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  1. Naz

    Im back!

    Welcome back, Chief! Lok-tar ogar!
  2. We have discussed it several times before, but the idea never went anywhere. I can again offer several character slots for storage and distribution purposes.
  3. Dabu, Rhoach. I'll pass the word along.
  4. Lok-tar ogar! Grymald and m'self have recently decided to expand our adventurin' business to include two new employees- Karse, a rogue of the previously-livin' kind, and Mishen, a Tauren druid. While we've got'em up to their necks in potions from m'self and blacksmithed delicacies from Elder Kaer, our charges find themselves without reliable armor. If any of yash out their happen to be in th' mood to show off yer leatherworkin' talents by fixin' up something nice for Karse and Mishen, please give one of us a holler. Karse is working on 15 seasons now, and Mishen's got about a dozen. Karse prefers flexible armor that provides protection and freedom o' movement (+agi, +stam, +crits, +ap), Mishen finds patterns that allow 'im to channel his magic best (+spr, +int, +stam, +healing/nature). I'm happy t'provide the materials you need or the pay you desire, in gold, potions r' otherwise. Dabu, Crushers!
  5. Its situational for me too, and depends on where we are. Sometimes I feel like an honorable duel, sometimes I feel like wiping my enemies off the face of Azeroth. If there's flagged Alliance in Horde territory, I am vastly more likely to attack regardless of level differences. But that's just me. I won't dictate how others play. In other words, there is no gank. If you are flagged, you are meat.
  6. Hrmm....someone's camping the GY.
  7. Not me. I am dead, but would have gloated.
  8. This isn't over, you lousy dwarven blacksmith!
  9. I'm comin' along ta rez Grym! ((should be on by 8:30 EST))
  10. I think it also shows that if you're a Skullcrusher with an elite quest, you're always able to find help within the clan whether we make a special night for it or not.
  11. I very much need to do Dire Maul as I have finished absolutely nothing in there, but the stuff I covet most as a shaman seems to come from Upper BRS (which was a great run this weekend, did it with Grym- fun times!)
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