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  1. If any of you find the new bows in LBR, save them and Lores Alysdottar can activate them for you. Naim tinkers up gears, and they are quite easy to activate, since Lores is a GM Bowyer/Fletcher. Just ICQ me at 72692533 to set up a meeting.
  2. Siun

    Chat Box

    Whenever you get into PGOH.org, you might want to click on the Chat link at the upper right. It's fairly simple to do. Just type in your username as shown in your posts. Then move your cursor over the Volcano icon and it will say "Chat!" Click and you will be in the PGoH chat room. If everyone gets in the habit of this, it could make it easier to reach some PGoH members.... *winks at Borg* You can also leave it running while playing a game like UO. Just be sure to leave open both tasks: "The Honor Empire Chat Room" and "pgoh (your username)". You can close the PGoH web site browser. I don't know if the pgoh task will blink if new messages are added though. Haven't seen anyone else in the room to date...
  3. And don't forget the Stanley Cup winners (Bruins) and the NBA Champions (Celtics)! Did you hear what the hotshot Bruin said while he milled around in a crowd of a million Patriot fans and was asked, "Do you think it will be like this if you win the Stanley Cup?" He said, "Naw - it will be warm since it'll be in June!" LOL
  4. You know, Bal, you should be more careful when you update the post icons. Icons I used in posts just a few days ago have now changed meaning, because the style has changed. Can't you replace the old ones with ones that are more similar in style? It might take a little more time, but do think about it. (i.e. the old question mark is now a weak smile, and the frown is a question mark...)
  5. Oh happy day!!! And to have Drew fill the QB role so seemlessly! How more Cinderella can you get??!
  6. I tried checking that link but I got a no page found error. Did they delete his post? What was it about?
  7. Hi there! I'll be traveling Valentine's Day (OK City) so probably not able to get online. Is that when you are planning it again? Last year our guild made a ton of gold, thanks to your efforts. Most of us hardly ever get online, but if I was available, I'd join. (And make sure my graphics card was working properly! ) Please let me know what date you were thinking. It is nice to hear from you! Siun Loresdottar (See my avatar - taken that night! LOL)
  8. I think I have forgotten all my macros! *cringes at the thought of playing UO competively* I was nosing in my neighbor's tower two days ago and found rune books shelved. So I recalled on one that said "free regs" and nearly had a heart attack finding myself in Shame, of all places! (Level one, too, how embarrassing.)
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