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    w.gife are a large family of professionals who role-play within an Empire of HONOR that resides under the envelope of Britannia's current government. The Empire is economically based, quest driven and exists as a defender against oppression and serves as the protector of the mother city of HONOR, Trinsic. The enhancement and well being of Trinsic as the capital city of PGoH will be facilitated through utilization of natural structures. Through our economic endeavors led by Senators; gold is procured for skill development of members. Gems and gold donations are given for TRIBUTE to expand the teachings of the VIRTUES. Citizen worship to GODS of skills provides the means for discipline and enhancement of life within the Empire. Establishment of safe-havens and universities of study for members and in time all of Sosaria are currently under construction. The LEGION of the Empire provides the muscle and arm of the Empire, while the SENATE body produces supplies and/or gold to be donated to OLYMPUS as Tribute. Provincial matters of real-estate, quests, guild relations and justice reside in area of STATE; where a panel of 3 Citizens of residence then coordinate or settle matters of concern or attention. In Olympus are our leaders, led by Emperor Borg, who carefully plan and provide the guidance to develop HONOR establishments, quests and challenges for members and realm to use and participate in.

    What does it take to be a PURPLE G UARDIAN of HONOR?

    HONOR = Backbone of a GUARDIAN
    LOYALTY = Blood of a GUARDIAN
    TRUTH = Word of a GUARDIAN
    PURPLE = Color of a GUARDIAN

    o.gifUR GUILD INCLUDES MEMBERS OF ALL DISCIPLINES: Families of characters living as Adventurers, Craftsmen, Tradesmen, etc all exist within the Empire of PGoH. Good notorieties are preferred, but we won't turn away anyone looking to better theirs (we know firsthand about the bad breaks that occur, and also respect a change of heart). If you feel you have the desire and dedication to role-play within this grand scope of effort fill out a application for review.


    OLYMPUS-Direction Guidance
    Emperor (Absolute Leader-Decisions)
    Magistrates (Personal Advisors to Emperor)
    Pontifex Maximus (Ultimate Priest=Grandmaster of 7 skills)

    Imperators (Division Commander)
    Centurions (Cohort Commander)
    Phalynx (Knight Leaders)
    Knights (Military units having 1 Squire each)
    Squires (Aid to a Knight and seeking Knighthood thru learning by doing)
    Legionnaires (Applicants Family Legion representative=who is voted upon for full-membership)

    SENATE-Skill management
    Senators (Leaders of Economic Categories=Houses of skills)
    Veterans (Retired from a long Military service)
    Legate (Senate Specialist in 1 unique topic)
    Pontifex (Citizen of 6 Grandmaster skills)
    Olympian (Citizen of 5 Grandmaster skills)
    Maximus (Citizen of 4 Grandmaster skills)
    Exhultarian (Citizen of 3 Grandmaster skills)
    Patron (Citizen of 2 Grandmaster skills)
    Client (Citizen of 1 Grandmaster skill)
    Plebs (Citizen worker of NO Grandmaster skill)
    Questor (Applicant Family member on quest for Empire)
    Applicant (One whose Family is seeking entry to PGoH)

    STATE-Territorial matters
    Governor (Provincial Leader-Judge)
    Praefector (Provincial Guard-Prosecutor)
    Emissary (Provincial Mediator-Defender)

    Council of HONOR (Olympus, Senators and Governors)
    Triumvirate (Emperor, Senator of War and 1 Governor [rotating] act as Supreme Court)
    Prisoner (Member found guilty by Triumvirate)
    Heretic (Member under investigation by Triumvirate)


    The PGoH Empire is STRONGLY FAMILY oriented and required in such role-playing. An existing full member (not a Prisoner or Heretic) must be a sponsor for an Applicant is necessary...thus creating the link of Squire to KNIGHT as in days of olde. Family as the term is used inside PGoH is Two folded.....the entire guild is ONE big family...while each applicant as well brings as many characters they can into the Empire to grow and teach....."the good of the many (guild) principal" that in turn then "provides for the one (Applicant)".

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