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  • Old News: November 25,1998 - December 18,1998

    December 18, 1998

    Catskills-MT Winter Solstice Party
    From Grey Falcon:

    Sunday, Dec. 20th at 3 pm EST, any and all peoples of Britannia are invited to participate in the First Annual Winter Solstice Party at the Mage Tower. The Mages Conclave have prepared to provide an entertaining and exciting time for those who attend with both contests as well as challenges for all to enjoy.

    Beginning the party shall be an event for those who doth enjoy the more relaxed skills of barding. A challenge goes out to all bards to create an epic tale ( of 3 minutes or less) to be judged by our mages who have a love of literature. There shall be a prize of magic as well as gold for the winners of the event. Already we have heard one song from our friend from Kinship which brought tears to our eyes. We hope that many of you can bring this skill to our tower.

    A contest of Resistance shall also be held. For those who believe have the powers to resist magery, this challenge shalt pit you against a creature from the vile dungeons of Brittania. You shall have naught but thine skill and wits to survive. Placed within a ring, each contestant shall be stripped bereft of all and must survive as long as he/she can until you step from the ring. If the contestant is killed within the ring - they will be disqualified. This shalt be a timed event and the courageous winner shall receive a prize of magery and gold.

    A visit from the famed Saint Niki will take place during the event. St. Niki may have some special gifts to pass out among those attending!

    A final contest still in the planning stages, but expected to take place is a Scavenger Hunt. A list of items shall be placed at the Tower at the start of the event and teams may be formed to find these items. The first team returning with all the items shall receive a prize of gold and magery.

    Naturally, there shall be refreshments available for all who wish as well a

    The Mages hope all who enjoy these events shall attend!


    December 15, 1998

    ·· UOHoC Announcement
      The next UO House of Commons Open House chat between the players and creators of UO is scheduled for next Thursday December 17, at 7 PM CT (5 PM PT, 8 PM ET). The chat will be available to you at #uohoc on Stratics IRC, on one of three networked servers:
    • irc.stratics.com, port 6667 (randomly selects one of the below IRC servers)
    • csdd.stratics.com
    • csdd2.stratics.com
    • intworks.stratics.com

    This week's topic is "New and Changed Skills". Please phrase your questions accordingly. Here are some areas that will be covered:

    • The new craftables like looms, forges, abattoirs, etc. require more than one skill to make.
    • The minimum blacksmithing skill for making arms and armor has changed.
    • Some crafting skills, like tailoring, tinkering or carpentry may become difficulty based.
    • Skills will influence each other. Think about healing and anatomy or magic resistance and evaluate intelligence.
    • New skills will be introduced. Meditation (previously known as channeling) for example.

    IRCD Servers are provided by CSDD (makers of WinPack32) and International Networks (suppliers of networking hardware and support). If you are new to IRC, please visit Stratics IRC for an online tutorial and instructions for connecting to our IRC server.

    Tamers are called - From UOSS.

    On December 20th, 2:30pm EST (14:30) all shards will undergo a major event, "The March of the Dragons, II". Tamers from all shards will meet in Vesper with all their dragons in tow, making this one of the largest events in UO history. Forty to fifty dragons of all shapes, sizes and colors are expected to attend.

    If you wish to attend this event, simply meet at the Vesper Bank/Mage Shop region and prepare to be dazzled and amazed!

    (Time/Date/Place is the same for all shards!)

    ·· Community News - From UOSS.
      I received an email from Balberith about a new program that is available from UO Deutschland. Here is some information on it:

    I came up with a new tool for UO: "Vendor-Calculator". It shall help smiths and vendor owners to find out prices for their regular/magic armor/weapons. Version 2.0 is available now (still with little bugs) and V2.1 is in beta testing (release in the next couple days). V-Calc gives you the ability to edit all the item lists in a very easy way to adjust the program to your preferences. The prices for exceptionals and specific magic items may still need some further adjustment but so far the program uses a mix of my own numbers from playing, numbers from various websites, numbers I have been told are common at this time and numbers taken off of UOSS's fine tables. Like I said... V2.0 has still some smaller bugs (most of them are text bugs) that will be gone with release of V2.1.

    You can download the .dll version or the non .dll version. This tool seems like it would be a very valuable tool for vendor owners and blacksmith that have trouble knowing the exact price to make an item they have. Once vendors are allowed to be placed again I believe this tool will become very widely used.


    December 9, 1998

    Houseing patch on catskills

    The second phase of the patch is in on catskills and seems to be working very well. You will no longer have to worry about those pesky tents anymore.  Able to walk from one town to another without to much trouble from the house maze.  For more information on how it works and what is in the patch, visit:
    The OWO.COM Update Center
    and Latest Patches Section

    December 6, 1998

    Sage Winslow's Father [FOA Quest, Catskills]- - From Crossroads
    This from Wrain:

    Greetings fellow Britannians. I, Wrain, hath made a rather remarkable discovery. Last eve while pondering the recent events surrounding the Followers or Armageddon and the battle of the black wisps a few days past I had an idea. I quickly found a mapmaker and bought a map of Britannia. I then marked the locations of the two black pentagrams which the black wisps had appeared from the night of the battle, one near the shrine of Justice and the other near the dungeon Destard. In between the two points I noticed were a group of farm houses just outside of Britain to the West. I had been trying to find clues and links involving the FoA for some time now and was desperate for anything that might be significant. I headed toward the farm houses. I searched a few of them and found them to be normal, but on the last one I found an invulnerable man named Joseff the Farmer. I was so amazed at my discovery I almost fainted! He was what I gathered to be Sage Winslow's father. I could get him to respond to a few key words but not enough to make any sense of it. Here are the things he responded to:

