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  1. reneequixtcl Wrote: Clap clap clap!!!!
  2. True but before you know it, the winter will be back and then you will be freezing your.... You get the idea.
  3. Hey all does anyone have a link to software that will record video on screen.? (Example; You wanna record that cool raid battle in WoW so that you have it for memories.) Any Ideas?
  4. Congrats on your new Atkins diet... Just playin break a leg
  5. Hey, we've got more than orcs if ya wanna look sexy! (though the female orcs are pretty hot in a bestial way) We've got slinky female trolls! Noble female tauren! And, um... 'slim' female undead. Slim because most of them has rotted away. Sexy! ...um, right? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> *blink blink* You're an odd one aren't ya Rhoach? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Don't worry about that Rhoach you are not the only one odd....not sure if that was to make you feel better or not. Oh well take it as it's worth
  6. HAAHHA *Malakas chases after Altarial Palantiri in a Orc costume yelling, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"*
  7. Thanks man and I will be sure to setup an account.
  8. I ah another question that I should have included in the first place. How many of you play WoW in Asia? (i.e. Japan, Korea, Austrilia, GUam, Hong Kong, Etc) Just as when I get back from this cruise I will still be living in Japan for less than6 months. Well just wondering so that I can begin my characters trails into the Clan. peace
  9. Right O nice work indeed.
  10. I think it was I am trying to download the client and it is telling me the page can't be found.
  11. During my Guam visit this pass weekend was 102 degrees. AWWWW but I loved it I got really dark.
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