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  1. I'm playing Runescape too, got pretty tired of it pretty quick, but I still play it from time to time. I'm Darkstar1983, I bounce around a lot of different servers, usually the one with the fewest peoeple on it. Fable is awesome, I had the opportunity to play it while my brother rented it. Evil characters are the best, with a scary enough haircut and dark armor, villagers will run away just as the sight of you! That makes them easier to pick off with your bow. KOTOR2 sounds good too, but since my brother let one of his friends borrow my KOTOR1 and I haven't beaten it yet because the kid lost it, I won't be playing KOTOR2 until I finally beat KOTOR1...
  2. Darkstar


    Kill us with kindness, why don't you. >;]
  3. Yes, I love warlocks. I am going to play and orcish one (I think it makes more sense history-wise). Their spells are varied and makes them useful un a ton of different situations. I hit lv20 yesterday and yes, the succubus quest is a pain, but the summoning spell and rain of fire makes it worth your while.
  4. The only thing I think I didn't like about SP is that given enough of them you could master EVERY skill. I agree with the change that it will limit people to a few instead of giving them the chance to master them all. Encourages community and cooperation. Good for the clan.
  5. After playing the game for almost a week now, I've decided that I'm going to play at least 2 orcs and 1 human. None of the other races really did it for me I guess. They're all interesting and very well made, but just don't fit my roleplaying style. >8]
  6. Sounds like a plan to me. Now I just gotta steal enough wallets...
  7. Ah shoot, I'll make an orc on the server too, see if I can't find ya'll somewhere. We're going to go Narodai, female orc warrior. >8]
  8. I guess so. At least I'm figuring out exactly how many upgrades I'll have to buy for my comp before I can play the game properly! >8]
  9. My favorite location has to be Ogrimmar. It's just so beautiful I could clomp somethinhg! It actually made me wish I had a chance to defend it. I've been sticking with my orc warlock, trying to see how far I can get into the class and feel out some of the mid-level spells and such. I really like the warlock, and it's just going to get better once they add talents and other abilities to the class. So upon release (or open beta) I will be playing an orc warlock, focused on the mining, engineering, and tailoring tradeskills, and be proficient with a sword. I can hardly wait!
  10. I love Bush. No, he isn't the smartest or the most well-spoken man on planet Earth (no more than John Kerry is). He IS, however, the President, and a darn good one. Just like Martok said, he knows where to drop the bombs, and drops them well! Let me add a, "Screw the UN." There aren't too many synonyms for sovereignty either. GO BUSH!
  11. Ahh poo, I started out on Mannoroth server, and I'm too high level to forget about it (lv12). I could show up anyways with a new character, if you guys want to group or something. Just let me know. My character name on Mannoroth is Narod.
  12. Now I get to the refreshing my e-mail every two seconds thing. W00T!!
  13. Grom does look awesome, but would anyone agree that the Tichondrious looks a little skinny? His arms and legs are way too large for his torso. Maybe it's the pic and not the figure... I'll probably get a Grom and an Arthas once I scrounge up the cash.
  14. Darkstar


    Somebody needs the Thunderdome right about now... TWO MEN ENTER! ONE MAN LEAVES! TWO MEN ENTER! ONE MAN LEAVES! Kick it Tina Turner...
  15. Geez Rhoach, you're so needy! j/k of course. >;]
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