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The Buff/Debuff Icon system will allow players to quickly and easily identify effects applied to their character. In addition to displaying an icon for the effects listed below, mousing over an icon will show a tooltip that displays additional information.

You can turn these off by making a macro that toggles the targeting reticle on and off, and the buff bar.

See the link below for a full list of icons


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Why those options are only at 2d only the gods know... are they improving the older version because they want to go forward or or backwards? :)

(as I told Kodoz, at least they didn't make a 1d version....)

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On May 4th 2006 I attented my first House of Comman Chat. It was a disscussion on Publish 40

I was quite interesting, and in some cases quite detailed. Very much so... anyways...

I did copy the text of the entire session, and checked that against what was posted on the website, they seem pretty much the same, they did edit out all the *so-n-so comes and goes* which is fine. They did have all the answers and questions there, including the second one I asked about the buff-debuff wiget it is called. And I have since played with it and this widget does indeed go almost everywhere, in the 2d cleiint I cannot get it to go ABOVE the screen line, but anywhere to the side or below it...

My first question however, went completely unanswered and un posted in the chat, which was If it was laste enough now, to learn what the “Surprise” is... I will take it that it is not yet time. ;-( Ahh-Well we shall soon find out though!!!

This is a link for the chat log for last nights HOC chat:


This is a link for the updated details on Pub40 contents.


I did much searching and page checked my history however I am unable to locate the page that said there was a suprise in PUB40 we were sure to like anymore... I know it did say there was a suprise included in PUB40, did not even hint at what it was, only that they were sure we were to like it! Anyways...) If you can find it, or even if you have SEEN it Please let me know!

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Here is a very frustrating response from Ando, taken from Stratics boards:



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Re: Pub 40 Preview of the new Buff/Debuff Toolbar and Icons [Re: smg6228]

#6576571 - 04/21/06 11:52 AM

(Original Question:)


Will this be for only 2D, or will 3D have one as well?


(Ando's answer:)

Currently there are no plans at the moment for adding this new functionality to the 3D client in Pub40. However, that is not to say it will never be added.


Am I one of the only ones to use 3D? ;)

By the GODs of games! is it that hard adding all that content? - targeting system? buff/debuff display? a few combat formulas? --- it is not as if they need to design the whole game all over again!

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