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Glok'tur's Basic Orcish Lesson


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This will most likely be a somewhat ongoing list, as basic orcish tends to change a little like english slurs.

PART 1(Ash)

Basic orcish word list:


Hello = Ug

Goodbye = Gug'ye (Pending change.)

Great = Bubhosh (Pending change.)

Yes = Yub

No = Nub

Ok = Uki

Swear/Exclamation: Skah! (Orcs DO NOT use human profanity.)

Stinking = Pushdug

Understand/Know = Gruk

Magic = Maguk/Majuk

Day = Muun (today becomes, this day = diz muun)

Kill/Fight and Duel = Clomp/Klomp and Clomp maj (match)

Logon = Wayk ub (Wake up)

Logout = Gu sleeb (Go to sleep)

Linkdead = Blak owt (Black out)

Lag = Mud

Experience = Lernun

Dead = Flat

Orcs tend not to use the letter "o" very often in their wording. They also tend to leave some words out, as they are normally a little less intelligent than your average peasant. Ex: "Gib fuud!" - 'Give me the food!'

Aslong as whoever you're talking to gets the drift of what you're trying to say. Orcs also use "z" to pluralize, mainly.

Here are a few examples of the words above, accompanied by broken english, as orcs would speak.

"Ug! Me senz guud humie clompin' diz muun."

-Hello! I sense good human killing today.

"Diz am bubhosh fuud!"

-This is great food!

"Uki, moob owt orcz!"

-Ok, move out orcs!

"Me nub gruk."

-I don't know/understand. (Literally, I no understand)

"Gug'ye latz."

-Goodbye everyone. (Literally, Goodbye you.)

"Me ben muddie sinz me wayk ub diz muun! Me shuud juz gu sleeb befur me blak owt agun."

-I've been laggy since I logged on today! I should just logoff before I go linkdead again. (This is the closest to OOC chat you will get ingame, besides chatrooms.)

"Dat wuz guud lernun!"

-That was good experience!

Object words: (Commonly used)


Sword = Zult (Pending change.)

Axe = Splitt'r

Hammer = Bash'r

Spear = Pok'r

Bow = Olig (Pending change.)

Dagger = Stabb'r

Staff = Stik

Shield = Blok'r or Sheeld

Beer, Ale, Alcohol = Drinkee or Likor

Equipment = Tingeez/Tingies or Stuf (Thingies)

Armor = Armur

Weapon = Wepun

Arrow = Lig (Pending change.)

Money/Gold = Shinies

Land = Uzg



One = Ash

Two = Dub

Three = Dree

Four = Fuur

Five = Fibe

Six = Sikz

Seven = Sebun

Eight = Ate

Nine = Ninh

Ten = Tehn

Hundred = Hundrid/Hunnerd

Thousand = Fowzund or Towzund

Million = Milliun/Milleun

When describing particular items, orcs usually use an adjective before "tingeez."

Ex: "Gib me dat bottul tingee." - 'Give me that bottle.'

Orcs do not use actual numericals(123... etc.) in there speech, as this is "bery humie ting tu du."(Very human thing to do.)

Examples of the previous words. (Following example somewhat difficult, as using mostly orcish words. Most of your sentences will not require near this many orcish words at one time.)

"Me hab ash bash'r, dree stabb'rz, sebun stikz, dub pok'rz, fuur splitt'rz, sikz zultz, agh ash olig wiff dub hundrid ligz."

-I have one hammer, three daggers, seven staves, two spears, four axes, six swords, and one bow with two hundred arrows.

"Heer am latz armur tingiez."

-Here is your armor.

"Whi am latz blok'r brokun?"

-Why is your shield broken?

Races and Classes:


Orc = Orc/Urk/Uruk

Human = Humie/Oomie/Pinkee

Elf = Elb/Elfee/Elvzie/Elbzie

Gnome = Nume/Big'noz

Dwarf = Dorv/Stuntee

Troll = Olog (Pending change.)