    Wrain: Hail
    Joseff: Greetings stranger. Welcome to the farmlands.
    Wrain: Who?
    Joseff: Whoever that has been trying to pass themselves off as Winslow.
    Wrain: Saw
    Joseff: It would have been many months ago. Just before that other sage took his place.
    Wrain: Other
    Joseff: Nay. The other one who's been around the castle the last few months.
    Wrain: Friends
    Joseff: Oh, most certainly. And he never misses our harvest feast each year.
    Wrain: Thank
    Joseff: I sure hope my friend is well **looks worried** Wrain: Next
    Joseff: He left the farm one day... Winslow went to study with a scribe in Britain.
    Wrain: Child
    Joseff: Winslow was always curious. He constantly asked questions about everything.
    It doesn't make much sense to me. If you have any idea what this means or if you talk to Joseff and get anything else out of him, please e-mail me at ottosen at baldcom.net. Maybe if we work together we will get to the bottom of this!


    Histories of the Towns and Cities of Britannia- From the Outpost

    Ever want to know the history of the town you often spend time in? Find out in our new Town Histories sction!

    December 5, 1998

    Black Wisps destroyed!!- From the Outpost

    The black wisps that were invoked at the two pentagrams were successfully destroyed. Near Destard, the forces of evil were fought back by seige after seige of good guys who valiantly battled the Undead Lords and the black wisp. In the Northern Forests, it was Outpost , Emerald Empire, and many people from the Yew area that fought against droves of Mage Lords and trolls, while attempting to kill the wisp. Judas and Aeyia whipped out their instruments and sicked the trolls on the wisp, meanwhile, others set the pentagram ablaze with firewall after firewall. Special thanks go to Aeyia who spent most of her time healing people as they battled the minions of evil. Other guilds that were there to aid the cause were GoL, and MOZ... thanks for coming to help!! =)

    Clarification on House Friendship - From UO Vault
    From the FYI section of the Update Center:

    In the recent mail which we sent out regarding housing, we stated that we had not yet decided how friendship would be handled if you already own a house. A decision has been made on how it will be done:

    • You can be a friend to a house even if you already own a house.
    • You can be considered a friend of multiple houses.
    • Characters on the same account as a house owner will be automatically considered friends of the owner, unless they are house owners themselves.

    6:32 pm EDT -Gasper

    December 3, 1998

    New trading boards for each server... - From the Outpost

    http://catskills.shard.net/ is one of the many trading boards at SHARD.NET that have been set up so that players can trade their uniques, magic items, rarities, etc. Head there to buy, sell, and trade with others on this server. If you wish to visit the boards for other servers, just replace the first word of the URL with the name of the shard you wish to visit the forum of. SHARD.NET will be expanding beyond just forums soon, so stop there often!

    ·· UO Stratics Announcement
    The Update Center explains tonight's new shard:

    We will be opening up a test shard for testing housing claims specifically. If you are a home owner, please take the time to visit the test shard and test your claiming procedure. The test shard will mirror a different shard every evening beginning tonight with a mirror of Lake Superior. Each day, we will be posting on Update Center which shard will be mirrored that evening.

    Please make note that Great Lakes will not be mirrored on the Test Shard, since the backup on Test Center is currently Great Lakes. If you own a home on Great Lakes, you can test the housing claims on Test Center.

    When you log in to UO, look for "Test Claims" on the server list, followed by your server's abbreviation - for example, "Test Claims: LS".


    November 30, 1998

    Now that we have lockdowns... - From the Outpost

    ...many people will be looking to start towns, taverns, and trading posts. Although much work and patience is required to own and operate such a venue, it is well worth it!! Here are a pair of links to help those wishing to embark on such an endeavor:
    Zerver's Guide - This is an extensive list of player venues across the shards. Zerver has spent a lot of time travelling around and collecting information on each venue. Visit a few places and speak with the proprietors or founders about how they got started and how they overcome the obstacles they are faced with.
    The Desk of Kazola - Some might wish to go beyond what is readily available to players. With lockdowns, this shouldn't be too necessary, but there are those cases where something extra might help or be a fruitful addition. Kazola provides an excellent guideline for establishing player run venues and getting a little aid from Seers and GMs.

    November 28, 1998

    Catskills Mage Tower is open! - From the Outpost

    Kynaerth'an has announced the opening of the new Catskills Mage Tower with a celebration that occurred earlier today. The mage tower is located in the desert above Britain, and all mages are welcome to visit.

    November 25, 1998

    Concerning Trapped Chests - From UO Vault.
    I picked this off the MT which is a repost of a post made by SunSword:

    As a result of your well voiced and overwhelming opinion, we will be changing the way trapped chests work. This will both fix the PREVIOUS problem and the new one (terror bombs).
    Trapped chests will now only damage the person opening the chest, and only if they are close to it. So telekenisis will be useful.
    This will happen today/tonight hopefully.

    Until this fix goes in, be very leery around people. Thanks!
    5:43 pm EDT -Gasper

    Housing Patch information at OWO.COM

    Comments from the Dev Team contains some new info on lockdowns and other aspects of the up-coming housing patch. If you own a home or homes, make sure you take a look!