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    The Purple Guardians of HONOR was born one fateful evening after 3 adventurers, (Sir Lags A Lot, Yukon Bob and Borg) had completed a long day of travels, discoveries, mistakes and encounters. Throughout all of these events the one in black named Borg made a realization of the success and enjoyment that can occur through joint assistance and involvement. The always cautious and level headed Sir Lags A Lot pondered and agreed that there was value to creation of a group of travelers all focused together for a common goal through which training and brotherhood could be experienced safely. Yukon Bob finished tending to his wounds endured, throwing his bow into the Trinsic moat and selling the rabbit pelt that was his crowning achievement for the day; smiled and agreed it was indeed a means to expand fun to the land. 

    The 3 adventurers finished the evening over an ale at the Keg and Anchor. Sir Lags A Lot polished his blue boots, Yukon Bob changed into a new shirt from the stained red one and the black clad Borg analyzed what their guild name should be several youth did appear and ask questions. Sir Lags A Lot spoke of books he had read and Yukon Bob talked of people who were genuine and giving he had met. Borg had arrived to this realm at the HONOR shrine and within him swelled this force. They all believed in aiding each other and those in need, brotherhood and respect. The 3 valued the gifts of knowledge given them by kind people. It took only a few moments for the answer to come to Borg and he stated the namesake that fit them as a guild. 

    The Purple Guardians of HONOR. 

    In this name held descriptors of what they held important to their heart and souls. Their colors all blended together create Purple. They guard each other eternally and as elders of the young they meet extend help and knowledge as a tireless guard or great teacher would effortlessly. They were all born either in the city of HONOR, Trinsic, or at the Shrine of HONOR itself. The trio now had call letters. PGoH. 

    In the days to come they would encounter many a person; some kind and some antisocial. All of which they treated respectfully at first and made friendships to those whom were more open to relations. The 3 soon then became 4 and then 5. Balandar the mage and Rattlehead the smith joined the trio in their endeavors to make their lives and the realm better. Over the years the guild did ebb and flow with members at first and then "families". Ever slowly did the founders move the guild into the realm as an entity. Adversaries as well as allies came and went but never did the core beliefs change or shift far from original intent. The realization that the wide range of professional aspirations was not being met inside the guild led to the few losses of members drew heavy concern and contemplation from Borg. In the following months Borg then developed in conjunction with counsel from the other longtime brothers and advisors the new infrastructure that would facilitate the needs and desires of the individual through the power of the group or many. The Purple Guardians of HONOR Empire now was established. 

    The PGoH Empire held every profession imaginable as well as races of life that never stood side by side in brotherhood and cooperation. Leadership expanded and families grew and their members did begin to specialize their abilities under the guidance of GODS and skill management. The Empire grew and step by step so did the activities and dreams as well as some disappointments. The strength and wisdom of the PGoH Empire proved valuable to the realm and members with the successful completion of missions charged by local merchants (OSI) of cities in Minoc, Yew, Trinsic and Skara Brae as well as Lord British himself!!! Commitment to the safety of the Mother City did ruin many a plan of the unruly but held the charge of Trinsic defense and HONOR did the PGoH LEGION do proudly. 

    As the days grow into the future we can only imagine its potentials and pleasure to be found. An actor once spoke of inner-peace and contentment as being "QUAHM"; achievable by anyone with desire and commitment to self-improvement. 

    This is why we came to be after all.a place to make your life more rewarding and your dreams a reality. May HONOR Guide and Bind thee!!!!!

    This page was written by Borg

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