keeping other people in mind as you play, please delete those characters on other shards that you used to match holiday tickets. This will continue to keep all our backup times normal.


    Atticus McCloud of PXR

    I can only say it makes perfect sense to me. So please, after you traded tickets, delete those unwanted characters.


    Posted by Balandar - 11:45 PM EST ^top

    Thoughts on the Town Attacks ^top

    From: UOSS - Catskills Shard
    It has been many days since the first scattered reports of town attacks began to filter to me, but time has not improved the situation. In fact it seems to have grown worse with each new wave that hits us. The towns of Vesper, Trinsic, Cove and Yew have been inundated with wave after wave of attacks which seem to be increasing in numbers and severity.

    This comment from Jearom of Nevermore about an attack on Vesper,

    Four and five at a time surrounding the fighters...More trolls to be found in every corner, I lost count after just a few minutes of trying.

    The trolls are indeed that numerous, and the other attacks are going the same way. But what is perhaps more disturbing than these vast growing numbers is the fact that the creatures themselves are getting tougher. This quote from a story by Rodgar concerning Trinsic illustrates these points,

    I encountered the first larger group of undead, a shade, a skeletal knight, a bone magi and two liches ... Liches!!! I had seen skeletal knights and mages in the earlier attacks but today I discovered the first liches under the attackers ... the forces evil was sending seemed to get stronger!...I felt the number of enemies had increased since the last attack yesterday and with the number of enemies the number of losses on the side of the defenders increased too.

    This upping of the ante has not been confined to the fate of Trinsic. Yew, who previously had just mass numbers of mongbats to contend with, are now dealing with ever increasing numbers of orcs. Cove, which has mainly dealt with headless ones, now have gazers paralyzing the populace with their evil eyes.

    All this is the most current news I know to give you, and most of you are already aware of it. But if I may step out of the shoes of mere reporter for a bit then I'd like to share some thoughts and questions that have occured to me.

    First I wish to look at this from a naturalists point of view. What natural reasons are there for animals to swarm? For they are swarming. We humans "swarm" for economical reasons primarily, but these attacks are not being waged by very economically minded species. Another reason is for mating, but they have not seemed to be inclined towards that either, as many of our warriors will attest. So we must assume they mean to invade our cities to take them over, but one thing puzzles me about this.

    Recently in the abbey in Yew I witnessed one of the attacks by the mongbats. As any warrior would, I stepped up to defend my city. The mongbats huddled together, then began to attack those of us rushing down on them. I am a grandmaster swordswoman who is partial to her halberd. I was not weilding anything but an average halberd that had a bit of wear on it, yet I killed these beast in one hit. This is not exactly surprising as mongbats are weak. But I have to wonder, are they that stupid as well? Do they not know that even in these large numbers they have no hope of taking over Yew? But why else might they come? Well, what if they are not coming in, but instead running out? What I mean is, what if they are coming into town in order to escape something else? What if the trolls are attacking Vesper in order to have a new place to live, not because they don't like us, but because they have little other choice?

    Another thing is the Yew attacks have been added to by a force of orcs. Have you ever known orcs, a fierce proud race, to work with much of anybody, let alone lowly mongbats? But both the orcs and the mongbats dwell in the woods. I feel we must ask ourselves, is something driving them out of the woods? The same holds true for the creatures attacking Cove and Vesper. And take note of Trinsic, there are caves that are just outside of trinsic that lead to the lost lands, to the City of the Dead in the lost lands!

    So let's say my theory that they are being driven out is correct. That leaves us with the problem of who is doing that and why. This is very difficult. We know that the lizardmen are at odds with the trolls, but they are not known to have problems with the headless ones or the mongbats. The orcs have often been one of the more ambitious of the lower humaniods, but they would have little desire to posses graveyards. In fact I can't find much of anything in the usual natural world that seems to have a motive, the power, or the intellect to do this.

    But it has been pointed out that the four cities targeted are both good areas to gather provisions, and surround Britian, home to our liege and capital of our lands. This would mean a large scale attack, and again is out of the league of most of the species that are being seen in the attacks, and we can probably rule out a massive coalition of undead/orc/mongbat/trolls/headless ones. So if the attackers are not in cohoots with eachother, and are being driven out not by their natural enemies, but are being driven, then what have we got?

