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I just recently aquired the Pattern for the Robe of the Void and I am collecting supplies to have someone create a Hide of the Wild for a lucky priest and/or druid.

For the Hide of the Wild, I have 5 larval acids, 8 Essence of Water 3 Cured Rugged Hides and 5 Living Essences.

For my Robe of the Void..well...I need a lot of help with that...40 felcloth is crazy. I'm gonna be farming for my demonic runes off and on..the 12 Essences of Fire are my biggest problem. Being a destructolock..most of my heavy hitting spells dont work on flamers...

Anyhoo..any help would be much appreciated!

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I think I may have some essences in mah bank that are not claimed by the Raid Bank. I will see what I can get. The Felcloth unfortunatly I use for my mooncloth reserves. Do need that stuph for Flarecore ::sighs::

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