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  1. Tuhka Thunderhorn Appearance/Personality: Tuhka is somewhat larger than your average Tauren female and is covered in a thick coat of white fur adorned with brown spots. The thickness of her fur and her size can be attributed both to her past residency in the forests of Winterspring and her inheritance of her mother's looks. Her glossy, bleached horns point outward from her face. Tuhka is generally a very emotional and occasionally boisterous character, prone to outbursts of passion regarding her father's lineage and other aspects surrounding her calling towards the hunt. She also is very vo
  2. She was weary of the endless sea of gold and brown that colored the landscape. The persistent sun jabbed at her back and neck like hundreds of dull needles. She was hot, dusty, and tired from her migration south. The lingering surroundings of the Barrens were becoming unbearable for the huntress. Up until a day ago, the dry lands had been but a distant memory...a brief moment obscured by the mist of time and an underdeveloped perception. The Barrens were merely a fuzzy brown spot in her infancy before she was whisked away into the lush forests of the Kaldorei. She sprinted across the bridge s
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