    A new enemy, or more likely, a human one. One who would be more likely to coordinate an attack on these four Britian-surrounding cities. Rumors fly over fear of Mondain's return. I pray this is not true, but I think we are hitting close to home. If not Mondain, mayhap another of similar nature. In fact, let's all think back to not too long ago.

    Lord Nicolus was reported missing and freed not quite a month ago, and afterwards the most frightening of evidence, that of books signed by a "Mistress," were displayed in the castle as the Lady Eve had reported to us. I feel strongly there may be a tie. I'm not sure what, but something seems definate. What was the evil that was hinted to in those tomes?

    Unfortunately, even if I am on the right track it doesn't help much. Jearom of Nevermore had finished his story to me saying,

    The Trolls have invaded our cities, I say it's time to take the fight to them. Find where they live, and finish this, once and for all.

    The problem with that is we've never liked these attackers and have therefore done little to try and really figure them out. We don't really know where they all come from. And if I'm right and someone is behind all this, we know even less about them or their whereabouts.

    It seems that all we can do for now is bravely defend our cities against ever growing numbers of stronger and stronger attacks. If you are a citizen of a "safe" city, I personally ask on the behalf of those of us living under siege to come join us in our defense. For it seems if we fail in our defense, the whole of our world may soon fall as well.

    Citizens of Britania, be brave, be true, be united.

    Posted by Balandar - 12:34 AM EST ^top

    Client Patching Solutions ^top

    Players currently experiencing difficulties patching the newest version of the Ultima Online client should check the following:
    • Be sure to use Ultima Online version 1.26.2b. If you are attempting to patch using any version of the Test Client, you will not be able to patch until switching to the most recent live client version. If you have deleted your previous version of Ultima Online, or have overwritten it with the Test Client, you will need to reinstall UO from your CD.
    • Check the “Patch” directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at http://support.uo.com/c_issue.html.
    • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online.

    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at tech at uo.com.

    Posted by Balandar - 12:13 AM EST ^top

    Tuesday, January 18, 2000
    From the login message ^top

    The Clean Up Britannia Phase III publish will be activated on all shards in the upcoming days. This publish includes item decay in houses and boats. ANY ITEMS NOT LOCKED DOWN, IN A SECURE CONTAINER, OR IN THE HOLD OF A BOAT, WILL DECAY. If you have any items in your house or boat that you do not wish to lose, you must place them in a safe location before the servers restart with the publish activated.
    For specific details on the shard publish schedule, please visit: http://update.uo.com/fyi.html

    Posted by Balandar - 11:10 PM EST ^top
    Lord Brightblade and Lady Finch to Wed ^top

    Be it known that on the 23rd day of the year 2000 Lord Ser Brightblade and the Lady Scout Finch shall be wed.

    Time: 8 P.M. EST US
    Place: PGoH Barracks and Mars Altar

    Gates will be provided at the entrance of the Trinsic Royal Bank going to Mars Altar beginning at 7.45 P.M. EST US
    If you are to attend please be promt.

    Posted by Balandar - 10:59 PM EST ^top
    Client Patch 1.26.3 ^top

    This client patch includes the following:

    • A fix to resolve the client ghosting problems.
    • A fix to resolve regular and mini health bars not updating properly.
    • Activating the MyUO button. This will open your browser and bring you to the MyUO page.
    • Character customization that allows you to save settings based on a per character basis, including:

      • Speech and emote colors.
      • Macro settings.
      • Skill groupings.
      • Spell icons.
      • And many other configurable save options.
    • The “save password” feature will no longer be available and the password will be removed from all config files. Note that this will NOT affect players who already have the option checked until they uncheck it.
    • The default skill gain notification is now set to 0.1 instead of 2.0.
    • You will no longer be dismounted from your horse when you log in.
    • Positions of windows and icons will be saved including:

      • UO window size and position. This will also automatically maximize the window if you log out while it is maximized.
      • Gameplay window position.
      • Spellbook and Spell icon positions.
      • Location and size of radar.
      • Skill window.
      • Location of all open containers, including “sub-containers”.
      • Location of minimized containers.
    • Fixes for client stability issues related to crashing when in full screen mode.

    Posted by Balandar - 10:54 PM EST ^top

    *declaration to realm*

    Let it be known throughout the realm that on this Sunday (1/16/99) the Imperial Legion of the Purple Guardians of HONOR did defend the Mother City of Trinsic from the assaults of the Undead forces. This was another example of the commitment the PGoH Legion has held in maintaining the saftey of the citizens of Trinsic and its surrounding province.

