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  1. Ug! I wanted to let you all know that I will not be able to play WoW immediately. I'm not sure if/when I will be joining you all in game, so I will not remain as an active member. (Which is hardly an accurate term anyway, I haven't been very active in quite some time.) But I will miss the times I knew we would've had, and hope to join you all at a later date. Good luck, Skullcrushers! Huzzah! Gug'ye, ~Glok'tur
  2. I've been playing around with the characters on the server Ysera. I will make my orc on your server now though. Are you guys role-playing it already? I will do so just incase, except private messages. Hopefully see you ingame soon! ~Glok
  3. Glok'tur

    RP Events

    Those kinds of RP stories can be fun. But it's rare you get a decent one. Perhaps this isn't necessary here, but on most forums that attempt that kind of RP threading a fulltime moderator is required to keep lamers out and correct spelling/wording errors. =) ~Glok
  4. I will go ahead and say what Balandar and Martok have not, in my own words, granted. The PhM and Blagtoof are what I like to call RP Nazis, a term I've used before as you probably remember. Nothing against them personally, infact that strict kind of roleplay can be fun at times. The problem is; who's to say that your way is the 100% right way and everyone else is null and should be subjucated? Again I have nothing personal against either of those guilds, infact I admire both Grishnak and Rakknar for their perspective and input through Only-WoW. I just don't care to deal with them very much,
  5. I am in agreeance with Balandar, with the same ideas and hopes in mind. ~Glok
  6. Yes, SoC is a pure-RP guild. I second Rhoach's advice, you will learn all you need to know there. As for what draws me personally to WoW? Well, the fact the Blizzard is argueably the best gaming company, which doesn't mean most successful as they are rather small and their game output is rather low, but every game they have put on the market is excellent. The best games that there are, in their respective genres. Blizzard has remove the NDA for their beta, so there is a boatload of information about the game out there, and it looks and sounds awesome. Every beta tester I have talked with or r
  7. Well thank you! And congratulations Rhoach. =) Or rather.. Rulg latz! Agh kungratulazhunz Rhoach! ~Glok
  8. Glok'tur


    *laugh* No mon, I don' be likin' da trollz. (not that way atleast... *snicker*)
  9. OOC: That was excellent! *applauds* You should join in the Ashenvale Outpost story, once Ulguts or Grulg continues it. (Or if one of us gets bored waiting further and carefully attempts filling their character's part in the story.)
  10. (Hehe, all I can really add would be more examples.. Best way to learn is practice, as you know.)
  11. *Glok'tur raises a bewildered orcish brow* Urm... Ug. Lat.. ukee? Nub blah urukizh wel yed? Ur maybee lat krazi? Lat blahin bowd "grukkin' latz ghaash" an udder tingz dat nub make su muj senz. OOC: Welcome! So, care to elaborate about your character and choice of words? Heh heh. Nice name for him though!
  12. Glok'tur


    In my past experience, people who roleplay orcs will sometimes roleplay chosing "mates" and pair up. But they aren't lovy-dubby with one another or anything, atleast not publicly. And that's preferable, as it just gets kind of weird when you start allowing that kind of stuff in roleplay.. and even weirder in this situation because we aren't roleplaying humans.... unlses a big husky troll turns you on or something. Umm... yeah.. Looks like the issue hasn't been addressed yet, and probably won't even really be an issue. But for safety sake I would suggest not going farther than perhaps 2 people
  13. Glok'tur


    Yeup yeup, he did. The question is, will she be one of those that take it? The word I use for female orc is "kuruk." (Many from Shadowclan use it, I believe it's a variant from one of the black speech dialects.) It's a slightly less degrading term. Glok only uses breed'r with "fe-orcs" he doesn't like. ~Glok
  14. Glok'tur


    I only realized it was even there a day or two ago, heh. I've toyed around with it, aswell as the inventory some. I like it!
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