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  1. Physical Description: BULA stands roughly around 10ft. BULA is alittle smaller then his ogre brethren being that he is half tauren. When inraged BULA seems to go in size and strength makeing a force to be reckoned with. BULA's arms are the size of tree trunks and his legs stand firm in battle as if he was rooted in the ground. BULA isnt not the smartest ogre/tauren around but he more then makes up for it in brawn. With large teeth and a over shadowing stature BULA intimidates even the most seasoned of enemies. His skin is usually a pale yellow or a dark grey depending on when the last time he had actually bathed. History: BULAs father was a ogre warrior that helped lead a raiding party on a small Tauren village. BULAs mother was the unfortunate victim of the ogres spoils of war. Shortly after giving birth to BULA she had passed away. BULA was eventually taken in by a orcish clan where he was trained in the arts of armed combat. It is written that BULAs father had met his end by the hands of taurens but BULA stubornly still seeks out his birth father. Currently: BULA currently is helping aid the horde in there fight against the alliance...and the many fearsome rabits that inhabit the lands. OOC BULA's history is available for reading in the stories section. BULA Ogre Warlord
  2. Hail der brudder. Welcome to dah clan. Now BULA hungry, me tinks u make fud fer ogre. BULA Ogre Warlord
  3. Im interested in doing some arena also. Im not sure how long it takes to save points or how the system works but if you need a dps tank to fill in let me know. BULA Ogre Warlord
  4. Habby birdday brudder. BULA Ogre Warlord
  5. Me know whut u am had go through brudder. Me see many put on ogre suite to be trong an mighty and gud luken like dah ogre. But putting on ogre suit no make u ogre. Underneath dem till am tupid and wimpy and no trong like duh ogre am. So u put on bear suit an it no change u brudder u am till gud brudder to duh ogre. It am gud hab u back. BULA Ogre Warlord
  6. BULA notices the young troll among the camp and instantly begins to crave a heaping bowl of troll stew. "Me tinks u am gud brudder, me invites u to me pile ub rocks to hab sum stew to welcome u to dah clan" the mighty ogre says as he begins searching through a pile of junk for his favorite cooking pot. BULA Ogre Warlord
  7. My stories are always open for whomever might want to add to them. Feel free to add to my stories anytime. BULA Ogre Warlord
  8. BULA made his way back with a satchel full of heads from prized game he had slain over the past few moons. The ogre couldnt wait to get back to the Skull Crusher camp to add his trophies to his collection. As BULA made his way to camp he noticed a new figure amongst the camp. As he made his way towards his pile of rocks which he called home he saluted the new face and welcomed them. "Hail der brudder me am BULA dah mighty ogre warlord" he said as he threw his sack of heads onto the ground and continued to empty the bag onto the large stone table he used for cleaning his trophies. BULA rumaged through the heads and then pulled one out of the pile and lifted into the air. As BULA approached the new arrival he presented the head to them. "Dis am fer u brudder. Welcome to duh clan" the ogre said as he released the grizzly bloody head of a dwarf to the new comer. BULA then returned to his camp and began cleaning his trophies. BULA Ogre warlord
  9. Me hab few ub idems dat u am need fer dah quest. Me willz put dem in dah guild bank fer who eber need dem. BULA Ogre Warlord
  10. Me hab 2 Brilliant tards in me bank dat u can hab brudder, me will mail dem to u. Me also hab 3 dark iron ore u can hab. BULA Ogre Warlord
  11. Merry Christmas to you too bud. And a very merry christmas to everyone. Joe AKA BULA
  12. Grrr.. dat no am funny, me going to make toof pick out ub u brudder!! BULA Ogre Warlord
  13. Bula


    Hail der elb! Me am BULA mighty ogre warlord
  14. Bula

    Evening all

    Hail der elb. Me am BULA mighty ogre warlord. U bash wid me brudderz anytime. Make sure u am bring gud ale to drink doh. BULA Ogre Warlord
  15. Tupid Humies! Dem no am brudderz me sure ub dat. BULA Ogre Warlord
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