    After posting of guards at every gate to into the city the Legion Cohort then returned to the Alter of MARS-GOD of WAR for repairs and reflection of the evenings actions. After a meal of rations from the mess hall a few took a chance to rest while others continued their vigilance at reconnaissance missions to the cities that had fallen prey to assaults lately.

    A gate did open and out rushed one of the patrols from the city of Trinsic. The word had been brought that evil mages had been found hiding in the EYE of TRINSIC Mountains. The Emperor grabbed his sword, still steaming from repair, and commanded the Legion to return to Trinsic and Senator SerBrightblade who was assembling the Legion to search for the mages.

    A full Cohort and a half (15) did embark to the EYE of TRINSIC and in tow beast plebian Grey brought 2 Dragons as well; bringing the PGoH force to total of Twenty strong counting the non Legion units. Upon entry to the EYE of TRINSIC evil mage forces slammed into the Emperor as he entered the valley first. Overwhelmed by the Legion these fringe Evil Mages fell quickly. As the Legion moved toward the West wall many an Evil Mage did engage them. Oddly a pair of elementals seemed to block an opening barely visible in the West wall. The closer the Legion pushed; the more Evil mages did appear from the opening. The Legion was pushed back and the esteemed Senator of Arcane Argos did fall to their assault. Quickly the Dragons made a meal of the new wave of Evil Mages. Adventurers from the realm continued to stand beside the PGoH Legion in attempts to enter the opening in the wall.

    Battle at the 'Eye of Trinsic'

    Finally the Emperor took the first steps into the opening and then onto a teleporter which took him to the basement of the main stone building in the EYE of TRINSIC. Here he found Lazlo the mage who seemed relieved but confused. As the room began to fill with the curious, Lazlo decided to take flight now that his captors had been dispatched and he could leave freely. He knew not who was to blame for his capture; but seemed relieved to be free.
    Again the PGoH Legion did regroup and return to the ALTER of MARS-GOD of WAR Tower. This time a more discussions led to a possible connection. Emperor Borg and Senator of War SerBrightblade then decided to show the Legion their concerns and possible connections to these events and the recent ones around the realm. A gate was opened to a most disturbing place indeed; it was Ghaleons Pinnacle. Inside these walls are signs of death, dismemberment, torture and experimentation; all of which filled the stale air with rotting flesh and decay.

    Is this a place of the unknown arts of Necromancy? Is this “Well of Souls” combined with the laboratory and death chambers the source of the Undead forces that are summoned by a Necromancer here? Who is this Marduk; who’s name is carved in the base of a liche statue?

    Ghaleon should know and question him the Emperor did once he appeared in the chamber room. Respectfully Ghaleon did answer Emperor Borg and others in the room. He denied any connections to the instances of which Emperor Borg spoke of and simply smiled and smirked at any drawn conclusions. Interesting indeed both parties agreed at the possibility. The Legion did not take further time from Ghaleon and bid him well; to which he again appeared to show no regard to their good will. The forces of the PGoH Legion did then leave Ghaleon in his chamber; knowing that if he is involved that he does now know that the PGoH Empire is watching this laboratory of death he resides within.

    The Mother City of Trinsic has seen the CELLS of UNDEAD appear. The PGoH Legion and fellow travelers have repelled multiple assaults that probe into the city like a HAND and ARM of UNDEAD. Is the full BODY of UNDEAD to be next to assault the city of HONOR?

    I do not know for sure. I do know that the Purple Guardians of HONOR will meet this UNDEAD BODY and deliver it back to its maker or conjurer regardless of the cost. If that brings us back to Ghaleons Pinnacle or another source of EVIL…. SO BE IT!!!

    May HONOR GUIDE and BIND thee!!!

    Colin Mor, Imperial Treasurer and Scribe

    Posted by Borg - 9:20 AM EST ^top

    Sunday, January 16, 2000
    Welcome to the new Imperial PGoH ethereal plane!!! ^top

    Greetings all....

    I welcome you to the new home of The Purple Guardians of HONOR. Here we will now expand your knowlege of our Empire as well as Catskills realm information of Ultima Online. This site will expand and grow through time and as designed become a hub for information and opportunities for members to enjoy. Visit often and enjoy my brothers, sisters and friends.
    This was built for you....use it and have FUN!!!


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