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  1. Got pizza at home and ready, get off work at midnight and don't go in til 4PM tomorrow....tonight it's ALL about GW2!

  2. Funny thing, I find this more appealing than most of Chris Rock's stand-up. It also hold a punch line for longer.
  3. Chaz


    A better side-view. The hair and face intricacies astound me.
  4. Chaz


    The Sylvari models are everything I hoped they could be. So many details, and so adorable!
  5. Chaz


    It's actually closer to the camera. I loved his big cheesy grin, then realized Mira looked pretty cute so I included her in the pic.
  6. Chaz


    My adorable little Mira...and her bear Pooh.
  7. Chaz


    I'm finding I really enjoy Horns in every class that uses them.
  8. I hear ya on that one. I NEVER play squishies or caster-classes, closest I've gotten is my Shockadin back in the day, but elementalists just flow with this awesome synergy...really makes me go 'hmmm'. Plus, GW2 getting rid of the trinity system makes caster classes much more viable than in most other games, so mayhap I will give them a whirl. So far it's up to Warrior or Elementalist for the next BWE.
  9. I wouldn't hold out much hope for this one. : /
  10. I LOVE Bethesda. Ever since Arena, I've played every single TES game that has hit, as well as virtually anything eles they dabble into...and Gods do I love me some Fallout...but something about this just really, really worries me. Zenimax has been getting more and more into their business lately, as they see an actual profitable margin within video games in general, and TES Online smells like pure profit sell-out to me. Todd is heading it, which sates my worry somewhat, but I cannot help but feeling this will, infact, be another SWTOR. IE: Large overhead barks orders of talented company, company reluctangly acquieses and buys cheap non-functional POS game engine to create molded, yet flawed and generally un-fun MMORPG experience. Then again, lately games in general have made me very jaded about the whole thing.
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