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  1. Don't forget to pepper your statements with "HARRR!"
  2. That is by far, the best Thing ive ever seen in Malas.
  3. I dunno thiork, but 4:20 is a lot more of an important statemant then having PGOH on your roof!
  4. Kurt

    ANOTHER quiz

    You're A School Girl! You may not get the best grades, but you'll always be found sporting your sleek school uniform. You've got school spirit, and lots of it! Pocket PCs and Pocky can be found in your backpack, and you love cute stuffed animals like teddy bears and bunnies! I like bunnies and teddy bears. . . . I LOVE MY SCHOOL !@$*&%)*!@ And Kurt looks dead secksi in a school uniform. *mrowr*
  5. You're Alucard, the vaguely evil star of Hellsing that is both revered and feared. Always ready to laugh at the weaknessess of others, you can be downright cruel. Lurking underneath all that bitterness, however, is a strong sense of justice and concern for those you care about. *note, if you havent seen any of hellsing, you should. it's a great series...*
  6. http://lethe.nu/hellsing_quiz.html
  7. Kurt

    Wolf's Title

    Praipositus Sacri Morale & Entertainment Wolf *votes for Jester wolf*
  8. Well.... I use Trillian... and it does not get user lists froms ervers... but when it comes to space saving... it's the windows equivelant to GAIM... and GAIM is really good... just gotta save a .clb of your icq list to your hard drive before you install it...
  9. Kurt

    Ninja Mask LEssons

    Well, it wasn't me.
  10. Cutter (aka uotecheatx) posted the following in a thread on the MyUO-boards regarding the problems some players experience patching the game: We are investigating an issue where players are unable to connect to the patch servers. The UO patch servers are up and active and excepting patch requests from some customers. However some customers appear to be blocked from reaching the patcher. I have a possible work around for this connection issue. This is rerouting you to a different patching address which will hopefully get you around the blockage. To do this you will need to edit a file in the UO folder called "Vercfg". Go to the folder where you installed UO, look for the file called "Vercfg". I strongly recommend you make a copy of this file and store it in a safe place should you need it later. Right click this file and open with notepad. The contents of this file should look like this; 0 . patch\ compassion.owo.com 8888 You will need to change the last line from "compassion.owo.com 8888" to read " 8888". Your file should now look like this; 0 . patch\ 8888 Close the file and when prompted to save, answer "yes". Now run UO normally to see if you connect to a patchserver. Please let me know if you continue to have a problem connecting. Thank you for your assistance and patients while we resolve this. Cutter
  11. Kurt


    It's true... some dumb ass was trying to sell how to do that for 500k.... that's prolly why it came out as a permaban (this was on cats btw)
  12. w00t *shows off his 1337 n1nj4 sk1llz* *EDIT!: And No, I am NOT the ninja*
  13. Felucca... Blue Bugs... Hm... twice the resourced... hehehe
  14. ICQ me if you're interested in purchasing them... 159329255
  15. My Mule doesnt have mining yet....
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