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  1. In order of preference: Chaos Chosen Goblin Squig Herder Black Orc Orc Choppa
  2. Crikrunner, latz led many clomps in da bugz home. Latz da clompmaster but da job is nub dun. When is latz makin a warparty to go bak an remind dem bugs an old gods who da boss really is? Bradius & Sabrianica
  3. I know it's last minute, but if people wanna show up for the AQ20 run at the normal time, I'll step up and lead it again. Crik, if you could get a signup up, I'd be much appreciative. Thanks! Bradius
  4. CLICK ME FOR THE APOLOGY The Apology (the link and below) covers the details. The people involved were: Xenok - 60 Rogue Torturedmind - 60 Shaman Warlandria - 55 Rogue Further, during the day in question, I had asked them what was going on down in Dustwallow Marsh and they lied to me, saying nothing was happening. I know we all have our differences, but griefing isnt tolerated by any of us. I am posting this here so you will know that they are griefers in-case they try to come to the Skullcrushers for a guild home.
  5. It's just a new chapter. Where one paragraph has ended, another begins. Such is the warp and weave of relationships. The Skullcrusher loss is the ACMC gain.
  6. Jeroabem - Attuned & Cloaked Sabrianica - Attuned & Cloaked Bradius - Attuned & not yet Cloaked
  7. A little birdy told me that 1.13 will have a GLOBAL RESPEC because they are going to give us our full talent trees and new level 60 spells/abilities to train in. While this has me excited (Tank with Devastate.../drool) the other two classes I have at 60 will probably keep what they have until the Expansion Pack is released and I start levelling them. I don't like being tossed bones...I'd rather have the steak. And mashed potatoes. Mmmm....Steak and Mashed Potatoes...
  8. Nope, WoW broke my MMO cherry. I played other games that had a Single Player and then Multiplayer modes to them, but WoW was my first. I can't imagine what they are getting though. I remember getting 100-200 emails and PMs a day when a newer version of a mod was due out...and I wasnt even the head of the mod team. >.< Oh well...more time to play and have fun!
  9. I'd be very, very interested to hear how it does over the course of the Molten Core Raid Wednesday night for you where you will have multiple duties to do (Decurse, DPS, Detect) as well as the Friday Night run. From your description, this UI mod sounds like it would be a perfect fit for me with my multiple personalities (Warrior, Rogue, Shaman, Hunter, Mage, Priest) that I am currently running around in. Thank you for your comprehensive answers to my questions, I appreciate the attention you have given them. I would definitely be interested in testing out this UI Mod when it is released to the public. Dangit....now that's three things I am looking forward to. Burning Crusade is the first, this would be the second...not telling what the third is.
  10. I completely understand where you are coming from with your post Relikk, and in a different industry I deal with the exact same flow matrix. There are things that are beyond my control and sometimes I have to push back a delivery time. I also know this a reality, so I don't tell my potential or paying customers that the delivery of what they want is on Date #1 and then push it back to Date #2 and then Date #3. Maybe I am oversimplifying it by comparing two unrealistic situations. The end-result, though, is that there will be patches and updates both immediately following the release and in the months that follow similar to what we have seen now. Balance in a controlled environment with semi-trusted testers is one thing, but releasing the product to a population that has a large portion of people who look for exploits is another. In my opinion, no amount of testing will find everything, and everything they find, someone will find another way of getting around. I, as a consumer, would have preferred that they had decided to ship the product and say "Ok, we know this list exists. We will fix this with the release, but items B, C, D will be on a patch on this week, E, F, G will be on this patch, and H, I, J will come in January - just like they "fixed" the class balances as they went. When I worked on two different major mods for the Digital Anvil/Microsoft Game "Freelancer" (Space Sim), I faced deadlines, betas, fixes and patches just like what you had discussed. I worked my 40-60 hour a week job, put in another 15-20 hours of coding, modelling and skinning for the mods and still managed to make time to have some fun. I actually had to write a mod to mod with, which was a headache in itself. So, in some frame of mind, I feel like I can empathize with the dev crew for this. However, with that empathy comes a desire to have it out in a more timely fashion. My displeasure comes not so much from the fact that the release is in January, but in the fact that it was originially scheduled for Late June, then mid August, then "sometime in October", then firmly November 28th (or was it the 30th?) and now late January (the 23rd, allegedly, which makes sense as a Tuesday). In my opinion, it would have been much better had they not even implied a date, but said that it was coming, and we are in Stage X of development and testing. It's the rollbacks that have me flustered. And when I get home tonight, I'll still be logging in, I'll still be playing the game, just like I do every night.
