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  1. Does anyone know anything more about UO: Kingdom Reborn? http://www.uo.com/uokr/UOKR/uokr_faq.shtml?sssdmh=dm24.95074 I think it looks pretty cool -Jason
  2. Ahh.. a fresh start. No generating money for yourself this time Balandar!!
  3. Sell em now while they're still hot! Certainly a nice offer from you though Anyone know how much Violet Courage is selling for?
  4. Good Morning (I lost 5000 after repairs but it was still worth it!)
  5. Not only do I get some gold for posting a reply, but your good morning also reminds me to attack every morning! Groovy. -Mao
  6. Good Morning! Thanks for the gold from your army =)
  7. Well, the ban on assault weapons was all about *producing* them from what I can gather. There were still tons left over that were being slowly sold into the market. From what I read most gun shops don't expect any major increase in orders - since most shops already had a backlog of assault weapons they had been slowly selling off over the last 10 years. At any rate I don't think the ban on assault weapons really accomplished much. I'm not sure there was ever an 'alarming' amount of assault-weapon backed attacks to institute the ban in the first place.
  8. LizShue


    I played doom 3 for about an hour. Then it got a bit too scary so I went to bed and watched Letterman to calm down >8] I'm looking forward to playing more when I get a chance though! Great game so far
  9. Awesome this is cool. Sounds like it will be a good place to sell and buy stuff at reasonable prices. Anyone have pricing ideas for barbed and spined leather? I have 1000 barbed and 3000 spined I want to sell at a reasonable price, but I have no idea what it goes for. -Mao
  10. There's a fantasy football league? I'm in - who's got information on this? -Mao
  11. You're lucky you never have any money to make it worthwhile for my army to massacre your troops!
  12. And I feel terrible! Any chance we can buy an item to 'resurrect' our lost friends? -Mao
  13. All the 3 Vet Rewards are available for 900k each if anyone here wants them. The sandals I've decided to keep. Devin if you want the obsidian statuette (Its the something woodsman - I can check later) its 75k for you - ICQ me if you want it. Thanks! Mao
  14. Hi all. I'm looking to sell the items listed below but I have no idea what they are worth these days. Can someone please provide a price they feel the item would definitely sell at quickly without taking too much loss? Fire Robe [vet reward] Ice White Robe [vet reward] Runebook Dye Tub [vet reward] Blessed True Black Sandles Obisidian Statue (from the Eliwood Quest) Thanks! Mao
  15. My understanding was we were supposed to get one 'gift' even without purchasing the 7AE box. Anyone know when those codes will be distributed? -Mao
  16. So, anyone have any ideas for a new poll for the PGOH UO frontpage?
  17. In that case, done again! >8]
  18. If you intend to keep fletching, then certainly start with that as high as possible. Any crafting skill is a pain to raise. Also I suggest starting with Archery at 50. Due to the rule changes on weapon skill gain, its a pain to get to 50 in a weapon skill since you spend your time running around trying to find harts and mongbats. (FYI SE Delucia is good for gains up to 50-60. Then Yew graveyard Skeletons to 75. Then Orcs to 85. Then fight anything for the rest of it)
  19. Might I recommend Trillian as a substitute for the ICQ client ? I personally favor it. -Mao
  20. LizShue

    A Dwarf.

    Best one yet! Why is the Dwarf crosseyed? >8]
  21. My only bit of advice is to play the game - don't let us help you! (Cuz we will try). Earn it yourself first, its the best way to learn the game. No point in power-leveling - thats not really the point of the game in my estimation. Have fun! -Mao
  22. Ahh the fabled Friday birthday. Hope to see you up and operational by Sunday morning! Drink up!
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