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  1. Well I have gotten my skills up quite a bit since i posted this. I am at 69 fencing 78 ant 68 healing 62 tats and 68 parry. I think I can handle something stronger then the Yew Crypts, but it would be nice to have a brother or sister to catch me if I happen to fail. Thanks James Halliwell
  2. Makes me miss the days of the good ole counslers. God they used to be the best, but as someone said UO got cheap and got rid of them.
  3. I am in need of someone who would not mind a boring night out. I would like to do some trining with my new char Joseph, but his skills are very low in everything. If someone would be willing to go out hunting with me and keep me healed it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, James Halliwell
  4. I am just going to say I don't like Bush. If you wanna know why feel free to ask, but I am not going to come out and say it here. I will say it does have to do with the war. While I do agree he sure can drop bombs. I will have to disagree on him knowing where to do it.
  5. Well for a little while any way. School is out for 2 weeks, and I look forward to spending time with some of my brothers and sisters in arms. I think I am going to invite my brother Joeseph Halliwell to join me here. He is a very in experianced fencer and could use some help. If any one could or would be willing to help him train I would be most greatful. James Halliwell
  6. Hey there all. Man I have missed you all. I have one more week of class then next week is finals. After that I have 2 weeks off then back to school. But I am planning on making time to hang out with you all. See you all then. Strength and Honor, James Halliwell
  7. James Halliwell


    Actually they had a cover story about them on Real Sports with bryant Gumble (I think thats right) any way it was about the team and how they are no longer playing in fear. And how they play for fun now. It was all about how Sadam's brother Hushim Kushim or what ever the hell his name was would take the players from the Olympic teams and tourture them if they lost. The soccor team was one of the main stories in the peice. I knew what you were talking about in the post I just wanted to be a smart ass hehe. James Halliwell
  8. James Halliwell


    Ummmm what was that baseball.
  9. http://www.joecartoon.com/pages/donkeybonglong/
  10. Is we have drunken Pac Man night. some time I am drunk as a skunk and cant make heads or tails of this game.
  11. I just wanted to let you all know I got an A on this paper. Thank you to all of you who read it and left coments about it. I am currently working on my second paper in this class a 5-6 page essay on a cause and effect in my life. LOL yeah thanks teach I whish I would have known that be fore I wrote this one lol. Thanks again James Halliwell
  12. I would like to thank Zachery Dib for his courage and selflesness this evening. He and I went hunting in the fridged Ice Dungon this evening. The reins to my mount brok and I was stuck unable to move and was slain by a mighty Oger Lord. He stuck around and in an area he did not know and helped me slay the foul beast that fell me. But before we went back to battle he gave me his own magic bag so that I might fight my self. I had a great time fighting by your side Sir and look forward to doing it again. Strength and Honor, James Halliwell
  13. Thank you Meffio. I do not plan on quitting, because I know if even if she does not make it to my graduation physically. She will be there in spitit. Jame Halliwell
  14. I saw it in the pinned info at the top of this forum. If there is a league lol now we have 2 more ppl who want in. James Halliwell
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