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  1. Read the text carefully and notice this: Everyone in Europe
  2. I signed up, I hope I get an e-mail telling me I'm in
  3. LOOOOOOOL!!!!!! That movie is brilliant
  4. Virtugon


    I say.... Time to die MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (very very very evil laugh)
  5. Of course Hey, if it's free..... But you can't say it's bad for our economy
  6. So much movies, looking very good. It makes me drool.
  7. Lol, you sound just like a dutchman Anyway, have fun!
  8. Well, in that case.... Me give Glurk tu lat Welcom tu SoC
  9. I never played a MMORPG before, but imho these ideas sound very good to me. I presume diplomats can be used to negotiate with other Orcish clans, or is the foreign policy very very strict about that?
  10. Virtugon


    That's a very nice pic you made there. Will it be our SoC prison in WoW? I certainly hope so
  11. I've seen the video, and you exaggerate a bit, his head wasn't chopped off with an axe. Of course it's bad what happened, I don't deny that. I was very shocked to see a man's head being cut off with a blunt knife. QUOTE: The Islam I a f***t up religion! Has it got anything to do with the Islam? I think not, the Ji-had isn't described in the Islam either.
  12. I am not sure about the text thingy
  13. Virtugon


    That's a very cool video I can't wait untill the full game is released
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