The Elven brothers, Part V

     Golden light reflected off of the shimmering plate armor of the mounted figure nearly blinding Aluim with its glow. The espel sat as straight as a finely crafted arrow in his saddle a massive longsword at his side. He raised the visor of his full helm to reveal strong elven features and striking amber eyes. He smirked as if he was being bothered by a pest but wished not to deal with it. With a dexterous swing of his lithe body he was off his mighty white stallion and standing in front of the elven boy.
     "Tel' Menel has sent amin a' vys aid, ot one", he grinned, genuinely this time, "Ro has spoken en' vys fy times."
     A confused look sunk into Aluim's soot covered face. Who was this strange Espel and what was he talking about? He knew little of the elven traditions but was aware of Menel, the sky Father, and wondered if this foreign elf was speaking the truth. Soon he was lost in thought and wonder over this unusual meeting.
     "Ahem!", the espel coughed as he noticed Aluim's mind wander,"I' stars...amin saw i' stars ar' ellosie pa' vys. Tel' Menel speaks through vys nooti vee' ro does amin," he paused and shook his head as he pondered the pitiful looking swyrel, "Just come with amin."
     Still a bit dazed and bewildered at this seemingly chance encounter Aluim found little option to what the espel proposed and soon found himself astride the man's steed. He knew nothing of where the espel planned on taking him or of who he was but for some unknown reason he felt that he could trust him. If all else fails, he reasoned, the Father would watch over him.

*     *     *

     "Aluim!", Veldren shouted as his mind emerged from the liquor induced haze the next morning, "Manke naa Aluim?"
     The arael around him turned their collective gaze on the young swyrel and shot him a look of confusion. The same elf he had met the night before cocked his head to one side when he looked at him and spoke to him in a quiet voice. "Shhhh....", he said with calming tones, "Otmena naa about." Veldren suddenly realized that the other elves were being terribly still and quiet and that some had their eyes peering out the small windows in the ivy covered walls.
     As quietly as he could, Veldren stood and looked out into the glade where he saw a group of human knights perusing the area. It seemed impossible that they weren't aware of him and the arael but still the humans seemed oblivious to their presence. He watched them intently as they meandered through the glade until finally one of them pulled an odd instrument from his bag.
     The humans then formed a tight circle and they all seemed to be watching the man with the tool as he manipulated its parts. A smile crossed the tool toting man's face and he said something in an odd tongue to the others. The best that Veldren could tell was that he had said something very amusing for he saw the other men's faces light up with joy.
     "Come out, come out wherever thee are!", one of the men called as the others watched the forest around them. Veldren thought that the hiding was over but saw that none of the other elfs moved and endeavored to do the same. "Damn it!", the same man boomed in an annoyed roar, "Show theeselves! We know that thee are here!"

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