Tauren = Bull

Undead = Deddie/Dedhed

Slave = Slabe/Slav

Rogue = Theeb/Teef

Warlock = Warluk

Shaman = Vuduka

Warrior = Klomp'r

Hunter = Trak'r

Priest = Heel'r

Druid = Dru'ud

Here are some more examples.

"Pushdug humies! Me wil enslabe dem ull!"

-Stinking humans! I will enslave them all!

"Me Klomp'r, nub smelly Vuduka."

-I'm a warrior, not a smelly Shaman.

"Gu gid Trak'r! Uz habbin' growler fer fuud!"

-Go get a hunter! We're having bear for dinner!


Part 2(Dub)

This part will give some advice on general roleplay, and will not be as long as the first part.

Some aspects of the game require you to talk about OOC(Out of Character) things. When doing so, do your best to implement a roleplay means of doing it.


Making sure your group is getting decent experience.

-"Lat lernun guud frum deze pushdugz?"

If you must ask a question, I would suggest adding something like, "Har dem pinkeez nubhosh, bu' dem gib a guud clomp sumtymez!" This way it still leans towards the roleplay of everyday orcish life, but can get necessary OOC things discussed.

Other phrases that are statements usually don't sound as OOC. (Like, "Me lerned guud frum dat clomp!")

Private messaging

-*gets hit in the head by a pigeon* "Skah! Pijun hab messaj fer meeb."

Having to go AFK(Away From Keyboard) for a little bit

-"Me gunna tayk nap."

These are just suggestions, you can come up with your own ways of roleplaying these things, just make sure everyone knows what you mean. Be creative, there are other OOC things you will come across and need an RP(RolePlay) excuse!


Powergaming isn't very roleplay-like, granted it's also not a sin or anything. Sometimes there's just nothing better to do, or you're really frustrated and just want to roleplay your orc hard at work. But, keep in mind your orc doesn't 'gruk' that he's in a game and there is a large 'pinkee' controlling his every move. If WoW were real life, would you want to work all the time? Do things that, if it were real life, your orc would enjoy, instead of just doing things for gain!

Pushdug Players

Don't be discouraged by people who won't roleplay back, and believe me there will be a lot of them, many who will even try to ruin your fun. You can turn it from a negative experience to a positive one, if you find someone like that.


Pushdug Human: "Hahaha, you stupid orc you're lagging like a b****. Your computer must suck!"

Your Orc: "Urm... Wud am kumpuuter?"

Human: "LoL, you know, that BOX you have in front of you??"

Your Orc: "Bogz? Der am bogz en frunt ub me??? WHER!!! WHER DA MOJO BOGZ?!!? Bah, dumskah humiez blah tu muj. Agh wud da skah lul meen??"

If worse comes to worst, just ignore them. You will find the occasional player who will go to incredible lengths to attempt to ruin your fun. When this happens, pity the fool and don't make yourself look like one by yelling at him, even in orcish.

Remember, some people roleplay their characters in interesting ways. Just because Zubat roleplays a sensitive orc doesn't mean you should ruin his fun in any way. Most orcs would tease or push him around, so if that's the way you are go ahead, but do it in a manner that isn't actually offensive, and don't over-do it. Everyone is allowed to have their fun.

This is all for the lesson, at the moment. If anyone has questions or suggestions, make a reply.


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Added part 2 to the lesson. That's about all I can think of that's necessary for beginners. Everything else will develope as a person plays. If you really get into orcs, you'll read about them and come up with your own ideas and scenarios. (Maybe even a little advanced orcish language.) Glok'tur speaks a little black speech, he refers to it as the ancient language of the old days(anchent blah ub uld muunz), or "burz'blah." (Burz means dark in BS.)

You can read more about Tolkien's Black speech by searching google.com for it. He only created an original 2 lines for his book series, but many fans have since taken it to MUCH further depths. If you can't find anything about it or just don't want to search, private message me for the links to a couple black speech dictionary/lessons.


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Me hab been asked abut da way we blah in da Clan, so me tink dis be gud time ta remind peepul dat Glok'tur, clomped long ago, put dis primer togedder. Reed it agh be enlitened.

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