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  1. http://elmuquifo.com/undead/index.php?topic=40.msg219#new Feel free to contribute more, we're still on catskills and would love for any of you to help setup organized events! Proud members of the RP Ring
  2. We're expanding to wow and would love to have your clan as one of our first additions to the RP Ring. It's a community website for all clans, guilds, orcs online gamers etc. Best Regards, ZugZug www.rpring.com
  3. www.orcs.ca See the Forums!
  4. ZugZug

    RP Ring

    It's been a while since I said hello, just wanted to drop in and inform everyone of the new center for roleplayers. It's www.rpring.com and you can setup battles, talk smack to human guilds or stay updated on where other rp guilds might be playing. Right now we need some input on a possible expansion to Darkfall Online. ZugZug www.rpring.com
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