The Elven brothers, Part VI

     A massive shining waterfall poured in incredible amounts over the jagged plateau pummeling anything that was unwary enough to pass beneath its waters. Impassable and mighty, fortified by eons of motion the waterfall seemed a fools passage and yet the waters yielded when the strange espel galloped his steed through them. Aluim was rightfully amazed as he witnessed a tiny glimmer of magic flow from the espel's fingers and split the titanic cascade. 
     Beyond the mountainous way was an incredible city of light that shined like the espel's armor in the early sun. Hundreds of other espel walked through its streets and magical creatures took to the sky which somehow was open to the air, although by all rights it should have been securely beneath a raging river. Aluim's eyes grew wide with amazement as the ensorcelled city entranced him.
     "Amin Nysrelor", the espel said steadily, "Tanya naa amin name. Mani naa vys?" He looked down his slender nose at the elven boy with feined interest.
     "Amin Aluim Aster", he responded with a slight smile,"Manke naa lye?" He wondered why this espel was treating him like he was inferior but that thought was put into the back of his mind when he saw the tower that climbed into the sky before them. It was like a never ending spiral that went right into the heavens and was made of the clouds themselves. His newfound reverie was broken only when Nysrelor answered his question.
     "Lye naa e' i' City Tel' Ancestors", he pointed to the spiral building in front of them, "Tanya naa i' Tower tel' Menel, vys eska nooti."
     Aluim looked again to the great tower in the sky and was dumbstruck by its subtle beauty. "Amin eska?", he questioned in his small child's voice.

*     *     *

     Veldren watched as the humans taunted the man with the unusual tool. They seemed to be amicable enough to him, like a group of friends poking at each others faults. "Where are the elves?", one of them questioned the man, "I thought thee said that this thing told thee that they were here?" Veldren watched as the man's face filled with blood and reddened in embarrassment.
     "Marylvin...", he quietly called to his arael friend, "Mani naa lye going a' do about these otmenas?" The wheels were turning in his head and Marylvin could see it in his dazzling green eyes. The arael quieted him with a single gesture of his hand and pointed to the tree just outside of camp. Veldren squinted and peered to where his friend pointed.
     Behind a small gathering of leaves in the tree were three arael hoisting bows towards the humans. They acted with such slow and deliberate movements that they resembled praying mantis's keeping up on their prey. One of them, Veldren noticed, was the musician who had played the enchanting music the night before.
     "Nooti!", came the call and in a flash of swirling leaves the humans were surrounded. Veldren soon noticed that he was now alone in the small cabin, his new friends were so quick in their ambush that he had missed their departure. Veldren rushed out to join the arael.

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