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  1. Wonderfull, another Shamen kicking my butt
  2. Hey all! I just wanted to say that I had a really good time in AV last weekend and it was cool seeing some of you CS'er in there, Depaa let me say 'Ow' and it was a blast going against you, hopefully more to come as I get better gear ... Same goes to Zorrander, I see you singling me out in WSg, dont think I didnt notice hehe Well, I am off; Thanks again - Until next time! p.s. If I try and dance with you all on the DB bridge I am really just trying to dance not kill anyone *smirks*
  3. Hey Everyone, Brohem here ( Alliance side name is Teirson, few of you have probly allready seen me in AV hehe ). Would be glad to take anyone from this side into the guild I know , I know, Alliance are a bunch of wussies, blah blah blah. We have alot of fun and it would be cool to see more from T.H.E. with us. Oh and when you get all of our 12 year olds from alliance when the Blood Elfs(aka Belfs) come out, you can have a place to crash with us
  4. I have yet to see it, although I will more than likely check it out within the next week or so. Great to see a movie of what I used to play and hope was real
  5. Just cant believe they are actually getting away with this, but if you click on that little "Accept" button you only screwed yourself lol.
  6. I laughed .. then I cryed .. then I shot the pizza chick for not giving me my DOUBLE MEAT! Sad how things look for us in the future. This is so gunna come true and its not going to be fun
  7. Im sure that can be arranged lol
  8. Gratz Re'nee!! Can we get the 'hook ups' now
  9. From what I am reading it sends all information that it reads to check the 'compliance' of the program (or file) in use. This means that all the information is sent to there servers to be cross referenced with there list of 'banable' code that they might pick up. If this was client based it would be too easily bypassed, from the only logical prospective all the information devoured by this 'warden' ould ahve to be sent to their servers. I agree with you Ser, this completely destroys all faith with blizzard. I just cant believe that people that know about this are still playing. /shrug up to them I guess. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- p.s. I edit too much, I need to read a dictionary or Bal needs to put spell check in this thing lol That being said, if you would like the code, I work at Careerbuilder.com and could probly get a hold of it farely easy
  10. Sei Teirson


    Very nice work Wolf. Do you allready work for a graphics company? or are ya freelance? Anything I do is mainly for web graphics or just personal down time. Hopefully have my site up and running and fully functional, then I will be sure to post it up.
  11. Go Nadjia! ... still going to have time for your friends now that you are a big star and all *Huggles!* Miss ya!
  12. 3.24 - Regular 3.46 - Medium 3.84 - Premium There is actually a Gas station about 2 miles up the road from my house that was selling gas for 6 dollars per gallon .. 6 DOLLARS! friggin rediculous *This is in Georgia btw ..
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