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    About the Elves of PGoH

    Follow_the_green_and_golden_path_lest_weKnow the solemn words of the Elven Lords and in your knowledge be freed. Let these honored words be heeded by all of those who claim lineage to the sons and daughters of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Never let those beneath your standing view these words for they are not worthy to be brought into the Light that we share.
    Firstly, let it be known that all Elves are Noble and should carry themselves as such. A true elf will never let his eyes fall in another's presence, doing such, would mar the beauty that is inherent in all of our people. Stand always with your head held high and never turn your back to those of your standing.

    Secondly, know that we live and breathe on the words and actions of our ancestors and that we shall live as they have lived. Our fathers were the heralds of the wind and wood, our mothers the keepers of the magic and hearth. As their children we know these things and follow them, we learn the ways of the bow and the muses of the mosaic of the air as did our father's before us and we take care to know magic and wield it with honor, just as we nurture the hearth with our skills as smiths, tailors and animal trainers.

    Our weapons are those of the first Elven Heroes; the sword to parry the attacks of those beneath us, the bow to carry the power and quiet subtlety of the wind into our enemies hearts, the axe to show reverence to the wood that we use. Let us not sully our noble hands with the machinations of the halberd and soulless crossbow.

    Reverence is foremost to our people. Give it where it is deserved and respect it when it is given. Deserved of our reverence is the one who pursues a noble profession such as Knighthood, Musician, Tailor, Smithy, Healer, Magician, Patrician, Husbandry and subterfuge done in the name of the Elven people. Know that these professions can also be seen through the things that they do and how they present themselves. The Elven knights are the only of our blood to wear armor of plates and helms of great weight.

    Respect the dead for their burden is much more than we can ever know. No elf shall wear their remains or let their memory go unnoticed by letting their bodies walk without souls.
    There are those , however, who do not deserve our reverence or respect. Those that are unnatural to the order of all things are our ancient enemies and should be viewed as such. Orcs, monsters, the unliving and our motherless cousins the dark elves should never leave our sight without, in the smallest, cursed in the name of the earth so that when she consumes them she will know what they are by her children's tongue.

    - Aluim Aster, Swyrel Elf -



    Joining Us

    Joining the Elves of PGoH is a simple matter of filling out a form and submitting some information. You will be added to the ranks as a Elf Legionaire and then voted upon for entry into the guild as a Squire to an Elven knight or a trades-elf. A half page story is required during your one month time as a Legionaire and to be posted on the Elven board for all to read. This can be in any format you would like, even in Elvish (if done in Elvish, post translation as well).

    1. Elves have NO facial hair.

    2. Their hair tends to be long, or tied back (ponytail).

    3. The skin is pale and fare.

    4. NO Dewdish names. If you need help creating a name, go here to generate a random name.

    5. Continue reading on below before joining.





    The Elven language we will use is based on the GlamerVelt Elven language which is based on JRR Tolkein's Quenya (the Ancient Tongue).

    The following should be known by humans and other races that wish to communicate with the Elves.






    Good Hunting (greeting/farewell)


    Okay or Alright




    thank you

    Ays (iss)



    you or you're




    I, me, myself, my





    Mae govannen

    Well met



    Basic Elven Translations & Extended Basic Elven Translations
    These two listings have the most basic words that all elves should (mostly) know. Practice them in your day to day speech. Try starting out by using simple words like: you (vys), me (amin), yes (ays), no (nys), elf (edhel). All other words should be proper English instead of Thee's and Thou's, but this also can be different for each Elven Race or the way you roleplay your Elven character.

    Extended Elven Translations in pdf format (115KB) -added 09/10/00.
    Extended Elven Translations in html format (1.9MBs).
    Extended Elven Translations in .doc format (0.9MBs).
    Note: If a window comes up asking for a username and password, click cancel.
    Extended Elven Translations in ziped (0.2MBs).

