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  1. Sorry I'm a techie so I'm used to typing things like NIC The NIC refers to the actual network card itself installed in your system - right click my network places and then properties > then do the same function on your local area connection. to the right of connect using there should be a "configure" button. In these settings you should go to the advanced tab and now you should be able to see the value for speed and duplex - make sure its set to auto (if not you could have a lot of randomly dropped packets and collisions between you and the router) which is why your husband does not have the same issue. patch cable = the network cable running from your PC to the router - rarely do they go bad, however It does happen. Good luck Maube!
  2. My Druid is also feral specced, although I don't remember the last time I used healing touch. I would much rather use the HoT spells. However, this is good news for those that spec in healing talents!
  3. I have had 2 machines on my network running WoW in game with no issues, however when one machine is running a patch update and the other is in playing I get really high ping times over 700. I apologize if the items below were already covered. 1. Check your actually NIC settings and make sure you are at "auto" for speed and duplex neg 2. Do you have a software firewall or virus scanner running in the background? try to disable 3. Replace the patch cable 4. update firmware on the router Good luck! -Ralgar
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