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Welcome to The Fire Pit

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Welcome. Clan Skullcrusher has a vast oral tradition. In the ancient times, not many but the most wiseded shaman could read much less write. So, the clan history, legend, and lessons learned were passed down around the firepits. Special honor is given to those of the clan that act as scribes and historians.

Some general rules:

1. All posts here should be in character. For example you may post your character back story, tales of your adventures, create interactive RP threads, and more.

2. Do not hijack someone elses post. If you want to contribute, be certain the original poster wants it and when would be good to have it.

3. Your stories add to the legend of the clan and tell future generations where we came from. As such, these post are of utmost importance. When the story is complete give support to the poster.

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If you wish comments or are creating an open role-play please indicate when in your story it is appropriate. For example, if you are going to be adding additional posts beyond the orginial but do NOT want commentary yet, it would be good to say something to the effect of: To be continued (do not post).

Excellent posting lately btw! :D

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