    Drow Translations in html format (300KB)
    Drow Translations in .doc format (215KB)

    - Veldren , Swyrel Elf -


    Laws and Guidelines
    1. If you are not sure, ASK first.

    2. Do NOT speak or act on behalf of The Elves of PGoH without authorization in advance.

    3. Maintain at least neutral reputation.

    4. Follow the Dress Code.

    5. Live by the Elven Code of Conduct.

    6. Stay in Character! Keep OOC comments to ICQ or party message system.


    Code of Conduct

    1. Life is given only by Mother Earth, you shall always respect it by aiding others of our race in danger

    2. Father Sky is always watching, do not disgrace him with lewd language in his presence.

    3. Live as the ancestors did, in honesty and good faith towards those you deal with.

    4. Elves are always noble, never conduct yourself without etiquette and proper decorum lest you lower our nobility with your actions.

    5. Your oaths are your heart, do not tear them asunder lest you endeavor to do the same to your heart.

    6. Light shines within your soul, always vanquish darkness for it would vanquish you if given the chance.

    7. Follow in your parents footsteps, deal not in the trade of thievery or of the double tongue.

    8. Loyalty runs in your blood, work for the good of all elves firstly and all others secondly.



    The Elven Races
    There are four major Elven races that will be spoken about here. The Grey Elves (Espel), the Sylvan Elves (Arael), the High Elves (Swyrel), and the Dark Elves (Drow).

    Espel,(grey elves)

    The Espel elves are the least likely to be seen among other races. They believe that they are superior in lineage to even the other Elven subraces. In an attempt to keep their racial and societal lines pure they have become extremely reclusive to the point that it is nigh on impossible for a nonespel to locate one of their grand cities. They tend to live quite long lives (even for elves) and they use their many years in the pursuit of knowledge. Often the Espel have some of the most knowledgeable scholars and magic users in Britannia but they however are not likely to use their extreme prowess. It takes a great and immediate evil to stir even a single Espel into action, it would take a worldly tragedy to stir them all, being that they are often equally happy to leave their enemies to die of old age while they merely grow a bit older.

    espel.gif Skin pale
    Hair usually silver may be pale golden
    Eyes usually amber may be violet
    Height 5'4" to 5'8"
    Weight 85lbs to 140lbs
    Dress tunics of gold, silver, white or yellow and cloaks of blue or purple

    Aluim Aster's thoughts on the Espel.

    Hidden away in their cities far from our world are the Espel. They are our brothers and sisters who are the self proclaimed closest to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Rarely do they see fit to join us as they believe that even their younger brothers and sisters are below them. This is a matter of opinion that the Swyrel and Arael do not share. Let them come and join us and we will show them our honor as their equals. It is sad that they cannot see this the same way as we do. Unfortunately it is up to them to come to us for we have searched and have not found them. Bow to them as a Swyrel or Arael but do not bow too low.

    Arael,(sylvan elves)

    The Arael elves are much less concerned with society and civilization than other elves. They live in hidden groves deep within the forests of Britannia and are therefore extremely rare to find wandering about town. It is their way of life to simply survive alongside nature and not to hide within the high walls of a city. They are much more likely to resort to violence than their cousins being that it is often necessary for survival in the forest to attack before you are attacked. Hiding is a way of life for the Arael, and any number of feelings of being watched could easily be attributed to them.

    arael.gif Skin lightly tanned
    Hair yellow to coppery red
    Eyes light brown or bright green
    Height 4'11" to 5'6"
    Weight 80lbs to 145lbs
    Dress any color that would blend into the forest depending upon the region and the season

    Aluim Aster's thoughts on the Arael.

    Here and there in the forest are the Arael, our brothers and sisters who live closest with Mother Earth. They hide in the wooded areas of Britannia and rarely come to the human cities. They are very knowledgeable despite the fact that they don't have the libraries of the civilized world. They survive with their wits and are rarely seen, although they see us quite often. Bow to them as well but don't expect them to know why you do it or that they should return the gesture.

