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  1. I'm going to be 400,001 soon
  2. Might be a few min late tonight.
  3. I'll have Mao-Mao (DPS) ready by then and I'd like to join in the mayhem.
  4. Main- Mao-Mao Concealment/Medicine Operative (Origin of the name goes back to the late 70's early 80's role playing games, "Space Opera" and Iron Crown's "Space Master". That's all I can remember). Alt in Guild- Sanguinis Sith Juggernaught Wow- Elrikk (Rogue)
  5. Sorry guys not going to be available tonight. We have a memorial service to attend. Good Luck. Sardi.
  6. Sorry for the late notice, but I won't be around tonight. Meeting up with an old friend that might have some good job opportunities for me in the near future. I'll let you know if things change.
  7. Thaanks for the cute ring, but it has NO stats at all...lol I'll open a ticket.
  8. Glad to hear you are safe, we we're all concerned. Good practice for Al'Akir though... just sayin'... too soon?
  9. That's what T.V. tables, laptops and toilets are for. No excuse for your weakness.
  10. I'd like to rock arms tonight if no one has an objection. Hopefully my loss in dps will be a net gain to the raid from the arms buffs. Fury is a big pain in the ass. Sardi. If it's a problem, I have no objection to swigging back to fury though.
  11. Thanks for taking me aboard... I will have the Elrikk, Felrikk, and Sardi ready to raid by then and we'll have to see who's hitting hardest and who fits the best.
  12. Hi, I'm very interested in raiding this season...please consider me for your raid. I'll have 3 tanks 2 heals and a DPS.
  13. Just a reminder to catch Elrikk's very own pet star, Atka, the AMAZING Eskie! on Animal Planet's TV series, "Dogs 101" tomorrow night, Saturday, 10/2/10, at 8pm EST. In case you're unfamiliar w/ the show, this series is basically a guide to all different dog breeds - their pros and cons, etc. Each episode focuses on 6 different breeds, and within each breed, there is a "studio-model-IDEAL dog", and then a "story dog" with some sort of story about it that makes for good television. Atka was chosen to represent the American Eskimo Dogs on this episode as the IDEAL dog. You won't be able to miss him in the studio doing his tricks (jumping through hoops with Elrikk's wife, skateboarding, playing dead, waving goodbye, etc.). So, make sure you're able to either tune in or set your DVRs to record it, and feel free to pass the word along about it. Not sure you've got the right episode in mind according to your television guides? The other breeds in the same episode (in this same order) are the Basenji, Bullmastiff, Shetland Sheepdog, Coton de Tulear, Wonder Dogs, Great Pyrenees, and (finally) American Eskimo. "See you" all on TV tomorrow night! -- Elrikk ... with Atka, the AMAZING Eskie! Performing Tricks & Therapy Dog for the Military, Nursing Homes, Fundraisers, & More! www.youtube.com/AtkatheEskie www.facebook.com/Atka.the.Eskie
  14. Sorry I've been a ghost latley, everything is ok but I'll be away from WarCraft for a bit. Hopefully I can return in a couple of weeks. Good Luck guys.
  15. Some of the best! Myblackson got pounded! Shytits is very Shy! Meatgrapes! Always be careful of Tardrage!
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