  11. Man I love that UI, but I have to ask at what cost. I've been playing the game with less and less UI Mod help as blizzard progressed. My first package was the entire CT-MOD package with the bars and everything. Now I am down to CTRA, CT-Bags, CT-Boss Mod, and I use the Titan Panel to track a bunch of informational stuff (money, honor, ammo, bag space). I have KTM Threat Meter and a Damage Meter (to make sure I am doing my job as well as I can - minimize overhealing on Jero, maximize damage on Sabrianica, take a pounding on Bradius). I would love to see a complete UI package like what is displayed here, but I am concerned about three issues: 1.) How much of this will be made obsolete in the expansion pack with the planning that Blizzard has that effects macros and UIs to auto-anything (heal, dispel, select, target) anyone in your party/raid? 2.) You mentioned the pet classes as the two you were not too fond of (Warlock/Hunter). Can you elaborate why you were not too fond of them, please? 3.) The biggest frustration I have with the Blizzard UI is the whole key bindings thing. Currently all my bindings are set for playing Jeroabem. Heals, totems, purges, even healthstones and potions are locked in place. This irritates me because I would LOVE to be able to have keybindings for each class I play and eliminate the mouse completely. What attracts me to this UI that you are espousing is what you said about the UI working with each character class and customizing the UI with the most powerful spells for each class. Couple questions regarding this: a.) Will it remember the layout I had when I last logged in a character, or will I have to reset the personal changes per class each time I swap (Rogue -> Warrior -> Shaman -> Mage...etc)? b.) What about the classes with multiple stances (Rogues, Warriors, Druids, Shadow Spec Priests)? Will it have any problems with switching stances between forms? Basically, if it can make the whole keybinding aggravation go away, if it will still be functional in the expansion pack, and if it simplifies the layout from the oversimplified version I have with the Blizzard UI set, I would be madly in love with this. It seems to have it all on the surface.
  12. Deleted this post because a more complete and accurately formulated response came out when I was responding to Relikk's response. Thank you, Relikk, for making me think things through a little more! =) I always appreciate that about you and I value that in our relationship.
  13. The hum and bustle around camp is apparent, Razorgore had been sighted inside of Blackwing Lair and the chief had linked him to the head of the Black Dragonflight. He would have to die in order to reach Nefarian, and so the planning and training continued late into the night. You were just about to head to sleep when you noticed a white rabbit wearing a pink tabard holding up a sign just outside the camp. Bending down, you read the notice: Hi Crushers!! Just wanted to drop you all an invite to the RP event/party I am putting together. I hope to see you guys out there! I am looking for a few people to take care of keeping campfires lit around the cemetary as well as some to hand out, drinks, food & candy. If you would like to help out please send me a PM on the NL fourms (niveuslepus.org). Like I said this is a planned RP event and do not intend it to turn into a world pvp slaughter fest, so try not to come flagged, but if alliance shows up flagged... well... you know what to do! Looking forward to seeing you all out there! FOR THE HORDE!!! -Amayeta Please feel free to pass this invite to any friends you may have that are in different guilds as well. (( OOC: I saw this elsewhere and checked with Amayeta before posting here to make sure it was an open invite event. Per her reply, the more people that show up, the merrier. Imagine a few hundred people gathered in the Brill Graveyard for a little RP partying! Hope to see you there! ))
  14. A lot of our healers are new to the concept of pre-emptive healing, and when dealing with double destroyers or dual firelords, they are starting to heal at around 50% - and we all know how hard a Destroyer can crit for or how fast a soul burn can kill someone. The healers we have are awesome, don't get me wrong, but they need to adapt from the Tier 0 dungeon healing style into something a little more disciplined. So, long story short, I am trying to farm up mats for the Lung Juice for the additional health, I'm cooking up a storm with my Hunter for the Stam/Spirit buff that will stack and farm up materials for completed Librams of Tenacity for the tank crew to help mitigate some of that stuff. I can ask the guys to do it on their own, and it might get done, or I can do it myself and know that it got done. Responsibility...it's a dual-edged Zult sometimes. Yeah, it's not quite a job yet. I'm only behind because I went out on a two-day first date and I didn't ask someone else to cover me. The way it turned out, I wish I had stayed and farmed. And I hate farming. A lot. By the way - does anyone have the +9 Stamina to boots enchant? I need to get that one and I keep forgetting.
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