    Swyrel,(high elves)

    The Swyrel are the most numerous of elves within the world of Britannia or at least the easiest to count large numbers of. They have a structured society like the Espel but do not openly frown upon members of other races and therefore are not an unfamiliar sight within the walls of a human city. They excel at many differing occupations as it takes all kinds to keep a city on its feet. They are generally a good aligned people and being such will often come to human societies aid in large numbers. To simply allow their enemies to rot away with time would fill a Swyrel with guilt that they did not move to stop their evil when they had the chance.

    swyrel.gif Skin Very pale
    Hair either light blonde or dark brown to black
    Eyes either blue or bright green
    Height 5'2" to 5'7"
    Weight 85lbs to 145lbs
    Dress light pastels are common but more dark greens are donned when hunting in forests

    Aluim Aster's thoughts on the Swyrel.

    The Swyrel are the most commonly found Elven subrace. We swyrel know that it is necessary to deal with the other races in order to prosper and that even the Humans are descended from the sky and earth (even though they know it not). Cities are our playgrounds and our homes, although we do know the benefits of the forests. By far the Swyrel are the most social of all elves, bow to us and expect fully to be greeted in return.

    Drow,(dark elves) Note: You must be good aligned in PGoH.. so you can not play an Evil Drow. The drow language is provided above, it's an option to learn it if you wish. The other Elven races will most likely NOT learn the Drow language.

    The Drow elves differ from their cousins in that they do not have the bond to nature that is usually the common thread for all elves. They reside in underground cave cities and therefore are worshippers of a denizen of the dark, the spider goddess Lloth. Their society is ran by the high priestesses of Lloth and therefore the female is the more dominant of the race. Being that their goddess is inherently evil so are the Drow themselves, in all but the rarest of cases. Interaction with human society is often no more than night raids for the Drow and because of such a history it is not likely that the humans will accept a good Drow into their city. Drow will crush their enemies with brute force if necessary and have no compunctions against torture and cruelty towards even the most innocent of adversaries.

    drow.gif Skin jet black
    Hair white (rarely coppery)
    Eyes red but sometimes violet or amber colored
    Height 4'11" to 5'6"
    Weight 80lbs to 135lbs
    Dress anything black that reminds you of a spider's web with navy blue and blood red also common

    Aluim Aster's thoughts on the Drow.

    Under our feet in more ways than one, the Drow are beyond contempt. They burrow into our Mother and live within her as an invading tick burrows under ones skin. They are infesting our Mother and in doing such hide their dealings from the watching eyes of our Father. Never turn your back to such fyln people. Bow to them only if they are lying motionless on the ground and even then watch your back.

    Pictures from GlamerVelt Elves


    Dress Code Regulations
    The following are for all Elven citizens:
    1. No bone armor of any kind.

    2. Follow_the_green__in_common.gifNo ring tunics.

    3. Plate Armor may only be worn by Elven Knights.

    4. Halberds and Bardiches are not Elven and are frowned upon.

    5. Crossbows and Heavy crossbows are not Elven and are frowned upon.
      Note: Drow can use crossbows, but not heavy crossbows.

    6. Helms and Shields may be used in battle, but must be removed at other times. Orc helms are not permitted. Heater shields and Chaos are not premitted.

    7. Elven colors are to be worn at all times. See Races

      • Arael: Green speech.
      • Swyrel: Blue speech.
      • Espel: Greyish yellow speech.
      • Drow: Redish speech
    8. Hair tends to be worn long, but can be tied back.

    9. No animal head dresses. This is an insult to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

    A typical Elven outfit for a Nessa Osta or above.
    Note the Purple Sash. We need some Purple to designate that we are in PGoH when in meetings or PGoH gatherings, otherwise just stick with the woodsy type outfits.

    In addition to the rules listed above the following is the dress for each rank.
    Note: Each rank, excluding Legionaire, can use the previous rank's armor, weapons, or shields.


    • Leather armor and studded leather

    • Wooden Shields

    • All weapons except those listed above.


    • All ring mail except tunics.

    • Buckler and other round shields, except chaos.

    • All weapons except those listed above


    • Plate armor and chain mail

    • Metal kite shield

    • All weapons except those listed above


    • Same as Knights.


    Society and Ranks
    The twin paths of Honor:

    The twin paths of Elven honor are closer than what they may
    seem. Each follower of both of the paths knows the importance for
    the other. Each strives for the same goal but are often split on
    either how or where these goals can be met. It is said that an elf
    is destined to follow one of the paths from times before her birth,
    that it is not a choice but a need to follow the Earth or Sky,
    Mother or Father. It is only up to an elf's conscience which is
    their path.

    The path of the Earth:

    The Elves that follow the path of the Earth are more attuned
    with nature and the animals that are considered part of it than
    those who follow the path of the Sky. The Elven knight that follows
    this path is by either race or personality closer to the
    survivalist demeanor. They will usually spend more time away from
    the confining walls of the city and the myriad of peoples who
    live there. To bring themselves closer to Mother Earth they will
    usually wear more woodsy apparel than others of their subrace and
    will more often be found camping than most.

    These elves believe that honor is gained through surviving both
    the bitterness that the Earth possesses and the sweet rewards that
    it can deliver. They relish in the wisdom that can be weaned from
    a starkly cold winter night spent alone and the strength that can
    be witnessed in each tree. They are the warriors of the Elves in
    defense of the lifegiver, Mother Earth.

    The path of the Sky:

    The Elves that follow the path of the Sky are more adept with
    words and have a natural amenity with the more civilized of peoples.
    The Elven knight that follows the path of the Sky is by nature more
    comfortable within the protective walls of society, both the stone
    and the social ones. They are more likely seen wearing bright garb
    to better display their nonhostile natures (not that they are not
    adept at fighting just that they would rather use the voice than
    the sword).

    These elves believe that honor is gained through the trials of
    peacekeeping and the wars that are won without bloodshed. It is
    their wish that all beings that are natural to the world live in
    harmony and some of them have been known to wish this even for
    their lost cousins, the Drow. They know the power of the word and
    understand the necessity of a society that works towards the common
    goal of cleansing the world of evil and hate. They are the
    defenders of the elves in the war for the lightbringer, Father Sky.

    Elven Ranks Human Ranks Actual Translation
    Edhel Legionaire Legionaire Elf Legionaire
    Nessa Osta Squire Young Defender
    Roquen tel'Menel
    Roquen tel'Kemen
    Knight Knight of the Sky
    Knight of the Earth
    Paur tel'Menel
    Paur tel'Kemen
    Phalynx Fist of the Sky
    Fist of the Earth
    Arato tel'Menel
    Arato tel'Keme
    Centurion Champion of the Sky
    Champion of the Earth
    Osta tel'quessir Imperator Defender of the people


    The Elven brothers
    Part I
    | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IX | Part X | Part XI | Part XII


    Note: If a window comes up asking for a username and password, click cancel.

    The Tengwar Scribe
    The world's only Tengwar Word processor for Windows. You can download it here.

    Quenya.doc (right click and select save target as or just click link to view entire document)
    This has great information about the Ancient Tongue. Internal History, Structure of the language, Examples, etc. This is from Ardalambion.

    Quenya Corpus Wordlist.doc
    Has about 1/5th of the Quenya language. This also comes from Ardalambion

    Quenya Affixes

    A Tase of Elvish.doc
    Selected Quenya and Sindarin vocabulary. From Ardalambion

    Tengwar Fonts
    That's right, you can get your favorite Tengwar fronts from Dan's site. Everything from Quenya to Noldor. You can download the Quenya fonts here.

    - Veldren , Swyrel Elf -


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